2019 World Championship Play-In Stage Day 4 Tease

I want to tell to our fans that our condition was a bit off today, but we will adjust to show better performance. Because HKA will continue to improve,
I hope our fans will continue to support us. After todays matches, I have caught up with the pace of this tournament so I am confident that we can win the next two games
and qualify for the BO5 Knockout Stage. This is the best chance for my team to go far at the World Championship. I wish everyone could cheer for us and keep supporting us We will be the first seed. Surely the first seed of this group DWG’s every single player is the best, top, peak players in each role for play-ins so I think it is good to cheer for us. Because I have less experience compared to other mid laners how should I say, I have no worries. I don’t have anything to be afraid of, so I can play a bit more confidently. The crowd was insane. They are giving me so much energy. For them this is the first time, we had a chance to do something big. I want to prove to myself that I can face the best AD carries in the world. And make Brazil proud. I think everyone has potential to reach the Worlds groups. I am confident for myself and my team. I’m pretty sure we can come back from this.


  1. If DWG is the Korea lvl they will get smash this year . Give G2 FNC FPX this headstart in a game and you will lose the game in 20 min

  2. Flamengo is trash and so are their fans. They should kick you out of the arena after what you did yesterday. Unacceptable behaviour.

  3. DWG: We are just 10 out of 100.. It is not good to show all your trump cards in the play in stage. And to show their counter jungling and laning phase.. So they are just gonna play it safe.. 🙂

  4. Riot: Hmm… Do we forget something?
    Community: Our song!
    Riot: Got it! Here is your new trailer video of the following day of worlds

  5. You guys might want to dial down on hyping the Worlds song. You all might get disappointed if it doesn't live up to the hype.
    Just be patient. It will arrive. Probably before Groups.

  6. Would love Flamengo to surprise Damwon. Want BRTT in groups, just as long as it doesn't mean Splyce don't make it.

  7. How about instead of asking for the song we just pretend to forget about it and not talk at all. Maybe riot will release it early if they see the hype dying XD

  8. "ยังไงก็ที่1ครับ ยังไงก็ที่1ในกลุ่ม"
    จบเกม MG 1-3 🙂

  9. So I got this video in my client and had to go to youtube to activate the also pretty dodgy subtitles because somehow no one speaks english anymore in this game.
    I'm totally not getting hyped for anything if I can't even understand what all the oh so amazing players even say…

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