2019-20 William & Mary Men’s Basketball Post Game at High Point

I thought the I thought we did a really
good job overall from start to finish. You know, we talked a lot about playing hard, playing together and playing with discipline, and I think our guys did a really nice job of executing that. I said really from start to finish,
and any time to go win on the road it’s a good thing. I thought Thornton was unbelievable tonight. He’s been really good for us from this summer and through this fall, just, you know, working on his game and playing at a high level. He
scored a lot which, you know, is what people notice, but I thought he was just
as valuable if not more defensively. He takes on the challenge of guarding, you know, the other team’s best perimeter scorer, and I thought he’s really good on
that end as well. The two big keys tonight we talked about was keeping this team out of transition and keeping them off the glass, and you know, one way you keep him out of transition is by taking care of the ball and shooting good shots, which I thought we did for the majority of the game, and then in our half-court
we made them shoot the shots that we wanted. We made them shoot alot of pull-ups. They certainly made a few of them, but we felt like that was a shot that we
wanted to make him shoot, and then, you know we did a great job on the glass. I think the I think it was 10 offensive rebounds that we gave up, which is our game goal so that was that was a great team effort . Yeah, I did, you know, I think the assistants knew it was coming because they wouldn’t go in the
locker room before me, so the guys are waiting with it with a pretty good
pretty good shower there, so you know, it feels good. I’m most happy for our guys
because I think they’ve done a phenomenal job of helping put the
foundation in – play to our core values, we really focus a lot on our preparation.
Tonight was it was an opportunity for us to go perform, and they did it at a great at a very high level which was fun to see.

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