🕹️ GOLDENSKY G6 3d una consola china 3d basada en Pandora’s box en español

It’s one of the ugliest controls I’ve ever
seen never also has a horde of buttons very good viejuners! welcome to
Chinese party, today I bring you another chinese console,
a console that you asked for 500 millions of people to bring to the channel and
In the end I got it is the gamebox Golden Sky G6 / Pandora’s Box, is a console of
desktop is not portable that promises get to move nintendo 64p esp and
many more platforms relatively modern at quite a speed
ok let’s see if it’s true because I didn’t just create it come on
We’re going over there let’s start with the wrap on the part
front of the box we can see a console photo and a drawing of the remote
that is curious that they have not put photo of the command true then you will understand
why here we see the logo of the console and for this part comes the text
3 of enjoy g6 very much emphasizes the 3d with this console will refer the
gaming platforms such as play station 1 p esp o drink as por
behind we see that the feeder of current adapts to systems
many different countries america europe and some more the
platforms that grind this console people you see here me great game boy
advance game boy color vision ying super nes for me with wenders one then the
recreational with the final burn emulator alpha and mame and here come the powerful
nintendo 64 psp playstation 1 and farms later in the video we will see what
level emulates all of them by the way the command reappears here
mysterious drawn here we can see a summary of the characteristics of a
cpu quad core to 9 to 2 gigahertz the gpu it is an armani 450 mp 8 and even ram guide
ddr3 has two 2gb usb ports of internal storage memory 32
gigs of external memory with a micro sd takes hd i understand
h on average they have eaten two letters and well as a summary comparing it
with two similar devices draw more similar some types
old or a similar pandora box I brought you the channel a long time ago
the difference is that this device What I bring you today is not an arcade stick
it’s as if they had made a version of a bread donuts boxun pando the key and what
would have put a small box like you see we’ll see the box we see the console
then we will see it in detail here we have the mysterious command if we take the
bubble wrap we clearly see the why in the box you haven’t taken pictures of
this command I think without a doubt It’s one of the ugliest controls I’ve ever
Never seen also has a horde of buttons have
brutal buttons amount I think you there are plenty of buttons here we see the crosshead the
touch is quite regular or not it is not me comfortable can touch it then the sticks
analogs that are not very good either quality and typical buttons with the
symbols that the command of playstation also has more buttons
start select pause and 2 extra here that are elongated don’t forget the
sense of so many buttons of course in this part it also has triggers
as if it were a playstation controller and well, it’s a usb controller what you don’t want
say that any usb controller is compatible with this console
the tests I’ve done because this is one of the aspects that I don’t like
nothing about this console besides the remote we have a wifi antenna so that the
console can connect to the internet and so we can include more games than
that come standard then I will explain how is it done also carries this base
to put the console in position vertical this detail is not bad no no
not bad if we remove this cover plastic of the box we see more things
carries the power supply a hdmi cable and the chinaco manual of rigor
and well, it’s all seen the console So it looks like a civivox in which
they showed the channel on the front we can See the logo of what the game console is
box two golden sky on top we can also see what it should take
also graffiti the logo the part rear we see the feeding a port
hdmi and two usb 2 0 ports and one slot to put microsd cards
the person that I bought is wearing series a 32 gb card last
we see here the connector to connect from the wifi antenna the box as you see it is
metallic and in this part we can see some ventilation buildings to take out
the heat generated by the circuitry when we connect the console to
TV we see a menu with the elbows that have the console installed this
console carries the operating system android is supposed and of a version
indeterminate there are people who comment version 6 well no information
clear about it so it’s a bit unknown the appearance of the menu is very
similarity of the pnd or the case 7 is a Chinese arcade stick that I have told you
before and I guess the hardware must be almost identical to handle the menu
we can do it with the wonderful hellish command we’ve seen before with
the cross and we will not move the list of games and we move between
tabs that you see and when we we are moving through the games we can
watch mini videos of each game in the right part of the screen a bit at
style of other emulation systems that we have seen in the channel lashes
that we have are all in which we have all the list of games that includes the
machine there are about 233 pages of games and Well, about 10 games
for each page well make accounts there are about two thousand and peak games in
category and we have all the games ordered by platform we can go
changing platform with the crosshead notice that at all times they tell us
on screen how to move through menus give us a little indication here in
this part in the bar part we are will visit the games we have played
recently if we access the menu of console configuration we have
these options in this section in the first we will have the configuration of
the buttons on the remote and with settings we can configure how to play
arcade games if we can free play we made the games no need to put
credits given that the system automatically success would be
the combination of buttons to exit games and self success we can
configure how long it will take to exit the games automatically in the case of
inactivity in this section we can apply a series of filters to the image
of the games or to simulate the aspect of a tube television
by applying these lines that you see finite in the image or
we can apply the hd filtering that called that it is a kind of
smoothing in game textures to hide the old pixels that
carry as I always say these cases I I prefer to stay as close to
original so these weird textures of the road again start by
hundred all changes in the image that I have told you and only apply in
some emulators I’ve tried at least in arcade ones it applies but by
example the super nintendo no and in others more so neither in the enter game option
market we can enter a section that will allow us to download games is
an application of course all without cost without free licenses all of the
other options that remain the most interesting is the wifi is necessary
configure the given that if we want to use the game market and we need to have
internet connection if we go inside of the application we can see the games
available for download will be organized or by type
the platform game if we click on this platform for example we can see
the list of games to download available indicates the information
of the title of the game 1 they occupy and the gender there are quite a few available no
they were showing nothing wrong of course all this without paying you don’t have to pay
no subscription and nothing like that is they begin to see many chinese consoles
with this game market available is possible for people who don’t know
want to scratch a lot and don’t have much time as a fairly comfortable solution
having this application available for put so many games that do not
have the serial console let’s leave the marketing let’s review the games that
come standard and see how the 9 for start we have the most platforms
simple to emulate that are super nes game boy advance game boy color xbox one
let’s not limit you think the x icon they are going to make a mistake are games
mega drive there is a nymph stage vocal icon
we also have these little pep and yes engine all platforms emulate
perfectly although it is a hardware a little old that leads to the
little machine for enough to move these games without any problem
here we have the games of dreamcast is the platform moves it
quite well it is at the same level as other devices that were shown in the
channel but don’t fan a little graphic effect emulation
by the way if you are interested see options similar to this console but more
I leave you a list above of reproduction with the reviews of
I have been publishing similar mecano continuing with the games in these
two categories we have arcade games for the emulator efe and here we have the
arcade games for mame both platforms emulate quite well and I haven’t
warned problems with the games that probably here we begin to see
more powerful platforms as per example psp the null grace not
it’s not bad they go more or less fluid but xavier of graphic failures this is
indicative that the emulator surely it won’t be a very version
current is not quite polished remember the old versions of emulators of
psp I’ve tried on other platforms I wanted to try ghost of war but no
is available in game market so I have added it manually and the truth is
that performs quite badly we all know that this game is very complicated to emulate
so in this case don’t stop at little machine and we can say that psp can
move some games but the most heavy to emulate sometimes it is
short is with the sky here we have the games that play station 1 is wearing
platform as you can see it moves perfect in this console and we can
desserts that I usually try that are more demanding as they are going very well and there is no
no problem another platform that we can try is
nintendo 64 if we test our 007 in the soul we see that it moves well more or
less normal without being the most fluid in the world that’s more or less playable in
other less complex wander games we see that it is going much better because more or
less some titles work for last we have nintendo fam and couplet
nintendo na is japanese which is how wait because they work correctly
seen this let’s gut the a little seeing in detail the hardware it carries
inside he carries an am lo did s 812 cortex a9 as we said before is a
quad core at 2 gigahertz as gpu and it has a 450 mali as I said
It has 1 gb.ram that you can see here lp ddr3 and 4 gigabytes of storage
internal and this hardware the truth that is like some tiny box we have
seen but this guy is very old no it’s a minus that 905 1 922 like the ones that
we have seen on the channel been watching and it seems that the boys here have
created an image compatible with this chip and logic so old that it is like this
that if I take time I will try to do lacquer tests and this console see if
we can squeeze the little bit more changing the software although in this
particular machine is impossible for us install
and if motivated it takes a lot like in the video and put in the comments what
you want to put the price of lacquer with lacquer adsl is very variable right now in the
express is for about 100 euros more or less and now I got some
weeks for 75 behaviors there was a offer at the time and well I was lucky
on ebay you can get 85 so that you can get an idea there is a
pretty important price dance my recommendation is that you keep the
links that give you the description of video to go watching from time to time
to catch it when it’s between 70 and 80 euros I think it is not worth paying
100 euros for the console that is for that price we have much more devices
powerful we can see more platforms apart from the price it has as you have
seen is a console that has some graphic defects in certain emulators
as you have seen although it moves almost all platforms in one more way
or less normal without throwing many rockets and a pretty bad and pretty ugly command
of appearance and also we cannot change it will be easily tested with several
usb controls that work for me i started on one raspberry and well had different
successes in the cheap command of super nes that you see directly at the level
detected or smelled it however the Xbox 360 and this style controller
playstation some chinese a clone centuries detectors needed perfectly and
we can use them to play is that when we want to leave a game
or we want to access the configuration menu we can’t we don’t have those buttons
special that if you have the command original console therefore these
controls that are more or less compatible we could use it as a secondary command
we always need to have the command original console punctured for
exit the menus and so on as it looks positive we can say this console
are the applications you have for download games from the internet that
according to who can facilitate the process of adding games the truth that
looking at the hardware that I carry that you can get tv and boxes more
powerful than this one with a lower price well, nothing good together see you in the
next video see you later lucas


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