A Muslim Scholar’s Advice To Football World Cup Fans – Sayed Ammar Nakshawani

Do not let anyone in the community ever
tell you that you play too much football, or that football will never
make you religious. It really is a pleasure to be here,
and it really highlights for us the importance of sport within the world of the youth, as well as highlighting for us the power that the youth may achieve. The Quran, in many cases, when speaking about the lives of the Prophets of God,
you find that the Quran discusses their lives from their youth. The story of Nabi Ibrahim begins from his youth. The story of Musa even begins earlier than that. The story of Prophet Dawood begins from his youth, and therefore, when you look at
the examples of these people, Allah(s.w.t) stresses on the role of the youth
and how much our youth can achieve in their lives. Hence Ameer Al-Mumineen states, in Nahjul Balagha in a quite beautiful line. He says, ‘The heart of a youth is like an uncultivated piece of land. Whatever you throw on it it’s accepts.’ So he said to Imam Hassan, ‘I
tried to mold your heart before it’s hardened, in order that you were able to
take from my examples into your own life.’ When we just look at the words of
Amir Al Momineen for a couple of moments tonight you see how powerful these words
are. The heart of a youth is like an uncultivated piece of land. When we drive past an uncultivated piece of land, we begin to think of thoughts of how we
should cultivate this piece of land. Some of us think of putting buildings there,
car parks there, pent houses there, swimming pools there. We look at the
piece of land and many ideas come. Some of those who propose ideas, propose good
ideas. Others propose not so good ideas. The reality is that everyone seeks to
cultivate a piece of land. Likewise with the hearts of many youth here, it is our
role to try and cultivate each other’s hearts before others do. And the best way to cultivate hearts is through the means that is sport, and
especially through football, and the idea that myself, especially, when I began my
lecturing career, I remember that I used to give examples from football players,
from football teams. I don’t do it as much now but when I started off I did.
And when I did start off by giving examples of football teams,
There were people amongst the crowds, who would come out and say things like, this
person uses football examples. Of course those same people are quiet in ’07, but the reality is, with those people is that they didn’t realize the universality that’s is football. The idea that football has this universal love. All of us here may have different personalities, different lifestyles, different educational backgrounds. Yet look how football has united all of us into coming together and sharing a passion. And that’s why Rasulallah when he bought the religion of islam, he didn’t just
bring something spiritually purifying. There is a lot of focus spiritually, But there’s not many people who stress on the physical purification. There’s no point me being able to pray
and fast and do sujood for long hours, if my body is not physically strong. There’s no point me being able to pray
for long hours, when I can’t even cross the road. The idea is that Islam sought
spiritual and physical equilibrium within the youth. And that’s why we found Rasul Allah
stressing on the importance of swimming Rasul Allah stressing on the
importance of archery. Rasul Allah stressing on the importance of being
able to ride a horse. All of these in Arabia were sporting facets,
which manypeople used to engage in. Likewise today,
although many of the sports have changed, There is a reality that the Muslim needs to look after his body. Why? Because Rasul Allah used to say AL AQL SALEEM The pure, submissive, peaceful mind will lead to what? AL JISM SALEEM The pure relaxed body. So here we
find that the body has to be looked after. In this way, there’s only a few
pieces of advice that I’d like to give from myself on this night, and I know it’s
the night for all of us to enjoy ourselves, but at the same time lets us
just reflect on a few things. I said that football was a means, not an ends. What I mean by that is, When I was growing up football was an ends. It was as far as you were thinking. There wasn’t any further thoughts. Football was everything. Whereas for everyone here, football should be a means to leading you on
towards getting closer to Aale Muhammad What I mean by that is, your Sunday
shouldn’t be the only activity in the community. Your Sunday, when you play
football, should be a means for you to get involved more within your communities. And the idea that I see now and I can envisage, That if I do come from a lecture within the mosque,
I know now that everyone can now mingle with each other.
And it’s not just going to be a set of groups, because football was a means to uniting everyone. Dont let football be an ends. Where all you discuss is the football, football, football, but don’t discuss any of the other
activities in your community Number 1. Number 2: Take from the discipline that
you’ve learned from your football and put it into your religious life. If you know that the sports center has been booked at eight o’clock,
you will not turn up at 8:30 or 9:00. You’ll turn up at 7:55,
ready there for the whistle to begin at 8:00. Bring that towards the mosque. Why is it with the football pitch,
8 o’clock I can be there on time? But with the mosque,
I have to walk in at 9:15, at the end of the lecture? Bring the discipline of the football world. Try and bring it, and what you’ve learned
towards your community activities. Look at the unity between five of you, how strong a bond it can create, bring that unity within the mosque as well. Don’t build rival groups,
rather let everyone unite within the mosque and you’ll see just how powerful
you can become. Even with myself now with all the schedule that I have in my lecturing. I still will make time, like I did yesterday. This shows either, that I’ve
got too much time on my hands, or I’m making too much money, or that I have some spare time to go and watch football. And to go and relax, but at the same time that’s not the most important aspect of my life. It’s part of my education and part as well of me
enjoying myself with those around me. Therefore the message which we’d like to bring over here with all of
us, is let us take this football as a means for us developing ourself and
making our community stronger. As a final point, do not let anyone in the
community ever tell you that you play too much football or that football
will never make you religious, because on the contrary I’d rather hear about youth
who are playing football regularly than hear about them doing other activities. Sports can be a blessing in disguise. It can keep some of our youths away from
the worst of places, from hanging with the worst of people, from being around
places which may lead them to Haram Sports may actually bring people
together towards bringing them closer to Allah (s.w.t). So continue to
stress on the importance of sports in your community, and we will see that this
community, which I was brought up in, and which all of you have been brought up in,
will continue to be the strongest of communities Assalamu alaikum
Warahmatullah wabarakatuh


  1. I can't accept the example of football ๐Ÿ˜› for the same reason I can't stand this sport.
    Slightly touch someone with your pinky finger, and he will fall to the ground crying, holding his knee, asking the referee for a foul. Then he gets his free kick or penalty, scores, and you see him running around the entire field celebrating. Weren't you holding your knee in pain just a few seconds ago??

    Or how towards the end of the game, they will fake falling down from exhaustion, or take 5min to get the ball when there's an out of bounds. All in order to run down the clock.

    That's cheating, faking, and unsportsmanship. And when you tell that to a football fan, he will blatantly tell you that, that's what the football sport is and how it's played.

    Yeah no thanks. You want to watch and like this sport, be my guest. But I shall forever consider it a sport of acknowledged cheating, faking, and crying (which I'm pretty sure are un-Islamic).
    I'd rater watch MMA where people punch each other in the face and still remain on their feet ๐Ÿ˜›

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  3. Kudos sir.
    You are one of the few Muslim speakers who understands the aspirations of the younger generation.
    Your lectures are always free of hate speeches and rhetorics.

  4. Acredito que a relaรงรฃo" religiรฃo e futebol seja menos agressiva, menos pecado que, a prostituiรงรฃo desenfreada, praticada em algumas Naรงรตes Orientais e outras mais" dais quais tenho conhecimento.
    Esporte รฉ saรบde.

  5. Ammar Nakhshawani is a gem.
    A great asset for our Muslim community.
    One of the most inteligent religious speakers of this era.

  6. 0:09

    Football is Football and religion is religion, How can playing a sport adversely impact your religiosity.

  7. Shia scholars are deceiving us by pretending as if they understand the youth… nice try… nice try…

  8. the origin of football comes from Latin America, the Mayas played with the head decapitated instead of the ball that has today, the Westerners when they conquered America were inspired by their games to create football with a ball instead of a human head, some idolaters football teams and players, there have been a lot of deaths among rival fans..it's a nice sport but for me it's bad especially when have know are basic origin. (I myself played football since the age of 6 years ..)

  9. Fair argument, but he should've advised youth to not to be too passionate about football, it's just a sports that has nothing to do with religion

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