2019 World Championship Finals Tease

After the Group Stage, a lot of people
were saying we were a lucky team. We almost didn’t get into the Quarterfinals. Making it through to this point has been very difficult but it proves that FPX is a team with a lot of strength. Something the LEC and LPL have in common is we fight a lot but I think the LPL’s individual abilities are stronger. If we’re able to win the Championship this time, then that would be two in a row for the LPL. It would mean that we’re the number one region!


  1. Okay, am i the only one who notices these promotions are kind of biased. they let G2 have the first & last say. So it is like obviously not a promotion for both team, but a promotion for G2. :

  2. 3-0 G2 FPX is gonna lose cause G2 has the strength of schedule and home court. Aka they are hot at home. Aka unstoppable there is always next year tho.

  3. this finals will be memorable for both teams.

    G2 on the verge to their first championship since season 1 for EU.

    FPX could have a back-to-back world championship for china if they win this series.

    i wish all the best for G2 and FPX. i hope that they will give us a good series for us fans.

  4. I'm a diehard G2 fan now.. Love each and every single one of their players but I wouldn't mind too much if FPX won.. They are also extremely likeable and respect worthy.

  5. Tbh i kinda lost my interest about the finals since SKT T1 didn't make it.But after watching IG vs.FPX..FPX are fun to watch and they look super strong.I do admire G2 for their perseverance.May the best team wins tomorrow <3

  6. Those teasers are ones the most impressive things i've seen in my live, riot is doing an amazing thing doing this ❤️

  7. caps: to finally get the win on the board in front of the european crowd that will be the dream
    doinb: unintelligible gibberish
    I think we got this one boys

  8. I was so heartbroken when Caps left Fnatic for G2 but i hope he will get the title this time and show the world the power of Europe

  9. Honestly, this worlds is a win for everyone since both teams are just so likable. This might be one of the best if not THE best worlds ever! Let's bring it to game 5 boys, play that silver scrapes!

  10. Although I'm a Chinese and LPL fan, I hope G2 can win as this Worlds is in Europe, it would be fantastic if a Europe team can win in front of their home crowds and fans.

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