Astellia Closed Beta 1 | Let's Take A Peek: Astellia CBT 1

Oh Almighty she took my head off hello English everybody oh my god I got one shot it yeah I got one shot at by the bird [Laughter] you missed I saw that that's why you don't roll in a surah when your dad school you just can't see where you're going oh my god sir say I hate you sir say you are gonna die in hands of Jamie next season that's my prediction anyway your own brother's gonna kill you sir see and I'll laugh and scream enjoy when that happens whoa that's a big wheel it's actually trying to destroy throw up guys son of a gun son of a gun melee son of a gun come on die you're gonna die I'm gonna kill you I'm good at melee I play World of Warcraft I play all kinds of animals you will not beat me melee I did it kill someone from ILI's heavy and white Oh Cersei Lannister no no get away from resourcing Oh you've become three level [Laughter] that's the Reaver Haller what's your name Oh my name you think it's means sadness okay there's the first dungeon chests if I get anything other than a dis late I will get a heart attack son of a gun I got something other than it distally that's like the first time ever I should say that more often you greetings ladies and gentlemen Jeremy drew here welcome back to the channel just give me a second last minutes social media stuff and we are live hey there welcome to the Estela a closed beta one livestream we're gonna be doing as much as we can tonight it's the first day of closed beta anyway for this soon-to-be Western release of the Korean MMORPG this is the character creation screen if you're wondering how do you get in the developers are giving out keys like crazy so there's no reason to buy the legendary package which cost like a hundred US dollars it's like calm like I wasted my money there but anyway let's go ahead and create a character and hello to everybody in chat by the way I see a lot of people Albert Georgie we've got feta cheese nice who else you got xarna ro gaga haha hey guys what's up it is 9 p.m. from where I'm shooting from so for you guys must be either in the EU late lunch or in the US just waking up let's go in and create a character shall we first of all yes if I haven't stressed it already closed beta phase one there's gonna be a closed beta phase two and then possibly an open beta followed by launch itself this summer for those wondering what is Estella it is according to MMORPG it's already out there if there's gonna be a lot of differences between the Western version and the Korean version among them it's not gonna be free-to-play here in the West or whenever it hits go there it's gonna be a buy to play MMORPG classes one two three four five five classes mage let's go ahead and click each and one of these things and they do play these uh I don't want to call it a stylistic introduction or whatever and in typical Korean fashion you have your control difficulty they're just showing you how easy or hard it is going is going to play a certain class plus that entire map thing it just shows you what you can expect single target damage control and it looks like advanced class info you can then evolve into a job later on or whatever plus some video at the bottom right corner just showing you what what's going on so another big difference between this western version in the Korean version is supposedly there's not going to be any gender locking and that's one thing the publishers Bernsen an EI said they were going to remove but it's not removed for the CBT it's still here because from what I've gathered so far you cannot pick a male scholar for example she's gonna be female as you see on screen but come launched we will we can be anything we want so that's always a good promise I suppose we'll keep them on it assassin pretty much everything DPS I am going to go through the usual warrior I'm gonna be boring with this one and I'll tell you why in a second whenever a new game I've never played before and I'm doing it for a review or I'm checking it out foreign oppressions or you know got your first taste of it mainly characters in combat is going to be my litmus test to see how the animations are especially when you're moving and fighting because then you can tell if the developers have really put effort into that because it can get very jarring with melee characters in combat as opposed to arranged characters because that's simple you're just standing there stationary things off but miele square you can see whether the game really gives a shit about you know combat and animations or not so here we go this is the character customized Jason customization screen you can change the background you've got two options and then you've got your default poses and everything Lord Almighty okay we'll stick with the default stuff let's get into presets and everything cuz I don't want to spend too much time here this is only the closed beta I want to get into the game what's the early gameplay I don't look at localization how's the translation is the English good it's the voice acting any decent these things matter because I'm gonna tell you right now there's been striking similarities between what the developers are saying for this game just like new is has done for bless online and that was one year ago and the paths are holy fuck that's Geralt of Rivia that's The Witcher right there alright I'm gonna go with The Witcher guy because I think one of the deaths just added that in there because they were fans of the game or something you didn't just body size too if you want and if that's boring for you you can go into I suppose appearance and then there you go that's what I was looking for on the various different stuff you can edit and they're sliders to if that's important to you I'm pretty happy that I don't want to waste any more time let's get into it shall we how do I confirm that set up your aunt's there we go set up your ins kept her name as usual DRM alright there we go I'm ready to begin before we move on I'm gonna check in on Chet if you guys have any questions about us Delia or anything like that let me know and I'll get back to you guys so let's see you we got now judge to say hey hey hey now how you doing infinite XP this morning Adriene good morning infinite XP how you doing the new shoe says this literally looks like Tara online I got to tell you most Korean MMOs look really the same because number one they're gonna be running on pretty much the same engine depending it that's almost like the four or five guys in Korea all worked at the same studio and then they left and they went their own separate ways made their own studios and they all just love running on the Unreal Engine so you'll see a lot of striking similarities here and there just with a different stuff to differentiate Rudy says yes I made the stream hey releases is this the Guild Wars 2 killer MMO don't count on it my expectations is really low I've just gonna be out there so let's go ahead jump into game let's do the opening tutorial and oh another thing is the tutorial is the Korean version it's not the supposedly Western version so I don't know what the change is gonna be for the final version I just hope it's not in Korean obviously I don't speak the language but I think it's pretty much localized at this point oh god don't hang on me it's just stuck there at zero well it is close by guys if there's gonna be any crashing or any disconnects or anything like that I'm just gonna warn you in advance this is a CBT so these things tend to happen but I'm gonna do as much as I can we'll spend about two hours plus going through some of the early game let's try and reach a dungeon of some sort let's aim for like level 10 or 15 and we'll go from there okay back to the Chatham all the sting loads this new shoe says he's breathing right now seems like he's hyperventilating what my character yeah I wasn't looking at that but she says kapa nauseous that Witcher look is almost spot-on sadducees is there a belly slider I don't know that's not something I necessarily look at but yeah there should be if you're asking metathesis asking the important questions and Kevin Rihanna says let's play Adrienne yep we're getting there my god loading is slow okay so this should have probably been on my SSD my SSD is full to the brim right now with another game that I'm gonna be checking out for work so didn't really put it on there sinu she says looks like this is a server-side issue not a client one we got clea and jet says hey agent Haley a long time no see how you doing Peter jet says I remember blessed had the same issues with the loading had to keep restarting till it worked I remember that too I was right there day one bless online with the frickin early access launch and yeah the issues were were real so there's gonna be lots of similarities between Australia and and blasts I'm sure people will bring it up during the stream and other people scream and other people's videos because like I said there's a lot of similarities between what the two developers are saying they're completely separate but they're taking on the same path both had Korean versions out both warrants to go to West the only thing is this Dahlia start launching on steam okay here we go opening cutscene Oh what is she a toy she had like a wind-up thing behind her Oh Oh No what is this mess babe okay first things first the world Jesus Christ look at that the character model dis right of the bed just remind him reminds me of Tara already and I gotta be honest I oh I only recently jumped into the closed beta for ascent infinite realm another korean MMORPG by Blue Hole that yeah steampunk one God they all look the same and it's all because of the the engine that it's running on so you will definitely see lot of similarities okay good news is the localization voiceover there was English and there's a lot of little thingy majiggy pets running around there is stuttering and freezing but I'm gonna let that pass CBT okay you don't know well did you get any sleep it's nothing I know strange dream adult holding a giant cog wheel yeah I was surprised that you could carry that okay let's see eros is this lady here today today you'll learn about magic theory so I guess I'm a student of some sort yeah we have a test today I'm not gonna read as much as I want to with the story I'm gonna leave that for the Deaf to polish up for launch I'm just gonna skip a lot of these parts cuz I got to tell you Korean MMORPGs your intro tutorials aren't really the best okay let's get to the combat you'll be okay there we go go to the training grounds so so V air should be there waiting for you so your is the world of ass tell ya y'all what you guys think it's had so far with my Geralt of Rivia character I'll be checking on chat as much as I can so WASD to move let's see as far as UI goes it feels a little boxed in let's open up the character panel with the C nope doesn't work P yup there we go it's P there we go character evolution evolution info ok we'll definitely check all this out in depth but first of all I want to get my weapon and that's try combat again if you just joined the stream I sort of pick a melee character just because mainly it's gonna really give you a taste of what the animations are gonna look like and that's important for combat f is your interact button but you can pretty much use right click to click on the gear in your inventory to equip it immediately not a big fan of even press I again leading the background telling me what to do press the same movement key twice in rapid succession this will cause you to roll now try rolling alright so you can dodge by double tapping there we go leg delay there and capslock is a dodge to click on a target to lock onto it ok let's see is tap targeting a thing yep tap target works so you can use tap target to swap between your targets as you doing there – ok let's fire that off focus focus alright so all this little panda things got rid of the training dummies for some reason and yeah we're gonna get new ones so what you guys think of combat so far I I'm fronting a little stiff on my warrior hopefully it gets better with more skills but it just looks a little dated for 2019 when did the Korean version come out buddy no oh never mind cutscene I'm gonna take his opportunity to check in on chat and I see that it's moving really fast I'm gonna work my way backwards Suzy says the mini-map is honestly the best feature in the game cat hates his rig this game on a scale of bless online to ten who we're not there yet I mean I reviewed blasts when it was practically finished so I'm gonna wait until launch before I do my leveling our usual leveling streams all right so okay okay all right so we get getting a horse right now let's get on it obtained a horse press I click the right click the horse in the consumables and mouse tab to ride on it in tracking down s1 I'll do that so instantly we'll get a mount as expected auto auto pathing excellent because that means I can check in on chat now let's see f off consist Fe combat Carlos Enriquez is hi I'll bring from Brazil hey Carlos how you doing Nick says you mean the laggy mini-map feta cheese says is running animation a bit strange or just me I'm finding the animations overall a little but outdated it's kind of stiff again that that's why that's my tip for checking out new MMOs go with the melee class see the combat it's ok it's Ted a little girl again okay good boss battle they should really be fun Geralt of Rivia is come to save you little girl don't worry I've dealt with plenty of monsters before I've had my fair share I just thought I'd chat Rudi asking me can you ride a horse in real life I've never I would love to but I've never had the opportunity come on Gerald come on Gerald you got this who knows right it's The Witcher in space noon DLC my name is rota and the Stella of the clockwork that turns the wheel of fortune I'm here to inform the successor of stars shining through darkness it's time to awaken master it is no time for your awakened all right so that cogwheel girl was more important than I thought I'm getting my awakening as an Estella now I do know a little bit about the lore because I watch that entire PACs panel so we're basically sort of like you know or not the stars and we can call down assholes which are little companions that you join you in battle and you can level level them up you can collect them so like in a deck and then you can summon a bunch of them out on the landscape to fight alongside you think of it as like a pet system except there's a ton of these Pat's and okay all right I didn't have to fight the monster at all Estelle's that make a contract with you are registered in the Estelle encyclopedia okay so we're getting our first batch though right now that's cool selected Estelle to be a stealth quick slot bar to register it wait did the girl just call me my brother okay I suppose now that makes a lot of sense that little girl is my sister let's go and drag this down here so this could be my first pet companion f1 to summon the astral okay now we got a fight alright let's do this so let's see her name is rota and she's doing her own damage and she does have a skill everyone it says here okay but he's dead it's an appointment all right I'm beginning to understand this now it looks like you're gonna get a combination of your own class skills and then you've got your assholes as well now going back to that panel there amigo this is the Astle card page you open it up by hitting J there's a lot of assholes here okay I see clicking on one tells you what they are assassin does physical uses physical stats more damage to righteous and there you have it the XP in SP as well okay back let's see the one that we got wrote okay cool she's got our own animation thing so yeah this feels like a deck system then the star jewel down here to upgrade there we go enhance so yeah typical querying gear progressing stuff but now four pack companions too so really it's just a different sort of flavor my name is Rhoda the asshole chosen to turn the wheel of fortune and the one who chooses the master of the wheel so I am an Italian and I suppose that's like something special I suppose but I don't think I'd see two Italians in the same Aaron place so my little sister is apparently another Italian but she's too young to fight as you can see I don't understand anything you said I'll explain later oh boy Oh another one great yeah I want to try using my stealth skills so let's let's uh do that except I can all right this tutorial just messed up I guess we're moving forward hang on guys I'll get to you let's see chat right now you say so I guess this whole is essentially just a summer game I I don't know honestly I didn't really this order your Estelle to target your enemy don't do that okay I'll talk about that one and there we go hit f1 Rotom so I'm stuck in there and my asshole just brought her to me so that's pretty handy I suppose I mean it's not gonna be a substitute for playing with others I'm sure you can group up and stuff like that it's just that solo how important are these little pet things unless unless they are part of making you sort of get better in an MMO I don't know a lot more fairy things couldn't it be like a teddy bear you know what I'm saying it's all like little girls at this point there's going to be a point where we're oh okay it's another asshole so now I've got two of them out as you can see so now I've got a party of two little party of two little girls shit come on girls The Witcher I'm gelled of Rivia and I'll babysit you tonight let's let's get out of this tutorial it's gonna be a recurring theme I guess that portal opening and things just start jumping down okay this this thing I dunno cuz I did see here in there in the trailer I think she's the main villain of this Australia MMORPG she still wanted that save the world and then her own people betrayed her it's amazing that a runt like you managed to survive this long I'll grant you a very quick death can you guys hear the background voiceovers sucks that there's no subtypes oh okay here we go alright I'm gonna use my stealth skills now let's see f1 is scold scope there we go and f2 is what it doesn't matter how to do it so you can pretty much hear my character call out the names of the assholes whenever I want him to do a skill that yeah it's all cool don't do it again then you will hear her say the name of the skill which I suppose on the way to level 50 can be pretty damn annoying not bad for an Italian from a countryside like this one it's time to die okay now we have a new player to be a disgusting Saint oh my god imagine Gerald having like a little sister that's the fakest laugh in the world when you're up this close to the character models and you look at the textures of the horn there for example the armor pieces you just it just screams your typical Korean MMO like I'm getting massive tera flashbacks right now and that's that's not a good thing for a game I mean taro is out what it was a decade ago so it's not a good thing for a for this from a story perspective I am somewhat interested how I am this Estelle e'en and how all these little assholes come to the picture but beyond this is it's got to do a lot more to WoW me I'm just not wowed yet I know it's only the tutorial we still have 50 levels to go PvP though it's got to be PvP it's a three-way PvP three factions I don't know I'm just trying to think of what's gonna be so unique about this game that people will want to pay that $30 by to play feat when in Korea it's free but over there you have all the pay to win mechanics the random stutters in between cutscenes is really annoying it must be super obvious and streamed – oh the witcher's did my brother is quite sturdy she didn't just say that boy I will give them credit therefore for trying to make this a very narrative driven game if the rest of the game is all about these flashy cutscenes and if the story's actually meaty enough to for people to care good because technically you know off the top of my head I cannot tell you what a Korean MMO where I actually found a story gripping enough beyond just what it was known for like video combat system terror combat system yeah that kind of thing I can't pinpoint one on say okay stores pretty good all right so it's not loading I can finally check in and chat sorry you guys it's a long one explosion in chat says I still enter both our Unreal Engine 3 yep same as all the others bless online and recently the one that I covered ascent infinite round they all look the same because you're all on the same engine random guy says hello just joining how is the performance I don't know for me it's not great I don't know for if you've watched any other streamer today for me there's lots of stuttering and you know like even right now you'll notice my fps dropping the help thing just popped up but no help actually came out of that now we are in the starter area with other players as you can see so now we get to see performance real close just move around a little bit taking the surroundings that's your character movement I do not think shift does any sprinting no there's no sprint I'm just gonna check that real quick because I like my Sprint's controls autorun roll action nope no sprint so this pretty much your basic running running speed okay as I make my way through the early story here let's go ahead and check in a chat some more you got G hob and chest is I mean I'm like bless you can actually see the publisher is trying to this time the English voice acting is already five hundred percent more effort then most publishers ever did I will agree on that point because I was in the early access to beta for bless and I have to tell you the very first voiceover that you hear and bless it sounded like it was recorded in a bathroom and it sucks to say since you know that people worked for that but Neos was dumb enough to pay for that work so it really did sound like there's echo in the bathroom and everything and we were all wondering what the hell and you know what the worst part about blast is they freaking got Hans Zimmer to score the damn thing Hans Zimmer got your head around that alright demons are attacking so that demon lady brought her demon army to the town this is gonna be your very stereotypical Korean origin story basically kids in danger counter-attack sounds familiar yeah it is because revelation online that's in China Tara exactly the same thing kids in danger gifted kids I might add so we're killing three demons stuff here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna ask my Estelle to attack that one let's see our okay designate target R and there she goes there's my Rhoda going and attacking let's just see how she does damage wise can she kill stuff on her own without my intervention hey you know what she actually can but I'm doing that to gauge just one exactly give these assholes how important are they supposed to be to your combat it's motion blur on cuz I do not like motion blur graphics advanced motion blur there we go knew that was there one more I'm supposed to loot the damn thing right damn it we're looking for cars on marks thank god the corpse are still there all right ash – let's get to work I have a second asshole – let's do that f – that's some of the second one there we go Cygnus and I'm gonna use her skill nettle Meier and f1 for rotas skill so I'm just gonna be I'm wondering there's going to be a limit to how many assets you can summon at once so if you have like five in your roster can you get all five out because then I'll just balance work what happens is hang on take a look at the top left of the screen I have a third bar there that's going down real fast and I think that's because I've summoned a second to asshole so if I get rid of that how do I do that and there you go the bar is now replenishing again so you cannot have more than two assholes out for a prolonged period of time I'm trying to wrap my head around this game okay meantime back to the jet darkness is auto tech out of walking's fault with Auto looting Tsar gnosis I prefer by to play over free to play – I bet you can buy more Australia in the cash shop in the Korean version of the game apparently you can there's a lot of things that you could buy in the cash table in the Korean version like for example I'll give you one this one I know for sure because I was watching their presentation you can't see it because my webcam is in the way but at the bottom here there's dungeon tickets so every time you want to enter a dungeon is gonna consume a ticket so think of it as like a dungeon entry from Terra for example so in the Korean version I think you can buy more one to replenish or something like that over here you cannot do that if you want to get more tickets or whatever things then you we have to do stuff in-game like finish an achievement or do a daily quest so a lot of the Korean stuff has been kind of tailor-made or has been converted to some activity PvE activity in game that would sit well with question audiences how well they've done this no idea that's pretty much done lots of quickie stuff here back to chance where are we pain train says I don't like it aesthetically having dolls or Pat's attack and be with me it's just not my thing see I agree with you on dolls I'm freaked out by dolls I mean all of them all shit I yeah I was looking at the wrong cards I thought all of them were like little girl dolls and now would have been bad but here we have a lion okay good so their diversity options there this one looks pretty cool is that an undead beast I would like to see more variety I mean what was the blessing lines thing the taming system you guys remember that you could go out in the world and you could tame almost any creature that you come across either to be your companion all right so it's ineffective against that big giant let's see find a weakness look for a scout on a beach done let's do it the faster we get out into the open world and see some proper questing than this tutorial stuff the I guess the better so I'm gonna auto path here to show you guys what that is so hands off now that's a Korean game for you flaming in Shutts is sono can shop it on the western version there will be a cash shop but it's not going to be as heavy-handed as the korean version is so i would love to have shown you what the cash up in here had but unfortunately bottom right you'll see this a gem icon there diamond it's some grayed out so i can't really open that that's not available in the closed beta but on the website they did say a lot of the things about pay2win what's the word that's one phrase that the Bernsen and eai are the publishers Studio 8 is to developer in Korea so the one advantage that they have is these publishers burn some iere very hands-on so these are the guys you see in the media and there were there at PAX that they were saying on the right thing the air slogan was play to win instead of pay to win we're gonna hold them do that I suppose whenever it goes live okay let's try open tapping let's see if open tapping is a thing there's lots of other players here let's see more than one player hit a target will it count that is a that's become really common with Western MMORPGs these days it's all about community in Korean mmo's who knows so I've just sent one asshole there let's some of the other one me some pastel skills my own warrior skills I did see like you have combo executions there we go chain impale one two and three which is Auto done so I didn't really gonna need to do a whole lot okay that one's halfway destroyed let's let's try and attack that now let's see if this one counts that did not count so okay another one let's try it fuck no open tapping so every player for themselves which is fine the respawn rates are pretty decent I suppose this character's name is called test and they got there before I did damnit alright I'm gonna have to go to the far one come on Road up off you go now there's my still damnit Rodi wrong target over here okay never mind she's she's busy helping the other player out killed that thing whatever I'll dismiss you for being stubborn you little girl get out out some of the other one what's your name sickness there we go alright let's turn this in watch over us is there a way to stop the barrier there's a barrier kill the demon me just to get rid of the barrier you got it so let's see that's the Centurion over there just doing chaos in the beach and there's the demon mage okay are to attack national that is and she's arranged right so I need to get used to it so if your assets arranged then you know play to your companions strength I suppose diversity which I've come to learn is like a so that's done well we all know path back let's uh check up and shut and anyway guys you guys have seen and watched so far what are your thoughts would you pay for this game will you would you be interested in playing the by to play version let me know chat so new she says yup that confirms my suspicions you don't even need to attack just tell your pet to kill things for you yeah that's sort of weird I mean I'm sure it's not gonna be as powerful or the potency of the attack is not gonna be better say compared to you attacking it yourself but I don't know I'm only in the tutorial what do I know right okay let's fire that cannon the second time ooh complete achievement obtained a biscuit I've reached level four and Cygnus is reach level 4 as well so that's how your Estelle's will level up with you I suppose it's now gonna be important to decide which a still do you want to summon out so that they can receive the experience from combat questioning rewards as well I guess we're heading to the hideout right did I get any new gear there let's see I did actually I'm holding the shift button and that's gonna do a quick compare so level two let's put that on now from one of the previews they had you could level up existing weapons with you to a later level and you can deconstruct weapons to get these enchantment stones or whatever I see oh there we go dismantling will destroy the wand which is not for my class do one with continued yep and that's given me one weapon and Chatman stone which I can't do now anyway another one let's go auto path Raymond sis no no by to play it will be free to play in a year or less that is possibly it depends on a reception right I mean if this game is going this the exact trajectory that blast is going then you could see that yeah there could be issues the only thing that I would say is Dahlia has an advantage over places blast got a lot of pipe stronger places and that didn't help their cause and what neo is we're saying was would fix the performance issues we fixed a combat system it's gonna be great for the global version and it wasn't so you know all that hi people got burned out real fast in that and with this Dahlia literally not very popular until probably Jerry this year oh forgot my old skills all right so I'm bring Rolla back out hey onwards we kill patrons yeah I mean my personal preference aside when i look at the game objectively just feels like every other game of its ilk i've lost all faith in the korean MMORPG market i oh here we go another portal okay that's pretty cool army of the Dead what's that means charge would be a real funny twist if my little sister dies like that's my motivation to get rid of the meaning villain he's totally gonna cure Oh No that's my sister actually you know what take her like I don't want to be involved we're so little for see you were trying to take your destiny you are adored and servant I disappointed I will not hurt the time of street urchin once you the force is not edited you can tell it's made by somebody just going I could replicate it that's a one-off oh man all right so I guess my sister really is dead oh no she's in that red bubble thing well that's it the leading white just lost Geralt of Rivia sister and that's our reason for becoming The Witcher I suppose I'm mixing up lore here okay let's go back to chat ldren says how is it so far I am I don't know it's it's still early for me they're things so far I am really unimpressed by I suppose considering the buying price the the combat system is something I was a price tell because in the trailers it did look flashy and it's just not for the male character so far it could be better for range but again my decision of going melees because that's how you really see whether the game is fluid enough for your not the questing is it's only the tutorial I don't want to say too much about it yet let me play some more let's get up to a high enough level before we can actually say something I mean having an opinion just after tutorial it's a bit harsh too so let's play some more let's play some well let's see some more what does this tell you has to offer and yes for those of you who are have been on my channel for a while it's been four months all right there they went for The Avengers time skipped there so four months without my sister what have I been doing then we're sending in a stallion off to war and find the law the skeleton Knights the Centurion that yuria we can't take down a skeleton tonight let alone urea we never tried find assholes and used a power so yeah it looks like as you will be able to collect all these assholes companions as you play the game so let's try and get one from PvE tonight in the meantime the blog or urea okay let's move on the Wheel of Fortune has begun to turn urea thus killing nights and is sure anymore to rescue stay which is our sister we must become stronger and wrest control of our face yeah I'm gonna read that stuff because the voiceover just takes way too lost now this the fourth time that the help bard page thing has come up with no help us actually come out so get rid of that burns in EA or Studio 8 if you're watching where are we going let's open up the map now the map I do like I this is a really interesting looking why am i moving stop moving a little I didn't press anything unless of course can you move because I clicked in the map yes you can click on the map and move so that's handy I suppose if you want yeah I like the aesthetics of the map I just wish it was more interactive okay nevermind it is interactive you hover over it and can see what exactly is in town so let's move the story along let's go to the Knights hate quarters and I'll be able to check in chat and answer some questions if you guys have any Mitch and Chad says the only reason people play Final Fantasy 14 or ESO is caused he is the best option at the moment I mean it comes down to you know subjective what do you guys like to play is what you guys like to play where you guys want to pay for playing is where you guys gonna pay for playing you know I'm like for me personally I jump into as much as I can because that's required for the the line of work that I'm in and I try to find a positive and negative for everything that I play regardless of my bias well I do have preferences you know sometimes being impartial I'm not again the stupid health bar I feel like I'm missing out on some important tutorials that I'm not being able to receive here but this is town and I'm getting those same I'm getting like flashbacks if you guys remember bless online when you reach the first town there's this huge starter and everything yeah that isn't here so what we're doing resurrection point said every time we'll have this come back to this stolen portal thing with so quick teleports that is a given here now let's move on what else do we have armor merchants auction house you don't get you're like I'm on the legendre version so there should be a whole lot of account bound items but you don't get them in the close beta I don't think I'll work now let's go find the steel fist Knights HQ which is somewhere here and in the mean time as usual okay Han phasing system so there was a bunch of people outside and that blue portal simply means you are in a private phase now so it's only you and your story in here so if I go out there should be other players around me there we go okay so you've probably seen this before and like it does another crew in-game so this is a standard procedure thing it helps so that other people don't kind of mess up your own story progression or whatever and it just helps not having that many people around I just don't like the transition because there's always that stutter or that lag whenever you swap zones and also I just want to make it clear I'm playing from Southeast Asia in Malaysia this is the North American server so there is latency and lag I can't help that unfortunately I'm just reading through this as fast as I can some parts you do have the voice acting in some parts you don't like here sorry caption won't happen again so the captain doesn't want to speak to us because he thinks we're infidels where have I seen that before a guard captain that doesn't like you or is secretly a traitor very familiar storyline captain is a busy man you want to talk to Mason all right I'm gonna skip all these parts and let's go speak with Mason whoever that is back to the chat it's moving so fast guys so sorry if I miss a question or something I'm just gonna read as much as I can here Saji says at least there's no loading screens every time you face which is a good point you know like for video for example there's like literally very minimal loading screens and you know if you play video then it's probably the only Korean game that you're gonna be spoiled by with that kidnapping case pull the forces back to defend the city which call may be a level 3 armored good a my level 3 ends let's find out alright so the steel knives are basically assholes who are defending to town don't have time for us and let's see missing children are the demons still kidnapping children but that's a storyline here kids are going missing demons are behind this okay that's all I need to know we can figure it out as we go along new gear look at that my level 3 armor is better than some of the air like some of the level 50 armor and some FMOs I play that's that's interesting that's pretty cool for at level 3 armor okay back in the horse lets go speak with Jeana let's check in chat let's see mid says yeah I bet Sherman comes out they'll be so damn quick to drop the game's loop was dad Boop has donated four bucks of 20 cents Thank You Boop dude that's so cool Boop says people in chat want you to kill a mom using only Estelle's and pets nothing else we'll go do that as soon as I pick this quest up so children are missing right okay let's go I'm sure there's gonna be monsters right outside this town so let's get out of here let's find so only Ash tells we're gonna do that right now we're gonna go find monsters bring out our pets and see how fast they kill it without me doing anything oh come on really demon I don't know anything baba you're an ass doll yeah I'm usually into story I'm just going to try and get past this stage as fast ball so this is this is psycho inside quest do show up on the mini-map to you can see it that's just that icon right there so let's go ahead and pick that up please be a kill quest steel fists Knights kill quest kill yes kill quests right let's go do that defeat elite Keio kidnappers so early story demons are invading the town and sure kids are being kidnapped which is always a good time I'm joking your Betty Betty oh oh math it freeze there I guess swapping zones is uh it's gonna be a pain yeah I'm gonna get away from the crowd all right here we go I'm gonna send rola in right now and I'm gonna bring out the other one I'm going to send her too so I'm not doing anything right now right so you can see the health bar right there and it's just two of them that's their auto-attacks so I'm not gonna use their abilities in this combat face the next mob I'm gonna use their abilities not mine we'll see how fast kills she shielded herself because I can see her health if you look at the top of the card here that orange bar that's her health so she can shield herself which is pretty Hopey all right for this one this one we will use all the abilities let's go Anton you have to doesn't seem any faster to be honest but they are competent the the moms level is level five by the way and I'm level four so I think all my all my assholes are level four to so and did and yeah you do get XP and all that stuff for you know just using their assholes to fight now again if you just join me in the stream earlier I said you can only have one axle at a time you can bring out two but look at the top left that bar the third bar just goes down so fast because that's I suppose your resource to have two assholes out and now that's depleted one of my two has gone back into the deck so that's how it's gonna work if you want to have one constantly out it's gotta be Rada or your first one so I'm gonna let Rada take this guy's butt alone Rotom let's see if a soul ah still can do this any better than having to it's slower than you know having your two assholes out and she is losing how faster now so either the other one was like a healer or some sort yeah the other ones sickness was a scholar and scholar classier in this game is a healing class so having that out as a benefit I suppose let's go ahead and give a helping hand because this is what I need for the quest that big queue over the head is a big telling sign that's that's a quest momzilla sickness it's gonna take it's gonna be interesting I guess that later levels because I'm very used to a gear rotation for my class that I'm familiar with my combat skills but trying to weave in now your companions combat skills alongside yours it's not something I'm familiar with so that could be a challenge in itself for me to grasp later on I suppose but there you go Boop thanks so much for bringing that to my attention and if you guys have other sort of requests and stuff yeah let me know I'll try and get to it I saw somebody asked me to forget the cache unfortunately there's no cash op available in the CBT so I can't really do that okay what else do I need I need one more elite ko and defeat my little one and so here's ko my mana bar is not regenerating number one did so Milo is left where do I find my little I'm just starting to realize that the things that I'm fighting could be like ferrets look like ferrets oh no my little quick oh please tell me that's open tapping for this one because this sounds like gonna name the boss in the landscape what was that Teodor just subscribe to youtube channel thank you Theodore appreciated welcome to the channel if you're a first time here oh it's not open tapped shit quick get him oh I can totally see launch going to be pretty fun with this but of course you can always team up with friends and I guess in a party it should be very quicker I'm gonna have to rebind it because my skills my asshole skills are volunteer like f1 and f2 to summon and then fire off skills like at a level 7 are are there for the mage class which I'm never gonna use alright let's get out of here let's go talk to the forest keeper Walter all right Chet I'm full attention to you now paint resist yeah I wouldn't acknowledge it anymore Mzee says what class do you play I'm playing a warrior class there's like four other classes I'm stuck in a tree Otto pathing sometimes isn't the best option Steven says is that the EU server only I'm not sure if there's an EU server actually I logged in right before the stream and I only saw two North American servers even though the email that I got said that the CBT one was going to be for na and EU unfortunately there was no EU server so I'm not sure why but MIT says yeah it's hard to understand when you're young what's going on what's going on the enemy something raffled says yet another Asian who grinder that looks pretty has half-naked pets for the for the Pepito's out there and we'll end up terribly pay2win and cash up heavy guys don't expect anything here that's uh that is a very common experience that I think all of us have had especially those of us that are used to like sort of Western MMORPGs I just gotta say that sort of that's sort of in-game short cutscene with that voiceover was actually so we've we've seen everything we've seen cinematic cutscenes here we've seen in-game scenes I just don't like the whole you know spam F spam F to continue sort of the dialogue yeah I'm really getting IFFT by my bars just regen ysou slowly it's gotta be something I can do here well I do have MP potions and HP potions with this rest oh shit let me guess ion all over again right so out of combat you will have a rest ability here where you just sit and wait for both your bars to replenish faster so keep that in mind folks ok great that I found that one what do I do now I guess this guy has been providing the kids for the kidnappers right yep boo no boo nook my child I was forced to kidnap other children man hey guys if you hate kids if you really hate kids you're gonna enjoy the opening like 10 levels of us tell you by the looks of it I've reached double five Rhoda's original five sicknesses original five I take that back even if your RS tell it's not summoned when you turn in a question you get XP looks like everybody on your roster gets XP that could be wrong though because if I was a Korean gay man or if you know the game is gonna be like kind of grindy you would have only one of them level at a time so that means you have to spend more time in game individually leveling each asshole I know that sounds like really annoying but I actually expect no less from Korean MMO that's that's how low standards my standards have dropped so we're gonna kill some kidnappers more combat great back to chat Aldrin Chad says it's the general locked on the beta have you checked the enhancement system for this game yet if there's any there's an enhancement system here yes I'm not sure what level it starts but I did dismantle something like you can dismount that right now so that's what I'm gonna do and that's how you pick up weapon and enhancements tones so based on that let's see if I can unclip my weapon right now okay and then you open up this enhance icon here drag that there and it's gonna tell you how many stones you need so I've only got two stones so that's not enough but it shows you exactly what's gonna happen here in terms of your your stats after enhancement there's also a cool evolution thing that I did see where you could save your favorite sword with your favourite stats on it and then bring it with you every other level so that could be cool I just don't know what level that unlocks at but I gotta be honest enhancement stuff for me has never been a go-go thing like I I hate an enhancement enhancing systems it's not my favorite gear or itemization progression but you know I I know that it's popular with a lot of people because it is it does have that sort of the RNG aspect that keeps you coming back for more it keeps you coming back keeps you trying to working hard and I guess there is something gratifying about that but it's just not for me and that stutters gonna kill me by the end of this dream I mean do we need one more all right off you go Rhoda you attack I'll check and Jett Rudy sis or hero you are strong but you need to kill activex monster even though just talking about early level questing releases all the quests I saw in all MMOs except Guild Wars 2 is like hello Hiro oh my chats moving so fast like I have to stop the scroll I know you're important but first please send this bunch of rice to the mercenary near me it's a must and I take no answer it's like I remember speaking to this one person who works as a journalist too and you know it's almost like an inside joke like mmo's know the opening levels are just taking the piss because you've done it like a dozen times before kill 10 rats talk to that lady you know come back here the back-and-forth the fetch quests the kill quest I mean no matter what you say these are still important components for an MMO because it's been there for so long and recently you get a lot of games trying to make break that stereotype especially in the sandbox Department Games sandbox MMORPG just do not give a shit with that kind of questing you know so sometimes jumping into sandbox just to get rid of all that stuff is nice we should forgot to silence my voice they were moving deeper in the forest now we just rescued some kids and I suppose this entire opening storyline it's all about saving the kids which I don't know back to chat we got Jerry chat says hi bro good day good day to you good to see you Jerry oh no they're boiling a fish alive let's go save that fish because I think that's what he wants me to do yep there we go Kyra really earthy teamwork yeah I'm gonna kill for some subtitles at the bottom of the screen so I don't have to focus on what she's saying and the left side of the screen considering just already a lot going on in the UI and I got to be honest I'm not a fan of the UI at all I wish some of its customizable but knowing this is Unreal Engine that is I don't think it is gonna be customizable in fact let me look for it in case there's a question in there that I haven't got to yet about UI I'm just gonna look for you real quick is there a way okay UI now this hotkeys accessibility expert skill show name she retargeting mouse that's very limited options huh basic settings graphics I don't see any UI options guys sorry actually hang on hang on Hanna Hanna okay I do notice that lock icon there if i unlock ah there we go top left corner there is a padlock and then from here it's how you're gonna move things around great but that's just for moving though if I want to make things bigger or smaller you can't like the hotbar positioning just all over the damn place here but you can of course lock that and unlock that so let's move on okay this looks like another a still here I could be wrong but this looks like someone you can recruit into your card deck and it's another little girl I'm smiling because if you know what I said at the start of the stream you know why I'm a little hesitant with this a stealth system a dangerous game now all right we're gonna go speak to me no me no and back to the chat like to anyone says the voice acting seems so bad it's some of its decent so far like for the for the main bad villain the character and in comparison to last year's bless beta the voice acting here at least has some integrity to it like the people wanted to make it work whatever their budget I can't I couldn't say the same for blessing okay we're heading to me no me no I still don't follow this mean I mean oh and it's also kind of weird just seeing other wrote us running around you know I wish we didn't have to see you know what that's a good point because you can you oh no no don't log out what the hell I can turn off other people's name please so that was that was donate another dollar awesome thank you boo and boob says there is so many little girls in this game that I'm getting creeped out I feel you bro I really feel you I'm like I'm streaming this stuff and you know my channel is all about you know helping people MMORPGs and you know just sharing my experience in MMOs and sometimes you shove really funky stuff that you know may be a little awkward to people who monsters and NPCs yeah I might do it but hey you got to do what you got to do right so here we go me no me no but yeah earlier on I did open up the acyl panel and yeah there's a lot of little girls girls but there's also like some cute monsters like I saw a wolf and a lion or something like that so kidnapping Pisces assured me that you got Kiel it might help us investigate this case so now we have like a ferret thing that's on the good side as opposed to the other Faris Network kind of kidnapping Oh complete achievement I've been playing for one hour korean animals have this kind of like thinking where you know you have an achievement for playtime like a camera which game was it I know there's a couple of Korean games that gives you a warning you've been playing for two hours take a break that kind of thing and I'm like really how kind of you and I would play less if your game wasn't that crying II to begin with okay a name his gang the rut last bandits rut les bandy that sounds familiar I did read about that somewhere it's goon stay in the cave okay okay oh there we go Pisces that is another estill and to answer some of these questions very early on in the stream yes you can earn these companions not just from the cash store like other games but from playing through the PvE so this is a thing and I'm getting a level 5 armoire now I hope it looks better than the level 3 armor I'm not kidding you what I'm wearing on screen right now is the level 3 armor and I was pretty happy with that if you don't see many level 3 armors that looks like you're a Roman Legionnaire for something or something like that with a medieval knight let's see there's other side quests here as well let's go pick up stuff dungeon we are at a dungeon ladies and gentleman great finally now we get to see what dungeons are in estelle yeah let's do this let's pick up some dungeon quests taking care of Q kidnappers I'm not gonna read all of this I'll save this for the full launch which I will be covering I gotta tell you I'm not that interested to be honest in terms of reading or to have to say you it's bad what should I do I can't trust I can't trust the steel fist nice and Chios ignore me something wrong the one thing I will say for all these you know some quest-x and stuff the localization is way better a hundred times better than bless online because I was playing bless and you know when you level up even the level up message was freakin wrong was a putting typos or or it was jumbled up like you have three level now or something like that which was it just blew my mind how could I mean there are MMO players whose English maybe their third or fourth language you could still do a better job at translating that for free if you'd let them play the game you know that kind of thing and you still could get it wrong so far I mean I'm not like a grammar nazi anything I don't really only when it's really jarring but so far English has been good here okay so that's two dungeon quests picked up key Nokia looks like another dungeon quest as well as four months of the furtive invasion it's really hypnotic what he's doing that whole side to side like this this bear isn't drugs or something makes me want to do the same okay let's cue for the dungeon y'all let's find out how to do that achievement expert game and new male friends guild party recruitment party matching rootless den oath rock what it's level 15 wait a minute I'm little it's a little five question maybe it's a separate dungeon or I'm stupid Korean everyone was half solo dungeons right remind I think it's a solo dungeon because I remember if Delia saying something about solo dungeons okay well it's loading back to the chat we have a Mohammedan chat says I think this cool-looking armored mama to subscribe to youtube channel thank you mama preciate the support I was just getting to your chat message dear I think this cool looking armor lost the feel of progression which is a good point I mean if they give you some really nice-looking armor very early on maybe it's a sign of saying look play our game maybe we've got cool stuff who I got a ring here that's agility and intelligence doesn't matter elsewhere anyway who cares but maybe you can save this armor and then maybe save the cosmetics for later on I don't know but I would appreciate if the game does have like a really cool cosmetic system that we found cuz I'm a big cosmetic guy I look good I play good off to be my model yeah so dungeon mobs solo dungeon I was right and these are very easy to kill so is that a crafting note yes that it's a crafting node that's a tin mine our tinhorn node but I do not have the skill I'd never got no mining skill yo unless I completely missed that back in town you do have a lot of actions that you can put in your bar oh cool target marking for dungeons and I hope raids and PvP later on it says support yeah that that's all this is all good stuff shield block is a passive oh yeah I I do have a shield okay cool I guess there's nothing to do but here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna pull everything in this room and let's see if I and my assholes can handle it I am after all off the Cody tanking archetype but I do not have any tanking skills on my bar you'll notice it's all DPS at the moment so maybe I will open that up later on so I pretty much pulled the whole room here it's just me and my two little girls I should stop saying that let's go pistols attack my health is rapidly decreasing but let's fire off so my combos here one two time get out of a we which is easy to see I mean the basics of combating miss Dahlia is really rudimentary in terms of a tab targeting MMO rota is almost dead her health is like I wrote us dead that leaves me with what's her name I don't even know her name sickness come on sickness you wouldn't even girl she's almost dead too I got this alright so everyone's dead and there you have it level 5 character and a level 5 solo dungeon pretty much the whole room with just two pets it's doable I mean if you want to challenge yourself just pull the whole room what was the message there when my Estelle died I have to wait 20 seconds in friken some of them again alright now if I supposed and you do see she's healing herself because all these assholes have their own class and they forward the same class that players can pick so pretty much that so she's a healer so I wonder if I should just stick with her because in that case she can heal me okay back to pick iam Goods checking up this chat moment says this game killing loss but he's Ruby says I feel like a 26 year old per Korean animals man they make you feel things another Lancer alright you do that again that's right okay I think I'm gonna do that I got to do that let's pull the whole room let's bring out rota and let's get to work so after a bit more combat now I'm feeling like that the impact is just not there like it's not the same especially if you if you play like a proper action sort of animal and I know there's a difference because that one's a radical mode you aim you tak but the combat is also very heavy because you feel the impact if we up your attacks you know like it lands this one it just has like a screen shake and you're done which by the way you may not be a fan of screen shakes in MML combat because it may be nauseating for so many people but feels a little flowy but that's just a melee character though what I could do later on is try out a ranged character like a caste or class or something see how that works out okay raffle sis makes me ask the question seriously what's their target audience really you know you'd be really surprised because there's people that the you know play a whole lot of mmo's even some of the ones that really don't make sense and I know this because sometimes I jump into things that I don't like but I still cover it for work because somebody hates me to write about video games so I do it and you start to realize that there's an audience for almost everything out there including some of the most sketches of games even games that have like zero story which which for me and this is my own bias I love games with story because that's how I feel immersion to the world and the characters and without that you know it's harder for me to to get into the game but other people don't care about the story they don't want to know what happens who cares let's fight let's kill it's BBB let's do everything else raid but you know I don't care about story so there's going to be an audience for almost any kind of mmm there as long as there's one aspect of a gameplay that's fun for them whatever it may be PvP combat even crafting and I just saw that will has subscribed to the channel thank you will if you're watching this late I do apologize wonder if there's gonna be a dungeon boss here which I'm sure there's going to be and that could be a challenge I'm also having at least almost a millisecond of two second two milliseconds delay with me firing off my skills here but that's to be expected again I'm playing from Southeast Asia on the North American server so I can't do much about that okay thanks rola I will be someone you know I feel like all these mining nodes here are just being wasted because the game did not give me a way to get that skill and also another thing no Auto loot here it seems like you have to pick up all the loot automatically however because I did pre-order the legendary version I did see that there was a ring that I got that was automat goofus donated another dollar says don't care about a story sound like wow holy cow boo you're awesome and yeah I know there's gonna be people out there like that and even for me I remember screaming battle for as Robin you know somebody was on my stream just complaining about the story and how well doesn't good story anything yeah I'm just okay that was a giant ferret and his ferret minions got thrown back by a little girl in a fish head suit Wow I hope it gets better twitch endgame so I'm gonna get my assholes out and I'm gonna have them attack so let's see rola you come out rota I me and our attack go so he goes straight for the healer which is to be expected so I'm doing one better guys earlier on you wanted me to attack just the normal mobs well I'm attacking a dungeon boss now a solo dungeon boss just to show you guys whether these bat companions are good enough to take on a dungeon boss it's so far there he's at about 75% now y'all so these two are actually pretty comfortable and that male voice is shouting out skill names are or the your names is my character okay so I can't just afk because that's going to happen the boss is gonna come after your ass first of all again I've not done anything right I've not touched a single skill except my companion skills okay she got knocked down but that does seem to me some see energy sickness over there does look like she's healing rota once in a while and oh oh okay all right wrote us down okay never mind I'll let my healer do the job now but I only need to wait twenty seconds before they summon her again so I think I'm okay you got it sickness okay rule toss back never mind get back in there Rhoda it almost seems pre-op be because the the respawn rate for your companions even in PB Doug is really fast okay I see she disappeared because I've got no more resource there so I totally forgot about that so let's just finish him off I got the easiest job of the night is coming in and killing that bugger off having my stealth do all the work that sort of gameplay could be attractive for you or it could not be any more I don't know repulsive depending on what sort of player you are so based on everything I've shown you so far what do you think honestly all right let's go ahead and check and check punky Widodo says I have the key but can't log into my account error 4:03 is that on the website or are you talking about a launcher if you already if you have a key and if you sign up for an account and then you've got the client I suppose just try restarting the launcher a couple of times because I had an issue with the launcher too it's a real pain in the butt high octane gameplays is grill and levantus Esteli ins do my work and all right I was just trying to I was really curious to see whether they could take on a boss and they can I don't know you I mean it's tempting when you think about it because some aspects of MMO you know you're always relying on yourself or your others so now you have got Pat that it will actually do its job for you I don't know how I feel about that it's it's it's interesting at least flaming says or not damn think one will despawn before he dies one did because of my resource bar so that's gonna be a thing you want to keep an eye on that that's lowered bar the third bar the orange bar that's gonna be how long you can keep two assholes out you can only have one and that's not gonna deplete your bar but having more than two out is going to do so come on give me a good weapon or something something that I can enchant to show people okay I've just hit level 6 cool and I've got these stones too which is a currency for something they need to figure out what back to the swing ferret weasel thing he's gonna give me a mana potion and a ancient fragment here let's read real quick fragment of magic tower that sustained an ancient magic Kingdom and collectors believe that the ancient fragment brings luck take this ancient fragment to a special merchant at reg front what's his name of a city or town purchase items are not sold elsewhere so those are basically tokens for something gear crafting her so that's done that's the first dungeon you will do in Estella as a solo player that's a solo dungeon and it looks like based on what I saw in the party matching thing you do have a party match or thingamajig and you can return to this den at level 15 and then again at level 50 to do a legendary version which sounds like for like kinda hardcore and gamers so they do reuse some of your earlier dungeons I suppose now I just clicked on the adventure icon here and it looks like we have some new stuff let's seek Elysium virtual combat ground where heroes Train dungeon since okay Avalon is okay that's this is what I was interested in with Estella Avalon is sort of like Guild Wars 2 the Elder Scrolls online Dark Age of Camelot it's three faction warfare so three PvP factions going at it on a large map so over here there's three factions Sara CEOs and feasts vice and I can't enter okay you need to be level 45 to do this actually fashion to be fashion thing so good – no that's your PvP right there I will check that out sometime I suppose if I can even make it in time before the CBT sort of shuts down okay chicken check the new truce is asking chat for a level 50 player so you can see your armor I may be is there a level 50 already like what time did this go live four hours ago five hours ago I'll be damned there's going to be an NPC that they're putting in on Saturday where you can immediately talk to that NPC and you could just level up to level 50 to do some of the content so I may be doing that so I can see for myself Muhammad says go back to your lotro new we don't fight here you're enslaving all these tests a stellar devs issue says I bet there's eight nice to meet you too I suppose I was really hoping for either like okay again back to the screen these are all the assholes that you can collect in-game so I'm about about to unlock pices somewhere here they're over here bottom Locker but you do have other characters I'm surprised is there not one dude here okay maybe this guy Braga the lion guy was talking about just gonna be a while before you unlock everybody but you're gonna start off with three little girls brothel says every month new lolly in our store amazing get it now become totally Opie with the new lolly for only $6.99 CSIS tell some good CGI it's all over the place sometimes you'll get some really nice eat yet sometimes you get in-game rendered cutscenes and you know it's there a trading system yes there is Angelo there is a marketplace as an auction house near whether you could actually walk up physically to another player and trade is another thing entirely so since we're going back to town oh crap there goes that lag again all right here I did see a quest giver I just passed by but yeah I'll go back to town if there's other people standing around I'll walk up to a guy randomly and I'll right-click and we'll see what we can do whether we can trade or duel again I mind this one right here hey hey come back here hey stop agony there's nothing I could do like I there's no options coming up for this person right clicking and left clicking I'm hitting the F key oh she has a really cool Esteli Oh what was that I'm sort of hard hey wife why can't I talk this person yeah right so I can't interact with another player just by walking up to them and trying click them away so yeah I don't know if you could trade with another player I'm guessing you can there's a guild system too but you need to be level 10 and have at least 10,000 gold or something like that if I read correctly okay so I saw this person I am tired I'm traveling across the Maglev continent you like adventures to you I'll give you useful info first khalaq a red mushroom Jesus how is that useful info okay never mind we'll collect the mushroom anyway because there's gonna be useless info I mean useful info oops did I say that out loud I did it's the truth – okay never mind here's one writ mushroom coming up for the lady so I can chat try asking them to trade in chat let's see can you guys see my in-game chat okay fu channel common all exhibition guild party whisper area area it's all caps bad idea is treating tween players a thing there you go you guys want me to put it in chat so bad let's see if I get a response completed guide to ingredients let's see so it's basically a tutorial that I suppose you can get like useful items from harvesting which still I don't have a skill to like harvest stuff oh used to wreak a I got to use my recovery potion let's do that I just wasted a recovery potion but I'm getting I'm getting biscuits back so hey hey back to Mason I'm level six now let's get to level ten Wald relic productions hey while relic says the games just be very beautiful but of course it needs a bit of optimization yet yeah you you probably just a second ago saw me starter for like two seconds there and that's gonna be a common thing with in fact most of the games that I play on this engine oh what's that precious on the ground you will receive egg I got an egg yo right there it's just a crafting material just hanging out there in the middle of the street randomly but yeah as I was saying yeah it's because of the engine and hopefully gets better we'll see I'm sure if I go to the Esteli I read it I'm sure there's like optimization tips and stuff like that zu she says that's one lady to be honest that would be definitely has a quest giver Ruby says I bet she tells on a plant and water the crops too scrolling up let's see if there's any questions I have missed did you she says you work you work for a combat it's all about Pat's doing the work for all your read that already right okay all the way up all the way up feta cheese has ever played or a kingdom may be once for a review like two years back or something now it's under who's it under it's under gam ego is it not or a kingdom you made it back safely it'd be freed everybody and level five armor I can't wait to put that on and see what that looks like boom complete achievement on three assholes in that you've got the Pisces card they're just having our own CGI moment so now apparently I will get to talk to the captain shoot me away first things first let's put on that armor let's see what it looks like I'm now wearing the level 5 armor and oh it's a problem that's a problem with a lot of Korean games he just looks like real plasticky like look at the armors and it's like shiny and stuff like you know it's metal but it's plastic let me see if there's anything can deal with my graphics texture quality high view distance shadows its most of its high anyway so let's go ahead and see what happens slightly better he's got that almost plastic you look let's go and talk to the captain some arguments going on the background back to check some tonnage check he's all done says this looks like a mobile game probably run on mobile I mean think of other words Korean games out there that already has a mobile version you got Terra it's got video you've got ion even that has a mobile version who knows if this game takes off you know they're gonna go there's no to a mobile version I suppose you took that position study case with the smiley face now what you need to scroll up in up is in the area chat to give us the answer oh I forgot about that yeah that's that's totally right let's see you I did not answer the somebody I was like hey JM big fan I totally missed that looking forward to seeing your take on this game cool but no unfortunately that there wasn't an answer about trading sorry I did try to ask though okay so let's see I'm just gonna spend a minute here catch up and chat any questions or anything you guys want to know tell me a jet and I'll try to get to you as fast as possible Sultan with the subscription to John Thank You sölden thank you very much I appreciate the support and anyway if you're new here and you're watching my channel for the first time hey I cover mmo's reviews news videos you know that kind of thing I'm I don't have a stick I just love the genre and I want to share my experiences with everybody and I think we have a really cool community here so if you want to join in all you gotta do is just subscribe and come back every week I've got new videos thanks so much for hanging out with me tonight so let's go ahead and continue this I've got my third Estelle I want to try and get to level I want to get to a proper group dungeon or at least unlock some PvP so what the night captain won't help us typical was fighting Maris talking about the kidnappings alright so we're gonna follow the angry man who was in the confrontation earlier so I'm not at all surprised in fact I'm gonna call it right now that that night captain there it's just a betrayer or he's gonna turn up back so there we go Gil manager but here's the guild manager create Gil is there we go level 10 and then what is that a hundred thousand looks like a hundred thousand gold so there's not a chance in hell I will be making my own guild in here because I've got to be honest I'm gonna play until level fifty get my review out and and to whatever the next game is gonna be while versus the bard and Archer that other guy had was cool Alexis and chats this looks like bless online too and are you guys aware of bless Unleashed for the Xbox one or do you guys know that that is a real thing because it is and I had I know a person who is playing blast unleash the beta on Xbox and he and I were both we played blasts online the Steam version at launch and we obviously had massive issues with it as my review and my streams would tell you in my channel but he recently jumped in to bless and Alicia and he's like you know it's gotten a little better and I still I've got nothing against you know developers trying to make your game right or trying a tone for previous mistakes or whatever but I just find really hard to believe so I don't know if you guys have played blessed unleashed on the Xbox one the only console I have is a switch and I I don't I want to play MMOs on consoles but I don't have one at the moment I'm talking about a Playstation or an Xbox at the moment so if you are playing blessed on the Xbox let us know is it really better than bless online I am really curious okay and we stumble upon an injured soldier here he's reached level two what's this we were falling this fairly big imposing 90s names honey mark didn't come this way so see these NPCs we asked you a question this gives a direct answer did you see him or no yes or no and he goes on on this shitty thing he's on one of the best nice there's a no need to know here okay headed to Ole Miss Valley to rescue the kidnapped children that's all I needed to know kidnapped say four months ago but they're still kidnapping more children he's gonna pick up the SciQuest here if I can get some more levels along the way I will lumberyard manager so retrieve long the wood there we go finally a fetch quest and also there's a brown bear oh my mr. quest please let this be killing bears because then you Dennis Talia would be pretty much like everything out there there we go defeat brown bears okay let's do it I'm gonna summon Pike just now f3 let's see how pices in action and go but she's got her water bubble thing they're all arranged by the way I did not get credit for that one that's annoying okay I guess I'm gonna have to be in range and start that one first did she just announce like an ultimate move aqua bobble I don't need you do that so I'm gonna some put you back in I'm gonna get rid of my healer and bring out rota guys I'm gonna tell you it's gonna be hard trying to remember all the names of the Estelle's Thank You Chet Muhammad says that cost the game is expensive yeah if you're in my part of the world 30 US dollars is a lot of money hang on boob says boob booth with the another dollar saying many founders and backers for bless online want a refund and aren't going to play Unleashed so blast unleash will flop in the West without a doubt that's a it's a good point and believe me when I tell you like I covered the news when bless online announced for those that don't know blast line shutting down in September so hey now you know but yeah bless online is going away the steam version that is so that's the end of blessing the PC and on that official steam post like I was there I was awake when they posted it because Korea and Malaysia we're not that far apart in terms of time zone so I was there when the CM posted it and I got there and like the for the very first three messages was like refund refund refund like they're still not over that fact and I don't blame them you know because because of games like bless and a couple of other MMOs I'm sure I think of a name they you go they go into steams early access program under the pretense of yeah we're we're working on things we promise you is gonna be awesome and all this stuff but you've already paid the money and the thing with steams really access it's a refund policy it's gonna be sketchy as hell because not only do you have to deal with you know the developers own no refund policy there's also the steam you've played for a certain number of hours there's no refund so you can see where the trouble Brews there and i guess that's where you know I will give props to Australia for not doing it on steam under the pretense of an early access while they did go heavy-handed onda we want the money up front for a buy to play game because they have to put in the work to change it from a Korean version how much work is that if you already have a game that's free to play in Korea and you're bringing it to the west and you want to make it different how much work is that how much does localization and translations cost how much this voice-over work cost these are questions that I don't know save but if that requires the money upfront then okay but we need to see everything that was promised no gender locks no no pay2win crap no Korean trophy stuff so while all all in that's good and find tonight's dream was for me to convince myself that the game play fundamental at a fundamental level the gameplay is good enough the combat is engaging enough to warrant that buy to play price so far I'm still not convinced I'm not convinced some of this is interesting the stealth system down the line what can it do if I can solo a dungeon with just my ass tiles what else can I do with it are they important PvP how will that shake-up PvP your companions fight with you or there's a lot of questions I want to see answered and I can't do it in CBT 1 which is why I guess I'll be jumping back in for the for launch Chad says new she says it doesn't help that steam is essentially allowing it users to get scammed I agree with that and I hope they do get better I think with their policies and stuff like for me when the whole epic game store launcher thing has been a real kick in the ass for steam in a way I personally will always prefer steam because steam has regional pricing and regional pricing is it so important to me and I would like to see them really up your game in terms of filtering out the number of crap that comes through their doors that's a strange looking doll you have the right of its soldier he knows what's up with the a stealth system that leaves me with entered the old mist Valley right you see that right Kevin minion jezus I love pay2win well if you can afford it I bet you do and I'm sure it must be great you know if you have the money to throw out throw down a game and and win and everything I guess that can be fun if you can afford it for poor slobs like me it's it's not fun it's run free let's kill them all okay for the phasing scared the shit out me for a sec I thought they just popped me into like another dungeon or something so what are we going to kill everything good I'm gonna pull everything again and now that we have three Astral's I'm going to try and summon all three you guys ready for it here we go one two I've got all assholes out fire skills ladies I'm gonna help them out T of course so my bars going down so fast my third resource bar right now I'm gonna probably lose two assets I'm crippled for some reason yeah I've lost two apples I've only got rolla out number eight skill won't fire for some damn reason I don't I think the maximum you can have out is like three but again your resource bar just goes down so fast I don't know I'm not even sure if it's worth it unless you have a couple of assholes that are like nukes like you have a really big opening damage DPS kill and you want to get that out of the way for our boss or something then summon all three and start using your Ashland skills as fast possible otherwise I just don't see the allure of having to I guess I'll used to bringing out all of them for like a clutch a clutch skill or something if it's a really hard boss I'm struggling with then I'll do that so let's help this slime guy out you don't like a fighter where you doing here I came to pick mushrooms but the demons came out of nowhere all right so the guy that we're looking for did pass by this way what is this game in mushrooms this is another mushroom thing injured demons dared to venture all the way here let's hurry and find Han damar okay let's go find honey Mario I'll check him shed some more midi-chlorian hey Minnie Guren how you doing man he says ëi mix by to play to win games by to pay to him I'm looking forward to seeing the next generation of EA games I think this generation of EA games so your reputation is so tarnished now that whatever that they put off it's always going to have backlash I just saw that study case in terms of camera shake let's find out yep that's your option to turn it off it should be easier to watch now for you guys Alexis says one of those pay2win gotcha games you'll give it max to week sadly hey you know what I was playing this browser game called Game of Thrones winter is coming and that is the most paid oh and shit I've ever spent like money on and I have to do that no choice for were Canada that was an eye-opening experience because one of the most dangerous things that you can ever imagine and this is not against any player don't take it personal like if you are in a guild and out of the fifty nine players out of 60 players met guild are all able to throw hundreds of dollars at the game to get better and you're the only one in the guild who's like hesitating oh shit everybody's like paying to progress real fast and if I don't do it you know I'm not gonna I'm not gonna be in the fun and everything in and I've seen that happen firsthand and I'm like oh my god that is something I owe you that's a really weird environment to be in in terms of you know fine I was able to catch a pretty dangerous demon thanks to you this here is a demon called baltra she's a high-ranking demon that killed doesn't steal fist I think I might have seen it we might have seen that demon one of the opening credits or something there's no children around here though okay so troops transferring something they have relocated to the hidden and hidden the show on somewhere you go ahead okay let's hope for another solo dungeon or the next group dungeons only at 15 I don't think we're gonna get that ultros package so I'm gonna do another comparison to another similar game that I'm not sure I stream but I did have an impressions video out and that is for a sense infinite realm now a sent infinite realm is wild runs on the same engine I'm hanging I gotta read the letter first I don't have materials to keep the noble in stable condition all units on reconnaissance missions report to Nadine temple sounds like a destination here join the orcs okay this works quick letter cool let's go speak to Birkin so yeah same engine ascends infinite realm the game gives you flying right from the get-go you have airships this can fly in and move when in that games great combat in that game is better than here is Talia in my opinion the only thing is you guys won't see it in the West for at least another year or a year and a half if you want to play a Senate realm it's kind of like this it's in the closed beta stage at the moment and it is available in Thailand and South Korea I believe is starting up so if you have the means to like VPN that I would highly suggest that if you're looking for something like estelle yeah just with a slightly better gameplay but there's no localization though it's all in Thai Lea might be able to help you guys she's only an apprentice priest but she's smart and quick she'll tell you about the surroundings go to the Dean temple path so it's it's very much your typical quest hub crawl at this point the game is just throwing throwaway characters yet you just trying to move the plot along which is really rudimentary writing hyah like I said lower your expectations and you'll be able to enjoy the little things so far okay back there jad well Riley says I like having to learn the game and put in and put into it rather than open your wallet and get congratulations surprise mechanics this is one way to put it I like that congratulations surprise mechanics my mama agreed feta cheese says you just need to be on shrooms to enjoy it okay that's funny I'm scrolling in on my chat and I just realized that my in-game character scrolling into alright guys I think I'm all caught up in chat so hopefully I'll be able to get every other question or anything that comes in there right I'm gonna move on and let's see where we are now so we've just made our way basically from here to town to the fours instead of Katie right now we're hitting all the way up north and then I guess we'll come to the northern our forest or something I'll just take a quick look I'd really like to see the level area thing like some games you know they'll put the level estimated level requirement something on the map so you know where you should be at Thank You Rotom I don't need hints about demon presence it's a lot of bloom when you when you zoom in I guess it's trying to have that Asian art you know a static thing where you just think of like black desert online when you're zooming to your character and it just gives you that bloom in the background thing and you zoom out everything comes into focus not a big fan of that I just like to see the world as it is I'm not watching a movie I'm playing a game his voice does not match his face I'll tell you that it's a companion and estill then you must be the star caller I've noticed they've started calling me that I'm a star caller praise nor deny beg you for help we are in die situation ours occult fanatics of TechNet in Temple Simon has just subscribed YouTube channel Thank You Simon welcome to stream of channel appreciate the support if you're watching the stream or if you're here from one of my other news videos yeah we're check it out estelle yeah see bg1 poultice attacking temple unthinkable the pilgrims are in danger so please please to feed the cars a cult yes sir I will do that and what about you silly now you got all the pentacle I have a favor to ask there are Pentacles in the temple okay collect refills yeah easy enough this questing' formula is something I expected oh look level eight ring shit and my two levels I my under level four this probably but I'm hoping all the killing that I'm about to do is gonna propel me and help me get the levels that I need so leah is for the main story cars occultist service everywhere so because there we go I've got about twenty twenty mobs to kill that should give me the experience I need to hit level eight or nine or something like that okay so while we're killing I can afford to look at chats I'm gonna try my hand at melt tasking so let's go the raffle says yeah I'm the star caller the chosen one the one so me and all the other people there start off shit story incoming I mean that's pretty much all the other animals out there right like every other game will have this this stick where you are the hero or children one and we've all come to accept it like I I do appreciate some games that take the effort to make sure that you it tells you that you are you know one number few a band of adventurers or something like that and that's that's always pretty awesome let's see seduces this game makes me sleepy that was ending jet recurrence is one of the big thing he's done right by WoW is your character isn't treated as the chosen one which is a very good point and oh my goodness I'm tired from just walking up and down the stairs she says this donation I just saw that Boop thank you Boop says uh a dollar this game steals a lot from bless online and a few things from Tara but it's somehow worse I suspect this game won't last it most likely will shut down in a year so enjoyable stream and can't wait for the review Thank You boob as always I appreciate the sport man you you're awesome tonight that last notification didn't play unfortunately because usually there's just like a sound ring that comes up to not get that one um yeah it's I'm looking forward to seeing like for me I covered this stuff and I see games shut down all the time I see game sit-downs all the time and every time there's a new one announced it's almost like it's the same thing and with Delia the words are different but the concept and and the execution is almost the same so guess we'll wait and see I mean those those other games is pioneering Korean games they're still here somehow games like Terra and you know all the early ones I on it's just the new ones that Troy come out they have to really diversify and see what how can they be different from what's already out there out of all those black deserts saw that opportunity and they took it which is just make the game pretty and make it flashy and people will come and now it is the biggest Korean anymore between the world can I argue with that PS xbox pc mobile all right chicken chat we got four whom he says I remember when Guild Wars 2 was the same you were just a commander and not a pack marshal than everyone complain and now you're basically the savior of worlds III remember that like when I first start playing Guild Wars somebody warned me about pack the pec marshal guy was called for Hearne somebody warned me that you're gonna be so upset that you are not the pec marshal just wait and see and I was like maybe but I found I found it to be true and at the time I didn't quite liked her as a character but yeah I see the point throw my suit jezus a you love your content bro what's your meaning more these days I don't have a mane I have like four means III I have my own personal time table where I'll try and fit in my top four any time so the Ford that I play most often are ill or to the Elder Scrolls online wall of Warcraft and then the fourth is really whatever I'm feeling sometimes it could be video sometimes the bees don't work through the Republic sometimes talib you online sometimes Final Fantasy 14 – now that I'm back under served and ready for shadow burners so yeah those are my four that I play regularly and if I show you my hard drive the number of games I've got installed there and how often I jump for all of them for like videos stuff like you got you guys won't believe me but it's what you got to do I rarely uninstall a client for the different games it get back here stop running away from me come on roll out catch him look it's he's he's sandwiched by rolla's I don't think I'm going to get the credit for taking these other players called fanatic guy unless I end up doing more damage which I did actually so I got credit for that one so one more cars occultist and I can move on to the next one cult which there we go get em Rolla do your score attack okay we're done with cultists so now what I got step on the first pinnacle let's do that and it's gonna Ottoman catch up and chat we have Neil Hannon Chad hey Neil hi doing walk up the stream says hey bro how you doing this game look good got potential estelle yeah yeah just the first day of CBT and if you got a key then you can start playing already I remember somebody telling me or the game was saying that oh you have to buy a legendary pack to get a access guaranteed access and keys are very hard to come by and these are all over the place in fact if you go to any one of them like MMO news sites or whatever I'm sure you'll find a few that you want to give and I'm gonna be honest with you guys I actually have a lot of keys and I was thinking about giving anywhere in YouTube and then I found out that YouTube removed the option and I'm standing on the pinnacle okay yeah that's done YouTube remove the option for me to personally message people to give them keys so it's either I pay like a premium subscription for a giveaway tool that's gonna harvest your email address and I don't want to do that because I know that's sort of personal and that's privacy so the only other option I have was to have like a giveaway and twitch what I could do is I could just post a key in chat right now and first-come first-serve but that's gonna be really cruel I don't know you guys want a key I could just post in chat and see what happens and you guys could claim it we got Jared chances good morning good morning Jared how are you doing so just as I got more games than that installed Neil says April and red thirties and you said I love fishing and video in all honesty only games where fishing and sailing are integral to one another the ocean play in videos great and their upcoming content what is it the expedition sea expedition looks really interesting I think they have a lot of potential with sea content but I'm hearing like a lot of people don't like the sea content and video which is weird but yeah fishing fishing school for who be he says I remember or I read that right yeah okay what else we got raffle says I love it when Balfour Azra when they call you the Speaker of the Horde and from that moment the Daniel bright collar starts making jokes on you like ba seeker the heart soul dances will you play classic World of Warcraft I want to yes I was I'm still on the WoW sub because I do jump in regularly for content not for my channel for helping out another guys channel so yeah I should be jumping in August if all goes well let's see answer the question and it says Mohammed oops what was the question I miss something bTW courage is most other MMOs the dream with Galadriel was what sent me away from lotro miss donation or at that yeah again boot thanks so much I think you actually broke you sort of broke my OBS you broke my stream labs from playing playing that thing again let me just test it and see if it works let's see let's test a subscriber yeah that looked so hopefully that should trigger any more notifications for subs or whatnot okay let's see turning on here turn that in of late yep no more potions that I'm probably gonna up level right now almost at level 8 one more turn in stupid new Pentacles okay prices have reached level six that's good okay let's see group of demons read it in the Dean temple a night to help to defend us but I don't know what happened afterward priests told me to hide somewhere safe it's on the blade I can now have that awesome ring thing you pull can't fight off no use different like this let's defeat the demons let's do it being careful stark color or too many of them it's our color sounds like a dead I must have heard this somewhere like it's the name of game over it's the name of a TV series star caller okay let's see what relics if she asked about lotro Lord of the Rings Online for this I don't know is it worth playing free-to-play Oh tough question if you are a fan of middle-earth or any of Tolkien's work and you like being in that environment surrounded by community that's really hardcore lotro tokine then I think you would enjoy it if you're just an MMO player looking for a new MMO to play the free to play is after a certain level like Wednesday at level 30 you'll come across some paywalls like quest packs so you don't if you don't buy its quest back you're not gonna like quest so you kind of go to the next area in quest you can do the main story all the way up to I think helms deep which is like the fourth expansion then there's like a paywall again and then this main story again it's a long thing I play lotro for almost a decade so but I've learned how to cut the bias out of that ever since you know my work became sort of a professional thing you got to cut that stuff out and I can see this the free to play lotro is mmm tolerable if you enjoy the world and the setting of Lord of the Rings if not then there are better free to play things out there if you're willing to sub then probably yeah it has decent sort of dungeons the community is always sweet and little true it does have some good points for PvP for me at least died when I left the game or when I stopped pvping that is there's only one mode which is Ettinger squirts Big Sur trees ERG creeps or the free peoples of middle-earth which is all your normal here owls doors race of man versus your monster players armies of Sauron you know spiders and whores and Tokai and all this stuff that sounds good to you then by all means give a shot it's free to play so you don't really have much lose except your time and internet downloads so they're gonna answer your question about this is in lol there's an Orion Sol Sol the star forger or in Guild Wars 2 descents well there's a legend bounty Hydra which is called star caller ah yes no wonder it signs up for me I knew I heard that thing somewhere we have Rowan and Chad says hello hey Ron welcome to the stream how are you doing did I just pick up you've discovered a second hidden chest in monotron grasslands you obtained ancient fragment what is that ancient fragment splendid ring first show me that ancient fragment yeah I'm getting some crafting materials as you can see I've got a fishing and cotton fiber there you shouldn't friend I don't see it hey I'll find out I just I just looked at my in-game currency and I've got 3,000 gold or whatever so again to start a guild you need 10,000 gold so I guess it's doable by the time you hit level 10 yeah I'm not getting any joy because there's other people here unless I train coop up and back off and see if I can get that one's dead come on roll up where you at let's summon some others I've done I just need a ambush leader far a half er that's the closest name I've heard for an NPC that's to my own in-game characters names I usually pick with just a blind hopefully I got him here it's gonna be my kill my tag and it is and that's a six skill that I unlocked number nine what was that whirlwind let's do that once it's off cooldown and two one rolling slight delay that I would damn it are my assholes just pulling everything okay I'm gonna be something dumb okay let's get out of here for their respawn again okay back to the Pentacles and we're done with this quest Jared and chances I like PvP and wanted video to come to PlayStation 4 for so long but that grinding in Korean MMO is not sure about that yeah I feel you I feel you the 10 year 10 years ago myself I would have loved that sort of spending all day in game just grinding grinding I like that I'm no stranger to grinds when you're young and in college you you practically have no no problems grinding you've got time these days you don't have the time and that's where it becomes real you know you you work like like we use three different jobs and then you come to playing you find a game that you like and you want to enjoy the different aspects then you realize most of them are like another job so that's where it really I think a step back I'm like a pocket never mind I'll visit from time to time but I can't you can't be my main FML gonna think that let's go to the third pinnacle wall right does anyone know what time the steam summer feel starts it's today oh my god is I hope it's not today I totally forgot about that wall drew relic what are you planning to buy on Steam or what's what's what's on everybody's steam wish list if you can't remember let me know I want to know what's on your wish list if there's something on steam that you want to buy on your wish list waiting for steam sale let me know I'll tell you what's on mine I have Jurassic world evolution yeah I know it's weird from MMORPG guy what yeah I love the first Jurassic Park operation Genesis and when I saw evolution I thought great but it was an unfinished game when it came out I'm gonna have to rest here for a bit cuz my mana is barely moving so yeah I saw Genesis didn't like it I waited so I'm now it's a much more complete game so I'm gonna wait for sale scrolling up and shit if anybody has anything that they want to talk about or questions for the game is Talia or for the stream whatever feel free I think chat stream chat is all cleaned up now so I am not hog down at all Jared says I still have to do fishing achievements in ES so honest to god I have not tried I've not gone far fishing like people sell the perfect role for like ten thousand PSO gold on the North American Maga servers which is decent money I just don't have the patience for it and yeah so especially because there's faster ways to make golden yeah so new she says Adrienne to add a friend click the arrow in the chat bubble next to notification I have notifications but see is how do you know doesn't tell me anything no notifications nothing I didn't get nothing so but yeah thanks for the tip at least I know where to look now right Oh turning in time let's see if we can get please honk the sub realest okay that sounds like an interesting enemy of some sort Sabri Allah Sabri TLAs so we did cultist so farming the the variation in mobs that were killing isn't really that great or impressive yet oh come on it's stuff like that just annoys me let's see Sabri TLAs what are some brothers that the little flower alright how about you so I've got my castle to start attacking let's see if level seven Sybilla is better than a level eight rota so in the early levels you pretty much saw my Estelle just taking out enemies on the landscape with ease now at the almost level ten I think it's more even its weren't even than before right check in a chat Marie crunches and I've bought far more games that I can play I'm waiting for shell and divinity original sin – that's a that's a good one that's creative especially since that studio Larian is making baldur's gate 3 so that's great prefer to gog when the choice available gog is good i hope they survive i mean all this launch where mumbo jumbo it's forcing all the other sort of like you know game library store slash thing services to try and step up their game gog is one of them little flower it can literally do flower then these little things are hard to find there you go Oh three at once – oh okay jeez that stunner always thought it's gonna crash one two three come on okay now right-click an empty Auto Attack all of these stuff and grab the last one myself good now let's bring everybody out one here up to there and three there oh this gonna be a micromanagement disaster later on so I'm gonna have to refine all my hot keys in a way that it's easier for me to remember all my Estelle's skills and their hot cars I never used the after one for my amuro's ever it's just an awkward position for where that key works it's so I've just lost wrote ah she's knocked out we got the job done so yeah don't expect what I did earlier on stream where I could just face role early level mobs with my assholes don't expect it to happen later on because it's gonna get tougher and I suppose now is when I have to look at ass Telia progression are estill progression so for example SP XP and then of course you have to start jewel which is something I'm gonna have to figure out now cuz I can increase her enhancement from one star to low five star so I guess she does more damage or whatever grade five as you can see so all this stuff will come in later and of course clicking the Help button won't do shit for you because that's not in game yet I'm saving the main quest until after I get all the side quests done because I don't want to be doing to men too much back and forth year I'm not find a way to protect the temple okay checking in chat may burn says I have pending finishing cool tour – so I can start my yearly playthrough quote our yearly nice I guess that's a that's a nice sort of tradition to have I start vampire the masquerade bloodlines and it's awesome so far I'm very early game that's something I need to do because masquerades – sounds sounds awesome and it's something that some of my friend used to play back in the day Walter like sixty I've way too many games I haven't even played all of my games because I have like to want her to think I think all of us have Steam library backlog issues guys I think you're not alone in that all of us have that sort of issue damn it's Mike I'm in combat for some reason this which fell at me from God knows where my shield combat no I think I'm okay come on horsey all right let's go defeat the chained Callum which is over here and oh there is okay I see it oh damn it so I don't have an asshole alright let's free this thing oh that's saving ugly looking thing reminds me of a Star Wars or is it called a Wawa now I'm thinking of something else right so this thing is no pushover it has a lot of help and it's not going down anytime soon so I'm gonna have to bring out the cavalry here have to f3 everybody out execute skills yeah for me the actual system right now is just like you have your ear your keyboard it's like a bunch of nukes guilty trick whenever it's off cooldown you press your Estelle buttons there of course me remembering to do my own warrior reality skills with combos and everything alright I'm out of resource so that means two of them has D spawned I'm getting attack at the side I may die here a cult which is hitting me yeah I'm bringing out Cygnus again yeah I got fooled a girl yep good news is I do have pots I'm almost out of MP so that's control chief or MP what how could I get a second one to spawn oh that's another player's oh thank god I nearly that was almost despairing thought it's almost down but I've got all kinds of ads whooping my ass come on Cygnus do your thing almost there four hundred three hundred two hundred Pisces now we got it so that's the toughest mob I face so far even tougher than like the solo dungeon mob which didn't mean nothing so that one fight was more fun than any other fight I've done on tonight's dream I gotta be honest so I guess that made this dream worth its night haha a tough fight in with your ass little dying left and right it looks d summon everybody and let's turn that one I'm sure we've wanted to return flow octopi drag your back start color still no gear so I may have to take some of that currency with me back in town and try and upgrade my gear because that fight just made me realize yeah maybe I'm overlooking stuff so I still don't have a bracelet there's treasure slots which I sounds interesting then I'll have a level 4 weapon no necklace no earring and oh yes you do have a customisation slot but that's sort of uh you only have two slots so you have a weapon skin and an armored skin I was kinda hoping for more than that like maybe a back item or something else they removed my helmet oh yeah now you get to see Geralt of Rivia again so totally forgot about that yeah my character is totally The Witcher okay check out a jet we have prating jets as did they remove the gender lock in cbt there's gonna be gender lock in cbt they will remove it for the final launch of the game but there is locking here in CPT cabins is using your healers pulling threat from the Front Range my healer yeah possibly I don't know I mean if it heals in the middle of the boss I think it's just vicinity threat that I'm standing there and that's why those ads will drag me does anyone else get the habit of oh this game is on sale going to buy it I'll play it tomorrow but never get around to playing me total of me if you look at my library you'll see some really questionable titles that were impulse buys on my part and I'm like I'll get I'll get to it someday I'll get to it someday never do and even when I do it's like because I see like some new DLC coming out for it then I'm like oh shit I gotta get caught up and I'll spend like a couple of hours and I'll forget about it with MMO is no such thing though because you guys know if you don't put in the work to get your characters to a certain stage you will not go to the expansion think of my entire journey of lovey of getting to where I got today with Final Fantasy 14 whoa all right cinematic time wham wam that's that guy we've been chasing and that's this pretty cool oh that didn't last long I thought he was doing so well derp hey that's green shake it's totally not me so solo boss fight I suppose I don't know who that's a big thing again I don't want to mess with that thing anymore alright let's go Yelp the LP am I even supposed to be in here no I don't think I'm supposed to be in here I walked up straight to the bag person are you okay yes it's a scratch I just need a breather before finishing vile lope once and for all what did I call her and fill IOP I was like Calliope he said the name was her leader you get some rest will take care of her okay I'm not sure about taking care of her anymore but defeat the team to colic that guard that it the team called yep it is so off you go roller rota should I keep calling you rola I'm gonna try and pull aggro though yeah so let's try and follow the combo the combinations on screen whenever they pop up like some of them automatically does it for me but I've noticed that sometimes it just doesn't proc so like cut right now is on cooldown for me so it's not Rocking so cut job and then followed by nope free chain impulse there you go one two three it's dead or just peeler or not sure that is a mechanic for a later on or not but I'm keeping an eye on that the lack of any sort of Sprint is kind of jarring they off you go get them so I'm gonna try and whack him skills now see you can pull a girl try walking me to the pillar see if that's a mechanic of some sort this this is experience from other MMO to try and think outside the box but it's a current game it doesn't have that intricate a combat mechanic like I'm still used to other games like just messing with your head by putting that pillar there for some reason like my first thought was that's gotta be or something so I'll keep those pillars in mind let's go find viola lope okay let's see everybody else everybody attack charge my minions I mean dad that part of it is pretty fun I suppose you're just getting all your little minions charged and like I said if used properly it could be a real nuclear destroy the world okay the child is the key I wonder if she's talking about my sister who if you're just joining the stream if you play through the intro to toe story you'll see exactly what I'm talking about little girl gets captured that's my sister or your sister and you got you gotta go in this vision to save her back as well this is just the beginning something's wrong this is some form poison probably some demonic herb demonic herb it's a refined I'm sure the northern priests will have some way to neutralize the poison yeah let's go find out when this part of the story so far has been pretty mediocre best means it's your your typical Korean fantasy storyline again if you're thinking about checking this out just tame your expectations for an MMO they'll blow you away so far it hasn't yet for me anyway wall relics it's like the orcs saying stuff in WoW like Zuk Zuk does anyone get the WoW fight when wrote ah spawns and the voices rota I know you I know what you're talking about so let's say I get rid of her and then she comes out in wool Warcraft in orcish look tar is what is what the orcs a right-left are no gosh or something like that yeah and I know what to talk about and speaking of warcraft games just gone down for maintenance i believe about an hour ago for patch 8.2 which i also need to jump into tonight so yeah gonna be a freakin busy night man it's 11:24 p.m. here but i'll be up with the like three in the morning just trying to make my way into nice guitar and continue my alliance campaign for stuff the occurrences spoiler a few hours will have steam open and looking for what's on sale if the sale poison i'll try and stay away this year that's what we all say i guarantee you you guys are gonna buy something on sale what's happening in there star caller the demons are defeated but sirhan Amuro seriously wounded it seems he was hit by and demons poisoned blade oh level 7 armor let's find out how good one how good that looks is there an antidote quarters that the alene falls can make antidotes but they're not very friendly to outsiders if things go wrong it might be too late for him we have Mauricio and chef hey Mauricio he says how is optimization fair I mean it's not great at least for me I'm running this off you know my usual test hard drive and almost all unreal games do not perform well on this otherwise in terms of you know glitches and no bug so far which is great no crashes but there's a lot of stuttering and FPS jobs almost all the time whenever I'm doing in so it's your typical sort of Korean problem like really just play anything be an ass tera you'll you'll have the same problem hang on what's this please tell me that's like a rare item or something like that because that's cool if you can find stuff on the ground randomly it's a frigging egg never mind what is with this egg no it's olive oil I saw that wrong so onwards now we are going to where are we going yeah this is the right place so you can immediately tell like your first 20 it's gonna be such a cohesive quest hop crawl all the quests are sent around nicely so it's it's gonna be a very familiar progression game for you yeah you're just gonna follow the story and played up there I don't see anything different that would really make you know the Westermarck go oh god like this except maybe if you're really into the whole kitty lolly collection thing and seeing how to experiment with that and try to take down two dungeons for PvP who knows I'm gonna be jumping back into this on Saturday when they released a level 50 NPC so that you can boost your shelter level 50 try out some endgame content right some PvP then that's exactly what I'm gonna do to really justify the price I paid for the legendary and of course you guys will see a review video for this when the game launches and probably some thoughts from CBT too for those of you that has been with me in my channel for a while you guys know what to expect but to all the newcomers hey I'm not done with Estelle yellow once the stream ends I will be covering it in depth with a full review oh my god okay let's check out the dialogue BB the king in exile wants to defeat once it's a defeat do do so that he can reclaim the throne you can do this you can get the antidote to cure sir hand them all so kill doodoo for BB for that shit okay let's do it let's uh let's go meet King BB are the frogs oh my god so we have Coco here Bobo BB doodoo I'm starting to wonder what the demographics are really like if this MMO for like younger audiences for kids or is it like a family game to play together no just no I don't like that voice over at all okay let's see I'm just gonna pick up the quest and move far away from the dialogue and the voice over as quickly as possible this is not one of my favorite things about this part of the mo no doodoo Bobo bullshit stuff let's go kill things I'm sure there's an interesting backstory with this kind creatures which yeah I've done correctly is for handle well will be great like things like Guild Wars 2 has the quaggans which when the first time I encountered quaggans in Guild Wars 2 I'm like oh my god no but the way they were utilizing a story made sense and it was fun I've got another hidden chest here oh so pro tip guys those are watching it playing hey there's like hidden chests all over the world just walk up to it claim it and you get some crafting mats and stuff did I miss any quests from do de globo and guys like that well we've got tired oh there it is that starting off talking about alright Tara who do you got you got skill points when you level up you can use those points to enhance your skills finally some character progression let's do this first open the skill window and select skill you want you'll see the enhancement information at the bottom right select category great so let's open up the skill window click on the skill I want so my most powerful skill right now is probably piercing strike I've seen like let's just try and do the four the basic first chaining PL because that has all my impales all my combos in it right let's click on that and I've got three skill points right I'm just trying to take this all in for the class that I picked trying to understand things you're reduce IDI so the more you enhance it so like for example this guild world when you can either reduce the CD or increase the power so you've got like a your option there this one just has power increase but I don't have the option to level that one up so I was kind of hoping for more options but it just seems like very basic you either reduce the CD or you increase the power so beyond that you you can't really do much and for some of them you just can't do it at all like I don't have the option here so I guess I'll just find one that I can add to it and we'll do it so she'll boots oh hang on here we go status effect no status at accuracy that's a third and I will do reduce CD first then apply enhancement so that's this is CBT there's not really a whole lot of tutorials beside what that girl just told me to do so you can have to play around and see what you can do reset skills it looks like looks to be like free as well so in case you you messed up here then you could probably be set that so what's shatter let's do your adieu CD so make the cooldown slower so you do pull off more skills then all I have to do just like worry about mana regeneration or something like that power increase of flurry do done I'm out of skill points so there's debts now I just out of the top of my head and maybe because I'm you know reading chat a lot or whatever I did not I didn't get like a pop up notification on my screen saying oh you've received one skill points unless I completely missed it but this doesn't seem to be like a notification system like in other games where okay you know you've leveled up and they would they should like tell you okay here's some you have unspent skill points or something like that I so far have not gotten any sort of notification like that so unless I'm missing something maybe I am missing something so look at this bottom right corner I have the end there so I guess that means new so that's like my notification area and this is me just not checking every single one including getting new skills so I just left everything there so maybe I've stopped getting notifications like that you skill new Estelle and new skill that's it I'm out of notification so no maybe that's something they'll patch in and launch who knows but that'll teach me for not checking huh let's finish up that quest for skill points the amount of skill points is limited so watch out but don't feel pressured skill enhancements can be reset I did say that's three right so that's good it's completely free I do appreciate that I dunno how their MMOs will not give you a free reroll more than once but it seems like you can reach back here freely so that's good okay check it in chat Muhammad says were they do by now oh hold off your money first I would say wait until they should have an open beta wait until you can get in and check it out then and see if there's anything improved if the new tutorial other than the Corey version is better if you actually like the feel and if it runs better on your machine and then you think it doesn't mind and you know maybe it's worth checking out but the $30 USD bonyen is a little steep for something like this if you ask me but then again it's a lose-lose for them in some ways because if they go to free if they go free-to-play they have to make it pay to win there's just no two ways about it so yeah hold off on it wait for a couple of weeks see what happens with powered progress is with the beta and if it even gets to an open beta if you can snag yourself a key try again in man Cherenko chats it's not worth it any current just wait does this mean this is the first skill prompt you have since you started or is it just a little longer I think it accumulated like because I did not check so that's probably why Franco says it looks very similar if you compared it to Australia just looks like a bless online where it goes by to play devs promise big changes the Western release unreal 3 starter even in the trailer just like the press does press just like the Blessed trailer yeah I agree with that the the the thing that Estelle yeah like I said has the advantage of a blessed is they've got so much time to study like they must have hired people to research the case study and figure out every step of the way that bless online messed up and how we Bronson and Ian's you did will not replicate that mistakes Oh Shiva and if we hundred monsters so if they had done their research look at all the mitigating factors of how not to pull a bless and if they can you know succeed there then yeah I'll say kudos maybe you know there is some longevity in the game downline if they do find a market for in the West right I do see these herbs with the Q on top of its head I hope I got enough I'm king kills in comments as what's up with the combat this is your Australia combat yo oh it's a young corrupted code Oh which I can't attack I'm not sure why oh well it's too corrupted quota first so you've got assholes as companions that you can pull out and they join you an attack some of them heal you if you have their own abilities as well so that's that's their stick early first elia holy crap my crew then my GCD has just gotten way better than what it was before my reen sickness is really gung-ho as soon as I hit a mob she immediately started hacking that's what I call efficient so can she gonna pull it pull it yep there we go yeah it's it's not the first time don't see like companion systems like this kind of was taking over the animals like to a certain extent don't expect it like I said to replace play with others and speaking of mechanics like this Final Fantasy 14 has been they're gonna release this thing all the trust system which while not at all similar to this where it's a proper companion to them over in Final Fantasy that one you could pretty much deal like the means the upcoming main story dungeons is an expansion with the NPC's from the main story and I think that is actually pretty cool okay that one's done now find escaped chickens great there's one these quarters have been stealing chickens what am I getting her something – chickens chickens it's gotta be one around here somewhere what are they shouting at what are you screaming at can't really see okay so what to do with these young Gordo's I have to purify them so I'm guessing I'm going to open up my inventory and look for quest items there we go can you drag that into a bar yep you can that that's gonna make things easier you're running this quest there on corrupted young Gordo ah the other chicken and here we go use it two more to go there's traitor doodoo I see now I'm not a herps one more herb it's not a whole lot of pleurisy in my area around here questioning I did see a couple are going on but it's not as like packed as the early levels where you know people are everywhere I mean granted it is a Tuesday for lots of folks so it is a working day to start your CBT and done obtain the doodoo treat or crown there he is all right or this one as usual all assholes out Newcomb go everybody yeah so that's that's that's a viable tactic just pull them all out for one massive hit and move on that is it now free to go back and turn all of this stuff in so while I'm Auto pathing I get to check and check Joubert says I hope they optimize this game better at launch me too I mean one of the things that I should probably test is move this on to my SSD and see if it runs better on my SSD the one thing I can't confirm properly is of course latency lag and some of the skill delay that you see because I'm playing from salvaged Asia so my Lin cien ping isn't gonna be great connecting to North American server but yeah hopefully a lot of stuff will improve over time into CBT to which they will have and then of course into open beta which they should have just to get more people through the doors you have a look at what it has to offer the bleed the achievement level 9 huh cool attorney all these other side quests first done so I am now at Oh barely into level 9 service you'll be granted Gordo jelly and BB no thank you unless of course you're talking about a nestle if they're an asshole then hey I'm all for collecting new ones happen here yeah okay no never mind doesn't know he knew they were that's how they make the antidote great so yeah we got the antidote and I suppose we can go to yeah there we go level eight weapon that's what I want a hard-hitting weapon okay you have been holding this gooey thing so just eat this the smell is yucks I can't imagine what's it common octorok pistol finally we're getting some itemization stuff damn it I just want to know where I just get that level 7 armed Iran try see where the story piece coming from okay never mind so yeah what I'm wearing now it's like the level 5 armor let's see what level 7 armor looks like the armor designs for the early levels has been like really impressive in terms of what they give you so that's the level 7 armor oh and there's another level 7 over there so I got a duplicate so here's what I'm gonna be doing I'm gonna start dismantling stuff to show you guys the enhancement system huh shall we do that so I'm going to put on this sword to level eight to level four let's go and do that and for now all the bail and stuff let's go ahead and start dismantling one so the weapon enhancement their weapon enhance but I'm gonna keep my level three armor because that one is really cool let's do armor as well let's do the double seven armor level ten bowl I'm not even a level ten it's not even for a class that I have so all the non class stuff gets out of here okay so I've got a ton of armor enhancements down so let's go ahead and start enhancing I'm going to remove my top armor I mean and we will open up the enhancement panel let's see how much this costs so level seven armor put that in there right it's gonna take nine enhancement stones to move up to one rank I suppose and that's gonna give me just plus three of everything magic defense evasion critical of Asian law so let's do it all I gotta do is hit the enhance button do you want to enhance guaranteed to succeed but after a certain rank just like all the other korean games there's gonna be a chance to fail son complete achievement first enhance so plus one now and then of course it goes on and on and on so and then you get a cool border over like the armor that you enhance so you always know that no you don't never mind I take that back but that is enhanced god I just wish there's a better way to tell you that what you're wearing is a plus one oh it does only in the name though and like there's no special item to to identify that so you could accidentally deconstruct or dismantle something in your bag that you may have already got to like a +5 or something so be careful with that let's try weapon now let's see how much that costs so weapon enhance it takes more stones actually so it's level 11 out of 27 stones to get well you know weapons always worth it though for the extra damage so let's go ahead and do that I could be wrong I think it's 1 to 7 or 1 to 6 or something before it starts getting a little risky just to enhance further on so that's done let's take that out now item fusion requires level 50 plus 7 or higher weapons so I can't touch fusion until endgame so can't really do much there that's just one part of the itemization gear progression there's also another thing called equipped runes that fuse jewels and I have don't think I have anything Oh a lock item just found that ok cool so you can in fact lock items in case fuse five rooms or star jewels to obtain one new room or star jewel so if you don't get the stat of something you want I guess then chop them out so that's that crafting I do know there's crafting I just haven't gotten around to it yet something I'll do over the weekend and head into the video let's go back in 911 checking chat princess cruel says Geralt of Rivia that is indeed what I went for I went for the like a bunch of options when like when you first make a character and one of them was a pre premade set of this guy and that's the first thing I noticed Geralt so it's took him we got models of justice I wonder even video will come at ps4 I know the pre-orders will be up on 2nd of July yeah it should be coming if there's pre-orders it's just a matter of it's a guaranteed so you will have access to beö so don't worry about it if you waiting to play in the PlayStation for me occurrences what's the Pope doing there oh yeah the white priests back there yeah the church was under attack so they needed to escape really so I think this is gonna be it for me for the stream guys it's almost midnight here and I'm gonna call you tonight I gotta jump into well the Warcraft soon do some 8.2 so anyway that's going to be a review for this obviously when it comes out but I'll put out a separate video about some thoughts in CBT I'll play a little bit over the weekend while waiting for shadow bringer to hit – just so much going on this week ah anyway guys in chat guys and gals a chat thank you so much for hanging out with me tonight for a sneak peek at Estella this upcoming Western version of this Korean MMORPG that features everything that you saw on Street tonight all these of thingy-thingy estill collection battle stuff I just realized how my armor is split evenly down the sides of my horse like a pancake okay cool so I'm just gonna share some final thoughts here but my experience is so far and then catch up with everybody chat got prati chances are you going to do a female playthrough in CBT this guy's meal fee I'm not gonna be doing a CVT playthrough though so it's not going to I don't really have the time for that side but I made you a playthrough at launch depending on how fast I finish at final fantasy Shadow bringers how fast I finish 8.2 how fast I get that elsewhere chapter review out oh my god I've got so much to do so yeah okay let's get to it final thoughts so far day 1 first couple of first a level or so Estela is all about the Estelle's so this is going to be their USP aka unique selling point the entire game is going to be based around sort of you going on and collecting these little things little dolls little girls little lions and other elemental stuff that are based on the various classes and games – archetypes their damage their abilities they can heal you they can tank for you who knows I'm sure they can and they have skills that you can summon and everything and it's tied into the story your star caller and all this stuff from a story perspective I'm just gonna skip that entirely elevate for the launch to get a real grip in that because you know tonight's stream was all about performance and gameplay and from a combat perspective no I I'm not quite happy with it yet and I said it again I said at the top of the stream the reason I went for a mainly character is because as a melee character you can really get a sense of the animation for the characters combat skills you got to see a move in combat you get a feel for what you're gonna be like in PvP with so much movement and how does that look when you swing your sword is there any impact is there any weight to your attacks and so far it does feel like sort of floaty doesn't have that sort of weight that you know I really like in games like video or tera for example this more closer akin to like an ion for example and and to a certain extent it blasts feels a lot worse than that at least the first beta that I played because with a bless of course you guys would remember the top half of the body move and the bottom half of the body which is static like a mannequin so Estela doesn't have that problem so it's in that sense you know it's more tolerable I suppose other than that performance wise you guys seen in lots of FPS drops lots of stutters some some way to mitigate that of course maybe try an SSD if you can or if you're playing on an older computer or laptop then maybe playing an even one maybe but otherwise it's um some of it's totally the game especially on this engine and when you swap between zones and everything it does happen so it's also a game issue mom what else a static sand presentation I suppose does it look good it's not really I mean to distinguish itself from all the other games out there like if I took a screenshot without the UI right and I put it side-by-side beside let's let's say an eye on our be an ass or a sent infinite realm I dare you to put it side-by-side with a sent infinite realm and try and spot the difference in the aesthetics it's going to be really difficult you know so it doesn't it doesn't really have that a different shading factor in terms of aesthetics to stand apart from other Korean MMO sure it's not a video no game can compete with like Pearl of business dominance on yeah we want to make the best-looking Korean want there sure if that's not important to you you don't have to care as long as the gameplay is fun for you if you're engaging to combat stuff then great the voice acting in this game if that's important to you because maybe you've played blessed and you felt let down by how poorer the audio quality was and bless it's not as bad here in fact some of it you can tell they've hired professionals to do some of it in parts when it comes to like monsters and the little critters and little girls then that's where I can get like a mixed bag for you you may not like the amount of high pitch stuff that you're going to hear in the first 10 levels but hey so that's my early thoughts in the game so far I'll keep playing it in CBT and yeah I'll let you guys do if there's an extreme on my discord but there's gonna be a video coming out about this soon so that's it for me guys let me know what you think in the comments Rudy says it's a thing and I am using it for two weeks now by sshd yeah I've seen one of those those hybrid those hybrid disk drives right yep Freddie says thanks again see how Adrian thank you Freddie appreciate you hanging out feta cheese as well good night Adrian good night feta cheese I appreciate you hanging out and I will dream of my favorite cheese tonight which is I'll keep that private for you guys to find out and everybody else is joining the street tonight midi-chlorian and Joe Pat there's a ton of you that jumped in tonight and kept me company so I appreciate all the chats and conversations if I didn't get to your question or your chat I do apologize the one person I will reserve special thanks to though is Boop because dis dude has just filled my notifications with as my stream lab tips and donations and that is just incredibly awesome every time he had a question he just tipped like a dollar which is insane so thank you boo boo if you're still out there appreciate the support and yeah that's super awesome dude mmm eka jet says to me the distinctive feature is no force PvP the reason why I'm not playing our career most so it's good enough for me I mean there are PvE centric EMA most where you know PvP is not you don't need to participate in PvP I think a centering realm is one of those games sure there are factions in there but you have to get to a PvP zone to PvP in estelle yeah I did see that the PvP is they have so Avalon is gonna be one of them but you got dual arenas Collegium so this is more of a Western thing which is a nice change and yeah I'll have to get to a point where I'm able to check that stuff out for going to talk about it so okay wrap it up guys I'm gonna go soon Ruby says Adrianna challenge lay it on me what challenge you got and just because I have dumb like I've got a bunch of them here's what I'm gonna do I am going to drop this in chat and because I know there's going to be a delay good luck for good luck to whoever that gets that and uses it on the stellar site to claim CBT key right Rudy says tell us a joke all right you guys want a joke before I close the stream to hear a joke let's see time time flies when you throw the alarm clock across the room that's a grm joke and you guys will know that I'm not good at that joke so I'm not good Jews you're also I'm not generally funny I just play MMOs and analyze them so that's gonna be it for me guys I am out of here thank you so much for joining me on stream I will see you soon maybe for some wool of Warcraft or maybe for something else but definitely shadow bringers this Friday yeah for those of you in my part of the world have a great night enjoy your sleep and for those of you in Europe and the West enjoy the rest of the day I'll see you guys soon so once again German here thanking all of you for watching later guys you


  1. The cinematic animations and camera cuts and zooms all reek of garbage level free to play cheapness. Even World of Warcraft has better animations and it's like 15 years old.

  2. Honestly, this just looks like the most generic of the generic. From what I've seen definitely not worth a $30 buy in.

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