Ya no Bien Hello friends, I hope you are very well today, I just ask you for some help here in my official instagram Any details that you have please send dm and I will answer them myself Well friends, we started with a new video. To be honest, I did not plan to upload a video today. since no new posts had actually been uploaded but a subscriber recommended a a new script this time I will I’m going to try it is from a youtuber called jefferson gamer I do not remember very well the point is that right now that I find it I leave you in the description its channel so that you go to subscribe and support it if you like its content and what good the video ahead good short part of the beginning and here well you know what I use obviously they have the same as the other gestures that the others explain used this time yes and yes this is very good since this does not raise the GDP so much nor do you have that long as you can see in the video I have 70-80 left here and it really is very good monday with ills that no percentage is given when you hit the body but yeah and when you look good when you lift you look this one doesn’t have any if you have shots and it has to be but it doesn’t have 5 of the only thing different that others do but if it really is very good, if we liked it, I’ll be the Chicanos and this time in this video I used it in my original account I wanted to test it to see how it was or if it worked but not really if it is very good I recommend them this time since They understand me, it does not have as much lag as the others that I have uploaded, but I do recommend them. the only what will cost you is to hit your head because you have shoes look but from there on it has no problem really is very good now yes the game now it was half random since not even sometimes they didn’t even let me kill people and well, first I let them out first and because I finished them off I didn’t have time to test the script but I was really satisfied because it does not go away I did not upload so much the pin and link this time without avoiding This time I’m going to subscribe to the channel since I was a kid because it really brings out good but well it is I hope you liked this crack content in this one let you enjoy the video and well Tomorrow has passed I don’t really know when I upload video but well we will be checking friends so well enjoy the video or not o a Well ah Ah Well, I hope you liked this crack video, now if you like to send me better if you have any questions do not forget to go to my official instagram and now yes with your follow me this time I am trying to send greetings to those who send me greetings by dm so that I can put them coming soon in the video so if you want to get out follow me on instagram weekly and greeting and see you in the next video



  2. Pessoal sou revendedor da GODS TEAM, e posso provar que sou. Estou passando por um momento dificil no FF então apartir de hoje estarei aceitando contas por mod menu, a quantidade de dias depende se a conta for boa ou nao. Caso tenha interece me chame no insta @gusta_cirulli

  3. gran canal, acortadores fáciles de pasar, por lo que mi imei en mi celular está prohibido después de un apk que no está bloqueado, por favor . Eu falo português tmb

  4. Yo e antes lo descargaba wn el canal del creador de este script pero sus acortadores son demasiado dificiles los podrias tu ir resubiendo los scripts con tus acortadores ??

  5. Que hay bro, buenas noches , nose si te gustaria que trabajaramos juntos, tengo varias ideas para implementarlas.
    Si es asi aqui te dejo mi numero.. +529711743535

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