13AM Games

My name is Tom McCall and at 13AM Games I
function as the game director / level designer. We all met in the George Brown post game design program
and when we started to work together in class and on projects there was this weird, we refer to it as black magic. It was just something there that made us all work really well together. Everybody’s position
kind of have areas that bleed into each other. Throughout all that, we had a team that is
able to fill in all the blanks and fill in all the necessary components that we have. People
that are really good at marketing, people that can make trailers, people that do
level stuff, people that do really good art. One guy that’s really good at keeping everyone tied together
in producer role. It seems like, almost like predetermined. One of the guys in class took thirteen angry
men and condensed it to 13AM. It’s like 1am but not really and it’s kind of that magical
hour where everyone crams work done in the eleventh hour. It seems catchy enough so we
just kind of rolled with it. The game that kind of glued us together the
game that we’ve been running for as a company is called Runbow. It was originally made during
the Global Game Jam here at George Brown with the span of the weekend. We were all just students
back in the day. We split up into two groups started off with the idea that we wanted
to make something multiplayer, something kind of like a party game. Because when you are at these game jams and you want to show people you can do stuff, getting as many people around your computer
kind of helps gravitate other people there. And then, coming at the end of the summer
we’ve been working on Runbow for a day or so We got into contact with Nintendo and
they wanted a prototype of the game so we crunch I think for about two to three weeks.
Kind of put all our thesis games on the back burner. Crunched it out, got it out to Nintendo.
And they were immediately supportive of it. They loved the game so I think that was
kind of the final. Like there was all these stages where okay maybe we have something people at the Space Jam liked it. Okay It won an award at the showcase. Okay maybe. And then finally, peaking off with oh Nintendo likes it, done. And then from there on 13AM became the company, became the
nine guys that we are working together to kind of succeed in this goal. And then from the success of Runbow, hopefully, keep the train going and keep making games that we want to play an enjoy.

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