$900 Gaming PC Build | Ryzen 5 3600 + RTX 2060

hey what is up guys Jack and Matt here with the toaster rose and today we're gonna be doing a $900 rise in 3600 gaming PC let's get right into it shall we but first a word from today's sponsor this video is brought to you by gbg mall an online marketplace to gain access to some really awesome game keys and more specifically Windows 10 licenses it's typing code TV 20 down below and then you will get the activation key sent to you just type it in and then boom you have Windows 10 Pro activated we use gbg mall for all our systems that we build here here at the toastie bros and it's a great resource so please use a link in the description down below if you're interested in use code tb20 on check out to save 20% now let's get into this PC build shall we so big thanks to computer upgrade King for hooking us up with this Rison 3600 and some other new rise in 3rd gen stuff so don't forget to subscribe so you can see all the other new 3rd gen stuff so how will we go ahead and talk about each part in exactly how it plays a role in making a $900 gaming PC so as we mentioned the core component is the risin 5 3,600 and you know here at the toastie bros we love the rise in 5 platform because it's a great budget option that also has a lot of performance under the hood and the 3600 is no different as 6 cores 12 threads and boosts all the way up to over 4 gigahertz this thing is a great option especially with the improvements coming from 3rd gen Rison and we're going to be pairing this thing with a be 450 motherboard from gigabyte this is their auroras mb4 50 motherboard it is a really nice p450 motherboard and it does support the rise in 3000 series now keep in mind our motherboards have been updated for 3000 series but not all of them are gonna be ready out of the box so be sure to consult with whoever you end up buying this motherboard from to see if it'll be updated to the latest bios most likely within a few months all motherboards will be updated now for the RAM we have some g.skill Flair X ddr4 memory at 3200 megahertz now you can go with faster memory with rise in 3000 series all the way up to like 36 hundred megahertz on some motherboards but for this budget system we're gonna be going with 3200 mega Hertz because it is still very effective and high enough frequency to where rise in 3000 series can definitely thrive and big thanks to gigabyte for sending over this our TX 2060 because this is a really good card for a really good price this is a six gig model and it's going to be really awesome for this build so we're using this one from tea forest big links to them this is a 250 gig our GB SSD there's all kinds of different options they have a ton of SSD so we highly recommend going and checking these guys out you guys already know we're really basic with the power supply we have an EVGA 500 watt BT this is just a really basic power supply but it's 80 plus bronze and it's cheap and it'll get the job done this is computer upgrade King right yes okay and for the case we actually have a computer upgrade cane case this is the continuum micro from computer upgrade King so one of the really cool things and you guys will see once we actually have the PC on is there's like this really crazy mirror effect where there's one row of LEDs where's our mirror behind it so it makes it look like it's just going back forever it's why they call it the continuum but it'll look really cool you guys are gonna enjoy it so let's go and start building last night we had something to hide I'll be Kissin but I don't really have a cake you don't have to pigeon you just like their attention it's written your face never Thomas just to keep your religion strategies June and then said you have found your plan not sure if I want this you don't think that the quiet time when I'm near you pretending that I don't know who you are every time I see you strategies alright guys some at night were actually very impressed with this PC it's basically like a 2600 that's upgraded because it's now the third gen 3600 and I always surprised it actually seemed like a pretty decent upgrade which normally you would think could just be a little bit higher frequency and then you just get like a couple Morpheus but it felt like it was a really big difference the 3600 and the changes that they made with 3000 series was really significant single-threaded games like fortnight really benefited and got much higher frame rates and at 1080p with this configuration honestly it was a little bit overkill you could easily stretch into things like 1440p and maybe even 4k with the system like this but if you do go 1080p a high refresh rate monitor even something like 240 Hertz would work really well at this because honestly that rise in v can just push a ton of frames out so in some of the benchmarks you guys probably saw we were actually almost maxing out the 2060 which was also really surprising because most of the time you kind of don't really get the graphics card maxed out usually it's the processor first so this thing could probably handle like a 20 70 or even a 20 80 just fine oh hi guys editing mat here there was one more thing I wanted to touch on with the rise in 5 3600 PC that we built Ram speed Ram speed is very important again with rise of 3000 series and we'll actually be having a dedicated video coming to the channel probably in the next couple of weeks where we test the maximum potential Ram speed around 3,600 megahertz and some of the worst case scenario Ram speed with a rise in 3rd gen system timings on the g.skill memory we're very low with those low timings it actually allowed the system perform way better than another system they have less quality RAM in it so if you are purchasing a system like this consider spending more money on some higher quality memory not just spending a lot of money on like those really cheap discounted combos of like 32 gigs of ram or 16 gigs around that you can buy right now on Amazon from the companies like team group which team drew makes some good stuff don't get me wrong but if you get some stuff that has a better cast latency and also has a high frequency like this 32 hundred megahertz kit it'll perform a lot better than some no-name brand that you pick up that has like a 30,000 megahertz speed but then a cast latency that is just too ridiculous to have to run on a Rison system it does make a big difference and in a video coming to the channel very soon you will see a lot more about why that is the case and also if you did want more performance or maybe you're into things like video editing live streaming and want some extra cores the rise in seven thirty seven hundred and thirty seven hundred X does exist and can easily slap it into a system like this as well these be 450 motherboards are still really high quality can definitely handle better processors and overall this whole 3000 series launch has been really impressive and we really do like this case from computer upgrade cane we definitely have to reiterate that again this thing is really cool the mirror effect is awesome RGB remote can change all the stuff and the fans that come with it so one thing we actually did notice with the fan speed on this computer upgrade 10 case in case any of you guys want to get it is there's a really big hub built in at the bottom to connect all these RGB fans and if you look closely there also is a fan header that has one pin on it and I kind of assume that that one pane was for the tax slash cents to basically know how fast to set the fans at if you plug that in the fans won't run at full speed you can actually change the fan speed because before when Matt and I had used this case the fans were just like jet engines taking off if you plug that into a fan header you'll be good to go so that's just something note for the people over computer Burger King and if you are interested in buying this case which you can for building your own system please check the link in description down below and the same goes for everything else in this PC build check the links in the description down below and thanks again to computer upgrade King for sending all this stuff over we do have two more rise and builds coming to the channel you heard it right two more coming up very soon so be sure to subscribe if you haven't done so already so if you guys like this video don't forget to like comment and subscribe and we will see you guys in the next one goodbye one of us


  1. Im thinking of getting this build. Im gonna build it im so broke its all i can afford atm

    Gtx650 1gb(unless i find something better)45$
    16gb ddr3 ram 1600mhz 47$
    120gb ssd 34$
    Rosewill micro atx case 40$
    Apevia atx 450w psu 35$
    Asus M4N68T LE V2 ,mobo 44$
    AMD Phenom ll X2 B59 3.4ghz43$
    270$before tax and shipping 290$ after keep in mind im in canada so prices are higher

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