$600 Gaming PC Build Guide!

with the mandatory rise in 3000 series videos out of the way today we're gonna be focusing on a first generation rise in build because you can get this at some seriously low prices and today I have a $600 gaming PC belt guide let's get into it hey hey welcome to Zach's tech turf today we're gonna be taking advantage of some seriously low price first generation rising CPUs with a $600 gaming PC bogart that's packing some serious value and if you're new here and you want to see more PC building our benchmarking videos then hit that subscribe button down below and also that notification bell that way you never miss an episode but before we get into it let me quickly pay some bills today's video is brought to you by Squarespace Squarespace is the number one spot at least in my opinion to create a website if you're looking to boost your online presence Squarespace is perfect for people like me and chances are probably like you because I have absolutely zero real website building experience and Squarespace makes it super easy to do with their award-winning templates if you're looking to create a website maybe for your PC flipping business or maybe consolidate all of your social media links for you streamers to one spot then I highly recommend using them as your all-in-one website building platform I actually transferred my third-party domain to Squarespace yet another awesome feature by the way that was super easy to do because I wanted to take advantage of their templates that transform really well to mobile they're excellent customer service and honestly I just wanted to get a clean looking website up and running quickly I'll show you guys my final web site in an upcoming video but if you want to take my word before that then head on the end of that first link in the description Squarespace comm size ctt to score yourself a 14-day free trial and 10% off your next subscription all right so just to lay out this video for you real quickly first we're gonna talk about the parts that are in this gaming PC and how much I pay for them and why it's an amazing time to be building a PC right now and then of course we're gonna benchmark it to start the deal that I'm obviously most excited about is this new CPU and motherboard combo that I got from my Crescenta and this year is the Rison v 1600 and I got this entire combo from micro Center brand-new for one hundred and eighteen dollars one hundred and eighteen dollars is an absolute steal and a half considering how much value you're getting for this powerful of a CPU and this is all made possible due to the newer Rison processors releasing a couple of weeks ago I feel like we're already forgetting just how powerful these first generation rise in CPUs were and these are some serious price to performance monsters and it's only gonna continue getting better the motherboard that this combo came with is the gigabyte be 450 MDS 3h which is a micro ATX sized board and it's not rocking too many extra features or great VRMs for overclocking but it'll get the job done for this bill moving on we have the RAM and this here is a 16 gigabyte Corsair Vengeance RGB pro clocked at 3200 megahertz that I actually found for $84 at Best Buy despite the new rise and launches it's also a really good time to be building a PC right now because of how load these ddr4 prices are going 16 gigabytes for $84 was absolutely unheard of last year and now you can get a pretty decent kit with even some RGB thrown in there as well moving on we get to the last major performance part the graphics card obviously and here I decided to go with an EVGA GTX 1666 gigabyte model and honestly the main reason why well with this one was because I already had this triple slot beast in my studio if you're looking to copy this build then you can go with any gtx 1664 here and if you can push your budget a little bit farther then you can even get it up to a gtx 1660 TI if you want to following that we get to storage in for this boat I decided to go against what I've been doing in my recent builds and I went with a smaller 120 gigabyte air is SD which I also have laying around the studio feel free to go with any model here and I also added this one terabyte Seagate Barracuda Drive which only costs 45 bucks storage is in a really tough spot right now because that combo cost around 60 to 70 dollars and some people are perfectly fine with just getting a 500 gigabyte SSD at that price point but a lot of you still are complaining that you need the full terabyte of storage and since one terabyte SSDs are still around 90 to 100 dollars this is why I went with this storage solution instead following that we have the power supply and for this I did decide to follow my recent build guides as I went with this EVGA 550 watt n1 which is just such a good bargain right now I have 40 to 50 bucks the reason why I've been including this in multiple build guides lately is because for 40 to 50 bucks you're getting 550 watts of power which is plenty for most of these budget oriented builds it's also all black cables instead of those ugly ketchup and mustard cables and finally it's super easy to find brand new off Amazon and finally the last part to wrap up this bill guide is the case and once again this was definitely influenced by what I already had down here in my studio but I decided to go with this deep cold matrix 55 and shout out to deep cool for sending this one over I've used the matrix 55 before and this one actually includes the 3r be fans up front I really wish there was a faint included for some rear exhaust but that's not that big of a deal and this is a pretty solid case for the money I really like the all black interior with a massive temper glass side panel and overall it's just a super clean and minimal looking case at a good price point so there you have it that's what the parts list is looking like and as you can already see just by looking at this you're getting some pretty serious price to performance here right around $600 especially for a brand new system this bill would not have been possible at least at this price point without the falling price of the older Rison chips but if you're one of those type of people kind of like me that needs to have the latest and greatest and you can certainly swap out the rise of five sixteen hundred for one of the new rise and chips and it would still be a really good build with that out of the way it's now time to benchmark this thing and for today's video I'll be benchmarking every game in 1080p and shooting for 60fps for most games but a little bit higher for the eSport titles speaking of these eSport titles I decided to go back to benchmarking these with pro settings just so you know Pro settings is pretty much just medium ish textures very far view distance and pretty much everything at low but I'll links down in the description talking about what specific settings that I use for each of these games the first came up was fortnight and in 1080p in pro settings with a locked FPS of 144 because my new benchmarking monitor which I just reviewed is 144 Hertz here we got a very solid FPS average of 143 after that I tested Apex legends and in 1080p and pro settings I got an average of 132 and wow this was absolutely silky smooth and I actually managed to get a kill during my benchmarking run which is a nice change of pace next up was player knowns battlegrounds and in 1080p in pro settings once again I averaged a very smooth 131 frames per second keep in mind that if your monitor is only 60 Hertz then you could definitely prank these titles up to higher settings or even 1440p if you wanted to following that was Counter Strike global Offensive and in 1080p and medium settings with FX a turned on I got a stupid high FPS average of 234 to wrap up are easier to run titles I use the rainbow 6 built-in benchmarking tool and in 1080p in ultra settings I got an average FPS of 161 yeah you could definitely crank this one up to 1440p just like the previous games as well getting into the tougher to run games where I was only aiming for around 60 FPS I fired up monster world and in 1080p in high settings I averaged 77 frames per second after that I used the very demanding Far Cry new dawn built in benchmarking tool in in 1080p in Ultra settings I can't believe this but I actually got an FPS average of 63 I actually initially ran this benchmark on high and got 77 and definitely didn't expect the results to be that great so I just had to crank this high doll to ultra which you usually don't see on my channel and finally to wrap up the benchmarks we have the much dreaded and super hard to run Assassin's Creed Odyssey built-in benchmarking tool and in 1080p and high settings I got an average FPS of 55 before wrapping up this video I did want to quickly mention thermals inside this case and with the stock AMD cooler and when gaming the CPU only ever got to around 42 degrees Celsius but keep in mind I did not overclock it for this video and for the GPU I saw get up to 63 degrees but it was averaging around 60 well that wraps up my brain new $600 gaming PC build guide as always drop a comment down below about what you think of this build or what you would personally do to change it after that feel free to head on over to one of these two videos if you haven't seen them yet and definitely hit that subscribe button because coming up next hopefully I'm gonna show you guys a video about an upcoming event that I got invited to that I can't really talk about yet you don't want to miss that video


  1. Nice vid! Kinda crazy, I just made my first build which was a 600 dollar budget build using a 1600 1660 combo.

  2. I know you like to shoot for the good settings for the best FPS but I think that it’d also be cool to also show them at the highest settings so that we can see how it can handle it.

  3. awesome video….finally someone that gives value to 1st Gen ryzen cpus…I am tired of all that bullshit about 3rd Gen who don't deserve their money and especially the 2nd Gen who were just a marketing scum with no improvement from the 1st

  4. I think the rx 579/580/590 (custom fan edition) with ryzen 5 1600 will be a better combo . Becuz ryzen processors aren't have good optimization with Nvidia gpu . What do you think?

  5. Hey!!can you believe my Ryzen 5 1600 is of 8cores & 16threads I am not kidding man it was out of the box like that😎

  6. Nice job. However I would had gotten 16Gb G.Skill Aegis 3000MHz ram for $59 (and overclocked them to 3200Mhz) and bought a Ryzen 5 2600 instead for $10 more. Seems to have a bit longer legs into the future.

  7. 1600 still looks good these days and considering its only $80, that's good for the money.. considering my monitor is 32" 1080p75 freesync with rx580.. should i go for 1600 or 3600?Or 2600 instead since its $140 in my country

  8. I Wish i could buy 1660 for 200 dollars .Here in Slovakia it costs ať least 300 and if i buy it from Amazon the price will increase by 80 dollars so am back to 300 :c

  9. This is amazing and all, but personally I would be very worried about longevity. And the sad truth to me is, you can't seem to get longevity on a budget build. 3 years down the line will this thing still be able to run the latest AAA titles 1080p high. Almost definitely below 60fps. Of course 1080p high isn't necessary persay, but it's still disappointing that it's so hard to build a powerful pc on a budget.

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