Albion Online | The First True Cross-platform MMO


  1. Well, I wouldn't recommend playing on anything other than PC, Mac or Linux. Since the game is not optimized for mobile platforms, still no change in 2019

  2. So i can play with my PC friend?
    Wait i thing this game Made using unreal engine because the ultra graph Made my 6 GB RAM Android little hot even normal graph eating my Battery

  3. But it is not on IOS or Android… so… I as well take it the free to play idea got scrapped? So is this a cash shop+pay to play? Like star wars – the old republic?

  4. I cant connect the device…. where is download classic apk ending…. i donwload 1gb zip and what next ? i copy in to the device and its all

  5. WTF, i canĀ“t understand one word, whit this accent, someone puts on her a speel of increase accent.

  6. This is the longest time I've ever seen something to come out on iOS. This isn't really the "true cross platform" game since you do t even know how to do it on iOS. Been 2 years I'm pretty sure something like that should not take too long.

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