$310 ALL AliExpress (EPIC!) Gaming PC


  1. Bryan: What if I told you that you can build a PC…anywhere in the world for $310…..You'd probably say; 'Bryan! You've lost it'.
    Bryan, mano a mano here. We've been watching the channel for years now. We believe you!

  2. How about a very powerful system for $310 without a Video. I have a RTX 2070 but would like to build a system around it for cheap.

    I have a
    Z620 HP
    2.9Ghz (3.6Ghz)
    512GB SSD
    RTX 2070 8GB
    Just looking to transfer what I can to the new system

  3. Yep, this is me 6 years ago, I basically thinking "I don't have enough budget for a case, I'll buy it later". And here I am 6 years later with an R7 3700X & RTX 2080S PC, still without a case.

  4. A great value build for our international brothers and sisters (speaking from a U. S. perspective). You can do just as well (probably better) with a combo of Microcenter, Newegg, Amazon and Ebay in the US at a similar price point. Comment if you want more info.

  5. generally new motherboards will need windows to be activated fucking sell out fyi u dont need it to be activated just ignore him

  6. Firing that RPG when your 5 yards away from the target. "Wasted". That was soooooo funny.
    Glad you put that in the video.

  7. Thanks, very interesting video!
    What about testing the 2×2.5"SATA RAID enclosure that looks like a standard 3.5" SATA HDD, like the one Phil's from Phil's computer lab uses, with a pair of those cheap SSDs?

  8. gave it a like as soon as it started, Negativity isnt allowed in Yes city. with every video we know good stuff its coming. by the way hows the airfow and cable management on that case?!

  9. I would've used an R5 1500x for few bucks more. Since you can't OC on this motherboard I believe having the CPU running 3.5-3.7 without OC would be great.
    Also other people already said it, but not all things are with free shipping. For example the case. I'm from EU and I haven't checked, but I'm pretty sure there will be $40-$200 shipping cost on the case. It's the same with everything else. Some times they add ridiculous shipping prices depending on the size of the item.

    Also if people are looking into buying an SSD right now I found a 1TB Kingchuxing with a fairly big discount up until 11.11. I think it was $66. Honestly I doubt it's a great SSD, but KingSpec is no different. Both SSD might last you for years or might die tomorrow. I mean as long as they aren't faulty at arrival they should be fine for gaming for couple of years I assume

  10. I don't trust those Chinese RAM brands and this seems to prove my suspicions. Maybe you could do an Aliexpress RAM roundup?
    Also, my cousin is an IT Admin and ran his PC in a mobo box for years xD.

  11. Hey Bryan, I did the E5 2420 v2 + chinese mobo + 16 GB ram + 1050 ti based on your video. I have to say I am absolutely satisfied with it. I use it for Apex Legends and it easily hits 100+ fps. I also tried running shadow of the tomb raider and it also runs very smooth (Didn't bother checking fps) . Windows 10 with debloater and disabling the spectre and meltdown patches works very smooth. I never had a PC that runs this well.

  12. Lol love the LED bling on the open air PC. You should try to sell it like that and see if someone would buy it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I would have 100% go for that build, i also found a xeon 8 core 16 thread with a mb and a 32g of ram combo for 250$, but the problem is my country's customs and VAT charge completely random amounts of money for each item, they once charged me about 100$ to enter a 750ti which i bought for about 50$ so yeah, more like tech no country

  14. Who needs a case while you could use a shoe box for ur pc case anyway?

    Btw this my recommendation for your case don't use motherboard box use shoe box

  15. This is one of the reasons Iโ€™ve subscribed to your channel Bryan, no clickbait here and probably a really great guide for people not in the US specifically… i love the big YTers too but when I see Linus with another AliX/Amazon build, i know itโ€™s probably not going to be real serious or helpful info. Cheers m8, good on ya

  16. Hell yeah! ๐Ÿ˜€ "motherboard box for case" welcome back! I love you tech yes city ! Great build man, except the sketchy motherboard+memory sticks

  17. Bryan ! What a mind-blowing build ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ I'm your fan from Indonesia and it's been years stay at your channel. Want to ask, may I buy back that build? Cz here it's impossible to get that build for $310 and $300 is my salary for one month ๐Ÿ˜…. Please, I beg you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ Sorry for my bad english

  18. Oi madman! What if I told you I got
    R7 1700 w Wraith RGB
    B450 tuf
    16gb 32000mhz
    480gb Kingston new
    Fractal Design 500w bronze new
    Gtx 970 4gb Jetstream
    Modern case w side window

    for โ‚ฌ340 , up here expensive af in North EU

  19. Unreleaded request : Please use an overclocked 8700k for the Future Cpu Benchmarks, i want to know when its time to upgrade but everyone only benches the 8700k only on stock any more even at the Ryzen 3000 launch there were no oc results to find from any reviewer witch is just sad….

  20. Yep, save $5-$10 or no money at all (for each item) on questionable shit off Aliexpress is definitely a good idea.
    * $25 fire-hazard PSU
    * Crappy motherboard which costs more than equivalent A320 mobo from AsRock or Gigabyte
    * A shitty cacheless SATA SSD, while we live in the age of $0.10/GB NVME drives
    * Definitely "not refurbished" RX470
    Just by throwing another $30-40 into the mix you can build a better rig from brand-name parts with official warranty and no surprises down the road.

  21. Just bought Ryzen 5 1600, Asrock B450 (with passive cooler on mosfets), Crucial 16GB ddr4 2667 RAM, Crucial SSD BX500 480GB, XFX RX 580 8GB BE OC+, Zalman mini tower usb 3.0, Bluray RW LG and semi-passive Arctic Freezer 12 CO + FSP Bronze 650W psu – ALL for just 400 $ in EU. With 2 year warranty. Not crappy Chinese trash.

  22. I built a computer on a box once, It did save me 40$ however when my cat knocked over a can of cola on it. It ended up costing me 500.

  23. Hi
    Big fan of you . I'm form Italy
    I'm in Hong Kong now for work and I go to Golden pc accessories. Nice deal. Rtx 2060 new for 240 us dollar. And more and more deal.
    Big up
    Andrea Vergani

  24. The motherboard isn't great value.. Practically the same price to buy locally from MSY and get a brand name, and warranty and not have to wait 3 weeks for shipping

  25. I've had the same happen to me with brand memory(crucial by micron) so brand new faulty memory can happen anywhere, the difference is that with the branded stuff it's much easier to RMA since you don't have to ship it overseas and wait weeks or months.

  26. Fair play for building on a tight budget, but personally you should never cheap out on your power supply as it could kill everything and also try to future proof a little bit by buying a b450 board so you could get better performance from 3rd gen ryzen cpu in later down the line. I can also see why you skipped on having a case because budget cases are normally just furnaces so you want to spend a good amount on a case with good options for cooling. So i would have to say it would be probably closer to about 500 for a more reliable and future proof gaming pc with better psu, motherboard and case for 1080p. Even then I would still stretch for an rx580 8gb so prob closer to $600.

  27. CAN YOU TEST Jingsha X79 P3 It has genuine Desktop X79 chipset , working sleep mode, overclock bios, ALC892


  28. go get a budget B450 board if itโ€™s available, itโ€™ll have pretty much everything you need; cpu overclocking and ram overclocking
    the b450 battleax looks pretty interesting for whatโ€™s available on ali-express

  29. Tech YES City
    Will you ever use:
    'Syn Cole – Feel Good' and 'Ahxello & Lindequist – With You'
    again? Those were amazing songs you used to use on your channel. (You still do good music but not like those!:))

  30. Great video man!
    Would love to see a video where you don't need to say what we should do instead of what you did, just do the best thing we should do with links for everything.
    And you should ask for your own link to these parts so you get some money out of it…

  31. This is really great and cheap build, but it definitely deserves a case. I personally never use a PC without a case, generally you risk hitting it with something, spilling liquids on it, shorting stuff, it can fall off a desk or break in some other way. So even on a budget of $310 it would be practical trade-in to change 8 gigs of RAM or 250 GB of SSD storage for a cheap case. Many manufacturers do make cheap cases with great design and basic cable management features. Zalman for example sells great budget cases which you can get for $30-40. If you would aim at basic mATX case for office computer you could easily go under $20. This definitely should get a follow-up video where this PC gets installed into case.

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