10 Scariest Games You Should NEVER Play


  1. Then he said that I think you have to play Baldy‘s basics it’s a horror game I never played that game answer it I still can because when you get a 7-Up and also when the school turns red and then arts and crafters does crazy Boti is going to kill you what is ruled by slapping you And I watch the video that like kindly Keyin and also like in every YouTuber was making a Baldy’s basics Montevideo in roblox videos of Baldy and also that’s it well also play replace the boulders basics

  2. Bloody mary never came.i did it n nothing she to much of a bitch to come i did it more then once to.n nothing lol wish she would lol

  3. 10 shittiest channels you should never watch

    10. Matter Santoro
    9. Matter Santoro
    8. Matter Santoro
    7. Matter Santoro
    6. Matter Santoro
    5. Matter Santoro
    4. Matter Santoro
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    1. Matter Santoro

  4. I played the game Bloody Mary 10 years ago with my bf on Halloween. But we found a bit diffrent rules. You stand with a candle in a dark room facing a full body sized mirror. Behind you mist also be a big mirror or the window. You say 3 times "bloody mary" and make 3 turns. Then you look in the mirror an should see her in the mirror/window behind you.

  5. Btw we fr did the blXxxx Mxxxx one in our house and we seriously ended having to move but maybe bcs the ppl who lived there before us killed himself but event since then ion play with demons

  6. I have now played most of this games, but i had to prepare for wow classic p2, hope the closet demon doesnt take up much time, i wanna push rank 13.

  7. Dude ,you seemed to be a smart person to me before watching this video . But watching this , I feel that this is the most "f**king" video I've ever seen. Pls don't waste your time doing this.

  8. Geez, Matthew. Where do you find this stuff? I've never even heard of these games, except for Bloody Mary. But, I've never played any of them either. Nor do I plan on playing any of them anytime ever.

  9. So just saying with #7 the “prize” really ain’t worth having a spirit follow you around for the rest of your life. I think I’ll just study for my tests.

  10. Damn Matthew it’s been like 4 years since I seen ur videos, I randomly thought about you and here I am checking out ur newest video, what’s u been up to man

  11. These sound awesome!
    But, I got a bigger question for anyone:
    What happens when you push the mind BEYOND insanity?

    No one knows, but the warning I state, should be known of when you take the mind BEYOND insanity:
    The mind goes beyond insanity. What happens after is worse than a robot attack or any other nightmare, for since the mind lost the connection to the body, the unnatural consequences take the hold. What was natural, became unnatural at all stakes…

  12. Matthew here's another one.

    So I would call it the "coin game"
    It's basically where you have to use a quarter to speak to a spirit.

    But be warned, you should REALLY be careful to who you speak with!

    Anyways, You first have to clear you mind, then shake the coin and see if it either lands on tails or heads. If you're playing with partners, you have to take turns. But anyways, ask if there's any spirits anywhere. If it lands on tails, that means no. If it lands on heads, it means yes. If the coin lands on heads, continue on to ask more questions. Sometimes the spirit may lie though, so you may have to ask the same question until the spirit tells the truth. When you want to end the game, I think you have to either ask or tell the spirit you want to end the game.
    So yeah, I hope this was a good example.

  13. So like, how many are real? Ik some of yall played these. I did bloody Mary when i was little and i dont think anything happened if it did my brain has suppressed these memories

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