10 UNDERRATED Places To Loot In PUBG

[SXVXN] What is happening everybody my name is SXVXN and welcome to a Pub G video now today’s video? We’re going to be taking a look at ten locations that I personally use That are completely underrated in comparison to other locations on the pup g map So I hope this video helps you with landing in the actual game itself and I hope that you go and visit some of these locations and Test them out and see if you find them to be at all useful when included in your rotation So let’s take a look at number one number one is the farm now. This is very very close to the military base it’s not too far away from Milta it is focused on the bottom right hand corner of the map as you can see where I’m circling right now And when you’re coming down a top on top of this you can see there is two main segments And then there is also extra buildings around here there are plenty out houses. There’s plenty different barns There’s plenty of smaller houses and larger houses for you to loot now this location doesn’t always particularly give particularly give you the greatest of loot But you can get enough to stay alive you and your squad can easily get a good mix of helmets and backpacks But unfortunately, this is because it’s close to the areas like the military base sometimes you can get into conflict and if you loot correctly And you look very quickly in your team you can allow other people in the area to be pretty much Unarmed now the guys you see me kill in the background they were unfortunate We already looted the area they arrived at the wrong time, but the farm overall is quite fun to land at It’s a challenge number two is known as fairy point now. If you’ve ever landed here You’ll already know that this place can be heated It’s very intricate between the buildings the out houses and the open vast areas because a lot of people can approach From land and you can also approach from sea as well I finished many games in this location, and it’s crazy because it just did the landscape and everything around here It’s very very jumbled, so there are lots of little mini outhouses there’s lots of big houses and also if you want to you can obviously take the approach or Come to this location with water if you can’t land directly from the starting point But it is a brilliant place to loot around you can find level 3 gear here quite often And if not you can find a lot of ammunition every time I’ve landed you have always found aks and M4S As well as the odds level 3 helmet as well, so first team there’s plenty of like things to loot in this location So I’d consider very point a place that not many people land our third location is known as ”Zarki’ now This is one of my favorites without a doubt I’ve landed here on multiple occasions, and it’s so rare that I even ever get into conflict here It’s open the top Left-hand corner of the map And I think that is the reason why a lot of people don’t come here It is completely out of the way, but honestly if the zone is Landing open this top Left-hand corner Or if you come in through the center piece this is brilliant. I’ve got Car sniper rifles here so many times I’ve found multiple eight times in the barns I found loads of level-2 backpacks the odd level three as you can see I do find a car in the footage I’m showing you in the background It is so bloody good and you can also find multiple vehicles lying around on the outskirts of this town And it’s also quite close to places like you GeoPol So you can easily just hop in a vehicle head over there and have no qualms about going to get an extra B If this place didn’t satisfy you and your team’s needs It’s definitely a place that’s 100% underrated, and it’s one of my favourite locations out of all these now Let’s take a look at our fourth location this place by the way, you know It’s integrated in the sense that next to it is the actual power plant Itself the Factory is now becoming a little bit more popular But it’s still underrated because a lot of people wouldn’t long jump to this you can see the area from above There is a lot. You’ve got the large factory itself You’ve got two crates on the outside, and you’ve got these small little outposts as well and there on the road You’ve also got multiple vehicles that stretch all the way down to the other set Segments of buildings now there are multiple floors and it is you know it’s like a maze Basically within this battery you can find everything from shotguns they are quite common to Sniper rifles to AR’s and often you get you know medium to Level 3 here in this location you will have conflict with people who land at the power plant and head over in this direction Or you might even have conflict from the beginning point, but this is definitely some place That’s worth long flying to if you’re passing over the area let’s move on to a very under grade area Now this area is known as the woodlands. It’s not named on the map. That’s what I call it there’s been multiple times where I’ve had to land here and I’ve just actually found some really good gear what happens though with this area is You know there’s a lot of buildings that are lost in the woodland itself. You’ve got cyber towers of small bonds You’ve got log piles and lots of items can be missed if you don’t check everything Items can literally spawn anywhere in this Location it is a really good location if you want just basically and you want to start It’s very rare that people land here purely based upon the fact that there isn’t a lot to loot so this is probably a better one for landed in Solo if you Want just to grab basically enough to keep you alive And you’re not somebody who’s interested in over looting if you over loot in this game We all know it leads to death anyhow you know you’re completely? segmented away from the actual rest of the game so the best thing to do without a doubt is if you want again when you a doubt is if you want again when you Just get enough loot to stay alive land in the woodlands and check out all of the buildings I’m sure you’ll find all the gear you need now this next area is quite similar to the ferry and premise that I am Gonna be shown You later in the game now This is once again very intricate there’s so many different levels so many different buildings as out houses or sheds and actual structures themselves And outpost as you can see from here You’ve got different layers as well So as the quarry goes up and up and up this location can provide you with great gear in this one time I landed I actually managed to find three level three helmets. I found loads of level two backpacks I found lots of ammunition for my assault rifles and I found multiple assault rifles We were playing duos and we found more than of too survive for an entire team of course and yours We just kept it all to ourselves We didn’t get much conflict in this location either it tends to be a place that people are forced to come too. When the storm pressures in later in the actual game itself So this is definitely place to land if you want loads a new Variant from Level 1 all the way up to Level 3 Now this next location is one of my most popular if you watch any of my streams. This is a location We keep landing in over and over Like over and over again as well as some of the ones that I’m going to show you later in the video Primorsk…Primorsk is beastly this is another place. Just like very point not too far from there It’s a place that you can come to after you be in a ferry point or you can come here and go a ferry point There are just so many houses Unbelievable, not salute you’ve got the and that our very favorite of of loads people and of course when I landed in here I had two most crazy look ever and it can happen quite often on this rooftop I land on the roof and just on the ledge below you better see I land and I already get myself an assault rifle and a Semi-Automatic rifle I’ve managed to get myself a sniper basically and an ar within the first moment of landing on the ground Absolutely spectacular and the same can go for getting higher level gear like for protection in the bonds if you want to escape There’s bolts and vehicles all over the place to take you to the next locations This is an area that is being mentioned quite a few times when talking about underrated areas This is known as the mansion and with the recent update they of course named this on the map as well So it isn’t just a random standalone house it is now an actual feature where people go to visit now There are multiple houses around here you have the standard mansion you have two houses on the outskirts to the left and one to the right hand side of where I’m Showing you right now, and then in the actual compound itself you have obviously the mansion the smaller shared house and then you’ve got the two larger houses one with the Open Roof and the other one which is more of like a three four storey house now This is absolutely packed with gear It’s Brilliant for Duo’s Solos and and for team even you can find lots of level three gear here and enough ammunition To basically keep you alive while you move to the next location It’s also close to places like the prison and also It’s got a you know good connection all the way up to places like Jasna So it is a place worth Landing if you want to get some basic gear all the way up to level 3 gear Now for number 9 we’re going to be landing in the place. I mentioned just before which is known as Ross Hawk This is very very popular some place that I just I really enjoy this it’s a very nice Design City And a little town area more liked in the city it is quite small, but there is multiple different layers to it You’ve got the main street. Which is obviously people complying through with on their vehicles. You’ve got the smaller little outhouses You’ve got the larger houses too with like two floors loads of different rooms you’ve got the barns And you’ve also got like the higher and the lower levels as well as some areas Where you can even find yourself a car as well? So in the actual sea itself it can provide you with in the skip Not always and if another team gets to it, then you’re unfortunate But I definitely advise Landing here And on one of the outer houses if he possibly can doesn’t matter which side and then work your way inwards This is the best approach especially when it’s congested with lots of other players too Brilliant place the Landing now It’s going to take a look at our final location our final location is the two radio towers now You have one in the middle to base which you can see I’ve marked on the map right here This one is a brilliant one But once again your base is very popular for people you want to commit suicide basically in the game itself They basically land in here and go wild some people Do you know don’t land here with their friends because already there is just tends to be Enough loot for maybe two people so probably landed here in duos but avoid it if you look on in team you better off going To the military base and the final one is over in Gatka, and I once again It’s the same layout same kind of thing you’ve also got gatka not too far away So that’s better for your teammates one or two people can land here and then the rest can go to gatka so everyone remains happy I hope this video has helped you and I hope that you visit some of these locations because some of them are really underrated If you have ideas for other videos, please let me know in the comments They’ll be greatly appreciated I’ll see you at a future video My name’s SXVXN also known as Martin Lee woods like and comment on all that you love. 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  2. another good place to go is the cargo bay by military base i always go there and almost every time i will find a level 3 helmet or a scar L

  3. Zharki is an underrated place to loot? :'D There is literally no one there… What I want is a place with atleast one or two teams to have some kills to begin with since mid game is boring af

  4. My Strategy Is=
    (pls forgive me my english isn't the best)
    Go in Georgopol,Loot the 3 Big House first, than Go Loot Like 10 house around. by that point you probably get some good loot. I get Kar98K multiple times, then if i already get some good loots i mean like level 3 Backpack,Helmet&Vest. i'll go to Rozhok because there's few people that you can kill. if there's no one left on rozhok i'll go to school to kill more people. by that time u get like 7kill , go to yasnaya/farm/gatka/ferry pier depending on the circle and yeah by the end game you're rockin' strong baby

  5. I've found that docks area across the river from georgepol is quite good. There's lots of cover and it makes for some quite dynamic fighting situations.

  6. THIS IS SO HELPFUL, I followed his advice and went to Zharki and the place gave me everything I needed to kill and eventually win the match, THANKS A BUNCH SEVEN IM TOTALLY SUBSCRIBING

  7. One of the most underrated places on the map again is the prison…..I've found very good loot in there and even kat 98's most of the time……I even found a level 3 helmet and bag pack

  8. My favorite landing spot and looting spot wasn't mentioned. Damn. Too underated to be in a video about underated spots

  9. I found this small group of houses near ferry pier, got all scopes and 2 med kits that ignore the 75% health rule

  10. Seriously, its not surprising that the factory is popular now, is the best loot in the entire game in my opinion

  11. my team wanted to use a boat to beat the zone, and there was 4 of us, and we were way out, and they wanted to go through the river inthe middle, they all sacrificed their medkits to save me, and I made it to the circle (just) then I ended up winning the game, what legends my teammates are!

  12. I usually always go rozhok, south of the road down the middle of it. There is usually always a ak, m16 or a m4. In Duo theres usually 2 other squads there, nothing to hard

  13. Novorepnoye is a great landing place. I rarely come out without a stacked set- at least all level 2 gear, a scoped KAR98K, Or something else.

  14. What about the big green shed thing. Very few people go there and it doesn't always have the best loot but there is almost always a buggy right outside. I don't know about PC but I'm talking about mobile. Never played the PC version.

  15. That factory next to the power plant is sick
    There's all kinds of loot and you can take a lv3 helmet for granted and is full of all kinds of fancy guns, ammo and attachments you can literally walk out of the factory with a lv3 helmet a maxed out assault rifle and a silenced sniper, not to mention the lv2 armour, 5-6 medikits and painkillers all over the place and if that wasn't enough there's always a car parked outside the main gate and you can always snipe the players coming out from the powerplant and have their loot too
    I go there all the time but youtubers like you spread the information and now there are close to 5 people over there all the time, so be ready for conflict

  16. Me and my friends drop quarry all the time!! Always has great loot and like literally once we've had someone else drop there, lol.

  17. I love Mansion if you people have never dropped there you gotta idk why but I have just fallen in love with the place

  18. I never understood why people drop at Pochinki its a fucking bloodbath your lucky if you survive when dropping there

  19. Best spots as of now are Lipovka, Zharki, Yasnaya, apartments by School, & sometimes even Novoscotia or Military Base DEPENDENT on the route the plane is flying. You're welcome. 👍😊

  20. I like to drop at Quarry, because Quarry is always in the Zone and few players drop at Quarry, oh and I always find a SKS Rifle there

  21. I went to the factory a lot when there weren't many people there so it feels like I started the trend

  22. Nah, when he made this video people will go to your 10 places. So you will meet many people in that 10 places. Luckily, he did not mention Pochinki, School and Military Base, so you should go there to loot and meet no one at all

  23. You didnt mention the flooded area. Near rozhok that has always given me the best loot and people rarely go there

  24. The military base is Horrifying, Especially at the beginning. Ive only been there once and I counted at least 20 people Parachuted right in behind my squad. As you can well assume, we lost. Not a good Spot for Beginners

  25. me and my mate use the gatka. Before it was a very good loot sometimes we would find a lv.3 Vest and Helmet and like 2 M416's with loads of ammo. Now its very popular. THANKS A LOT.

  26. Georgapools docks where are red roof houses and containers there is 2 to 3 people only and much less than rozhok and there is big change to get lv military vest , helmet and backback + scar l and kar98k and 8k and med kits even

  27. PUBG has to much weapon and equipment available. The problem is not finding stuff, it’s more a case of finding stuff all in one building as quick as possible. I’ve never had a problem finding good equipment.
    Which makes me wonder what is the point in the scavenging aspect of the game if everyone can easily acquire gear. Everyone you encounter has full gear and good weapons. Does nobody else realise this.
    Basically with it being over populated with gear everyone might as well land with everything in there backpack. The game should be purposely setup to limit gear to less than how many people are playing on the map so some are unlucky enough to be unable to get any gear. And gear spawn location should be completely random.
    If it was setup this way then it would force some players with no gear to play a different style to survive. For example you only get a hand gun or shot gun forcing you to hunt for someone who is in a built up environment and use stealth and building as cover and kill them for there gear. Or you end up with no gear and you will end up having to camp and hide until you hear a gun fight and go towards it and watch two players slug it out until one gets killed and you go to his loot box once the other player who killed him has gone and you take the left overs. I’ve actually purposely played a few games like that and it’s actually very fun.

  28. • 1. Farm
    • 2. Ferry Idk
    • 3. Zharki
    • 4. Mylta Power
    • 5. Field of Junk
    ( Between Prison and Mylta Factory )
    • 6. Quarry
    • 7. Primorsk
    • 8. Mansion
    • 9. Rozhok
    • 10. Radio Tower (Close to Military Base)

  29. No such thing as underrated looting places in this game. The bulk of players will drop in the big cities but what's left will drop into all the looting places within about a km of the flight path. This is why it's not always worth going to somewhere like Gatka. If it's within 1 km of the flight path and if it;s quite early on in the flight, you'll end up having to fight 5+ players for just a few buildings worth of loot. It often makes more sense to just drop into a city and try your luck there

    tbh, it doesn't matter what strategy you employ, there's going to be other players looking to do the same thing. The PC game now has an established community where it's rare you come across new players. This is why the learning curve is so brutal and the game isn't new player friendly. What they need to do is implement a skill based matchmaking system as that would help new players learn the game.

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