1. Is there no way to trim out the preceding 25 mins of "show starts soon" after the Livestream becomes a "video on demand"? Pretty annoying…

  2. Am I the only one, who found it slightly disappointing that in a 4 hour show, half of the awards was the quickie version on the small platform (especially awards like the best performer and such) which easily could have been in the show. But instead the show was more announcements than awards… Don't ger me wrong, I like announcements, but being awake from 2:30am to 6:30am for an award show, that's more announcements than awards, was not what I expected…

  3. SAMSUNG being the sponsor TV is quite a joke. Whereas the LG C9 has 4 HDMI 2.1 ports and SAMSUNG doesn't even support the industry standard Dolby Vision. And then they mention the 10 year burn in guarantee is a BS claim by SAMSUNG because QLED TVs do not get burn in which is a direct burn to the OLED lines that are far superior to QLED SAMSUNG TVs.

  4. Imagine that, the two games (Fortnite and Apex Legends) who pay to advertise during the Game Awards, win… Awards.

    And why call it best online game, when you literally only brought in first person shooters and ignored the rest of the industry, short of Tetris, which you knew damn well you weren't seriously considering.

    Ya sorry, little sour about these two things. Maybe it's coincidental, or maybe 2019 just wasn't strong in anything but FPS for these categories. Love the rest of the TGA, but it seems someone in head department has been pandering a little too hard.

  5. I was really expecting Death Stranding to win alot of the awards but to find out it only won just one and not even the game of the year award. Kojima spent what 4 years making that game. He doesn't produce games very often since he and Konami fell out. Maybe some people didn't understand this last game I don't know…so much for game of the year.

  6. Tbh this kinda shows how 2019 was a crappy year for games. Don’t get me wrong we had some great ones, but overall it felt lackluster compared to last year

  7. Green Day sucks. I never understood why the lead singer sounded British when he sang? British performers do everything they can to sound American. TGA needs to get Breaking Benjamin. An awesome band and they are bog gamers.

  8. Honestly why is everyone mad it was a nice show overall, even if your game Doesn’t win it doesn’t really matter right? It’s all subjective in the end.

    The horrible parts were Facebook games and stadia, alongside all the mobile garbage.

  9. Please game awards- start celebrating the games and people that won!! That’s horrible… you don’t even take your own show serious!!

  10. Hm. The outro was like 5 sec long: GOTY then goodbye and the screens off

    I kinda liked when there was one last musical encore before the show finally ended

  11. Even though this was a really big waste of my time since there was barely anything that you could write home about it, I will say that it's better than this year's Super Bowl by a LANDSLIDE.

  12. Timestamps:

    0:25:15 – Pre-show starts
    0:28:00 – Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order (World Premier)
    0:29:10 – Salaam (FB Gaming)
    0:32:41 – Man Eater (Game Trailer)
    0:36:02 – “Jumanji: The Next Level” Dreams (Ad)
    0:36:53 – Xbox GamePass “Best Games of 2019” GA Nominees (Ad)
    0:37:54 – Nominees for Gaming Tweet of the Year {& 1:44:06} (Preview)
    0:38:16 – Humankind (Game Trailer @ 39:39)
    0:41:47 – Goddamn Superhero/No More Heroes III (World Premier)
    0:43:55 – Final Fantasy VII Remake (Game Trailer)

    0:48:55 – Main show starts & Performance by Chvches/Game Awards Orchestra “Death Stranding”
    0:53:35 – Main show actually starts (52:42 for intro video)
    0:59:23 – Xbox Series X (Previously codenamed Project Scarlett)
    1:02:31 – Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 (Trailer @ 1:02:55) (World Premier)
    1:06:04 – Global Gaming Citizen “Code To Inspire: Fereshteh Forough” (FB Gaming)
    1:07:11 – Mortal Kombat 11 up to 50% off & The Joker announcement
    1:08:06 – Death Stranding PS4 Pro (Ad)
    1:08:37 – Nintendo Switch “Lots of Games” Switch/Switch Lite (Ad)
    1:09:07 – ‘Asgard’s Wrath’ VR: Free with purchase of Rift S until 15/12 (Promo Ad)
    1:09:37 – Control: Expeditons (New Game Mode/Free Update)
    1:13:08 – ‘Godfall’ for PS5 (World Premier)
    1:18:11 – Bravely Default II (World Premier)
    1:19:35 – ‘Warframe: Empyrean’ and updates with Rebecca Ford
    1:21:54 – “Samsung QLED with Linus Tech Tips’” #1 (Ad)
    1:22:39 – Omen Presents “Play To Progress: Soleil ‘Ewok’ Wheeler” [Fortnite]
    1:23:25 – Magic: The Gathering ‘Theros: Beyond Death’ (Trailer)
    1:26:30 – Playerunknown’s Prologue (World Premier)
    1:31:19 – “The Rise of Skywalker” Fortnite Promo with Donald Mustard/Epic Games
    1:35:52 – Sons of the Forest (World Premier)
    1:37:44 – Ruined King: A League of Legends Story (World Premier) & Talk
    1:41:11 – D.C. ‘Birds of Prey.’ Game Awards Film Trailer (Ad)
    1:42:18 – PSVR “Live The Game” (Ad)
    1:42:49 – Doom Eternal {& 3:16:29} (Ad)
    1:43:19 – Truth “This Is Quitting.”/“DITCHVAPE” {& 3:08:09} (Ad)
    1:43:35 – ‘A Plague Tale: Innocence’ Game Awards sale promo {& 2:44:06} (Ad)
    1:44:25 – Cyberpunk 2077: Behind The Music
    1:46:05 – Cyberpunk 2077 Live Performance by Grimes “4Æm”
    1:52:02 – Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance (World Premier) & Talk
    1:53:46 – ‘Apex Legends: Mirage’s Holo-Day Bash’ promo (Trailer @ 1:56:19)
    1:58:02 – ‘Ultimate Rivals: The Rink’ on Apple Arcade (World Premier)
    1:59:10 – ‘Ori and the Will of the Wisps’ (Release Date Trailer)
    2:00:11 – Omen Presents “Play To Progress: Will Wright” [Sim City, The Sims & Spore]
    2:00:45 – “Samsung QLED with Linus Tech Tips” #2 (Ad)
    2:01:12 – Global Gaming Citizen “Stack Up: Mat Bergendahl” (FB Gaming)
    2:02:18 – Muppet Labs: Dr. Bunsen Honeydew & Beaker (Untitled Beaker Game)
    2:07:54 – The Game Awards “The Game Festival” on Steam (48h Promo)
    2:09:57 – ‘Weird West’ by Wolfeye Studios (Trailer @ 2:11:05) (World Premier)
    2:12:43 – Magic: The Gathering ‘Magic: Legends’ (World Premier)
    2:14:21 – Google Stadia “Free Your Mind” (Ad)
    2:16:21 – PUBG x Global Green “#Fight4TheAmazon” (Ad)
    2:17:21 – Nintendo Switch “Find Your Battle” Switch/Switch Lite (Ad)
    2:18:07 – Truth “This Is Quitting”/“DITCHJUUL” (Ad)
    2:18:49 – ‘Path of the Warrior’ VR on Oculus Quest (World Premier)
    2:22:35 – ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ with TGAO (Trailer @ 2:22:59) (EL/Release Date Trailer)
    2:28:07 – Gears Tactics (Release Date Trailer)
    2:30:23 – Naraka Bladepoint (World Premier)
    2:31:53 – MTG: Arena “Magic School” (Ad)
    2:32:09 – Shadowbringers: Final Fantasy XIV Online (Game Expansion Trailer)
    2:33:15 – Global Gaming Citizen “Let’s Be Well: Luke” (FB Gaming)
    2:37:49 – Nine To Five/9-5 (World Premier)
    2:41:23 – “Global Gaming Citizen” Class Recognition
    2:42:21 – Black Desert Mobile (Trailer)
    2:44:36 – MTG: Arena “The Game Awards After Party” #1 (Ad)
    2:44:52 – “Samsung QLED with Linus Tech Tips’” #3 (Ad)
    2:45:24 – Omen Presents “Play To Progress: Ziba Scott” [Kind Words]
    2:46:02 – ‘Endless World’ on Steam {& 3:08:24} (Ad)
    2:46:33 – WD_BLACK “Drive Your Game” (Ad)
    2:47:21 – Performance by Green Day “Welcome To Paradise” (2:47:54)
    2:52:04 – Performance by Green Day “Father of All…”
    2:54:49 – Beat Saber x Green Day Music Pack
    2:55:35 – ‘New World’ MMO by Amazon Game Studios (World Premier)
    2:57:42 – Reggie Fils-Aime talks
    3:03:31 – Convirgence: A League of Legends Story (World Premier)
    3:05:25 – Google Stadia “Give The Gift Of Stadia” (Ad)
    3:06:26 – Surgeon Simulator 2 (World Premier)
    3:07:38 – Nintendo Switch “Find Your Adventure” Switch/Switch Lite (Ad)
    3:08:54 – PlayStation Now “Twilight Time” (Ad)
    3:10:18 – ‘The Wolf Among Us 2’ by Telltale (World Premier)
    3:14:58 – ‘The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr’ Global Reveal Event 16/01
    3:15:58 – Oculus Quest: The Game Awards Collection (Ad)
    3:16:59 – MTG: Arena “The Game Awards After Party” #2 (Ad)
    3:17:14 – Epic Games “Upcoming Exclusives” Trailer, Holiday Sale and Free Games
    3:18:30 – Fast & Furious Crossroads (World Premier) with Michelle R. and Vin Diesel
    3:29:15 – Thank you for watching The Game Awards 2019


    0:26:07 – Best Community Support [Destiny 2]
    0:31:07 – Best Score & Music [Death Stranding]
    0:34:19 – Best E-Sports Coach [Zonic]
    0:34:39 – Best E-Sports Event [League of Legends WC2019]
    0:35:18 – Best E-Sports Host [Sjokz]
    0:35:36 – Best E-Sports Team [G2 ESports]
    0:45:48 – Best Fighting Game [Super Smash Bros. Ultimate]
    0:55:10 – “Best Narrative” with Jonathan Nolan (N @ 56:41) [Disco Elysium]
    1:10:23 – “Best E-Sports Player” with Stephen Curry (N @ 1:11:26) [Bugha]
    1:16:27 – Best Audio Design [Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare]
    1:16:59 – Best Strategy Game [Fire Emblem: Three Houses]
    1:17:23 – Content Creator Of The Year [Shroud]
    1:27:08 – “Best Art Direction” with Ikumi Nakamura (N @ 1:28:37) [Control]
    1:49:16 – “Best Action Game” with Norman Reedus (N @ 1:50:01) [Devil May Cry 5]
    2:04:42 – “Games For Impact” with Muppet Labs (N @ 2:04:50) [Gris]
    2:08:41 – Best Family Game [Luigi’s Mansion 3]
    2:09:09 – Best Sports/Racing Game [Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled]
    2:09:36 – Best Mobile Game [Call of Duty: Mobile]
    2:19:20 – “Best Multiplayer Game” with Ninja (N @ 2:19:54) [Apex Legends]
    2:34:19 – “Best Ongoing Game” with Sydnee Goodman (N @ 2:34:51) [Fortnite]
    2:39:48 – E-Sports Game Of The Year [League of Legends]
    2:40:09 – Best VR/AR Game [Beat Saber]
    2:40:30 – Best Perfomance [Mads Mikkelsen, Death Stranding]
    2:41:03 – Player’s Voice (Fan Category) [Fire Emblem: Three Houses]
    2:59:56 – “Fresh Indie Game” with Reggie Fils-Aime (N @ 3:02:00) [Disco Elysium]
    3:11:10 – “Best Game Direction” with Ashly Burch (N @ 3:11:45) [Death Stranding]
    3:14:43 – 2019 Gaming Tweet Of The Year [“i regret nothing” @YTSunnys]

    3:22:54 – Game Of The Year with The Game Awards Orchestra, Michelle and Vin [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]

  13. oye, how about actually show us the awarding instead of tones of commercials of not yet published games, like what an award show would do?

  14. Anybody gonna talk about the elephant in the room…..

    Way to totally dis "performer of the year" no speech? Just an announcement and then they moved on.
    Totally dissapointing this year and it takes away the credibility of Jeff K and all of his efforts to make this show more mainstream and legit…….

  15. Wait a minute, Man Eater narrator, I distinctly remember Ryan Reynolds statement: “The Great White Shark has never had to evolve”. #FictionCheck

  16. I was hoping for a HD Remaster of the Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Switch, since we all know Prime 4 won't be out anytime soon.

  17. Not game awards anymore , E3 mini mostly and games to come, no longer a celebration of past year. You can't spend 10 seconds in announcing the winner in a category without even a clip or showcasing their work Which might have taken years !!!!

  18. Couldn't you just start the stream on YouTube like 5-10 minutes beforehand?… Now there's 25 minutes of intro-screen before it actually starts…

  19. I really like this year show tho, not gonna lie for me the grime performance was amazing. Hellblade 2 gives me chillllll

  20. The new xbox reveal should have begun with Master Chief. He is the character that we were first introduced to on the xbox. For shame, it would have made such a big impact on how this new console was introduced.

  21. 50:12 Would've been better if that revealed Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro and Geoff Keighley dancing in a love-triangle.

  22. 1:01:33 – No, you haven't… I never needed the Xbox to exist other than perhaps the competition within the game-industry.

  23. Funny how many movie stars now claim to be gamers. The gaming market is gaining traction and all the smart famous people are already boarding on this train.

    Also like at the end with Fast an furious. PS2 levels of graphics and he says "we have to take it to the next level". Yeah at least go to PS3… And really, the girl is excited for that, no one is buying that. I hope. They'll just take the spotlight out from people who are part of the community.

  24. So… Ninja Theory went Microsoft-exclusive… That's a little weird considering one of their first BIG games was exclusive to the PlayStation 3, being 'Heavenly Sword' (although their FIRST game was just on the first Xbox). – At least "Hellblade II" is still coming to PC. I just hope it won't just be the Microsoft Store but also Steam (where I got the first).

  25. The Afghan woman has been so isolated from the world that she doesn't even know Tomb Raider… – And yea, I know Lara was quite sexualized, but still… Just white male heroes?… Please… – Cute that she's making a Flash-game, but it's actually kind of insulting to ignore what DOES exist already. – But I blame her government, however.

  26. I like how everyone is made at the GW and not Nintendo for trolling you all again. GW didn't promise you Sora or Masterchef for smash or anything in smash. If you didn't like what they showed that's fine but dont pretend like they owe u anything. Y'all will enjoy more shows when u dont hold ur expectations hostage by a possible smash reveal like seriously

  27. Godfall's website: PLAYSTATION 5 & EPIC GAMES STORE
    – HOLIDAY 2020
    Thanks so much for preventing games to be released on Steam, Sony and Epic…

    This is just going to make the PC-community rip games from the Epic Store. – I hope…

  28. Not only am i disappointed there was no Smash DLC…


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