🔘 PUBG M | 6x spray of Asia squad ranking #1 PUBGM GOD MIDAS

Ah, Ping is not good.
Teleportation Come home. Is the enemy Fushiona? It’s coming slowly. nice Come on both sides.
right sound One more person NICE!!!It could have been a disaster. The enemy is coming in the car. The enemy before me, the enemy before me. Please be quiet. I knew it all. Are you crazy? NICE Grenade NICE!!!! Hold on. Two people. I can’t save him. The enemy is good. Moving Good NICE Car, Car Sound The enemy is coming to park. NNNNNNNICE!!! WOW!!! There are two enemies here. The enemy will apply to the left. Let’s kill them together when the enemy moves to the left. LAST The enemy’s gonna go from there to the left again. Allcut over there.
Allcut over there. NICE Is it a 4X scope? Is it a 6X scope? It’s a 6X NICE!~!~!~ You have to wait calmly and then play the sound We must aim for good timing. There is an enemy in a small house. The enemy is slowly pushing in. It’s coming on both sides. NICE!!! It could have been a disaster. Why are you throwing so much, you crazy bastard? That’s Fire Hacker.


  1. The true player use 3-4 cameras to show live gameplay..( 1 camera only show handcam..(not ur sight)…this why spectate cheat become influence..include u

  2. Saya berniat push ke conqueror tapi saya lihat harus point rank-nya 6ribuan,disitu gw kaget kok Tiba2 langsung 6ribuan padahal kemarin cuman 5ribuan,
    Padahal saya sudah mau sampai di 5ribuan, tapi harus nungu lama lagi,biar ke 6rbuan :"(

  3. your K/D ratio is 25 but in this video you never show us kill more than 20, wkwkwk you have skill, i see it but you chater to, you just not use it when you recording, i think so

  4. Dude i played against this guy in a tdm match and this guy's teammates were hackers.. then this dude was hitting only headshots so cut this bullshit u mf

  5. If you not hacker why your id in server asia got bronze dude…lol you play with hacker but you blame other player in leaderboth are hacker…dude i'm not stupid kontol jembot wkwkwkwkwkk "it'is PUBG Mobile not PUBG Ipad" Stupid top 1 asia kontol…!!!!

  6. Kalo kalian bilang ini pro,, fiks kalian kena pembodohan publik,,
    •cheat spektator
    Logika aja Kalo pro ngapain gak ikut team esport + gaji lebih gede,, kalo pro mah pasti dah di rekrut Ama team esport… Liat noh handcam aja di lewatin samping gak berani di depan..

  7. I like watching Athena's gaming his gameplay is way more insane his reflex amazing… fun to watch serioton…solo squad very satisfying..

  8. I am sorry I report on you because i don't knew you hacker but you not hacker you are Legend love you big fan brother ❤️

  9. All are nubs. who thinks he is not hacker cause he does live stream .
    How does he hack?
    1.spectating with another andriod phone/Pc with esp
    2.Uses less recoil
    3.uses magic bullet rather than auto headshot..so headshot doesnt expose him..
    But still 30.9 % headshot..
    Benchod when i rush ..there is no enemy but when he rush he founds 20 enemy in each and every game he plays. How?

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