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hey guys I'm Tom a tech chap and this is the new at soos ROG phone – and it improves on the original in pretty much every way with a faster processor high refresh screen longer battery life and even better accessories so as you can see I'm not in my usual studio at the moment I'm actually in Taipei where suits have just shown off the new ROG phone – this probably isn't meant for those of you who play the odd game of candy crush on the bus but if you're a big mobile gamer and want the best performance when you're playing for hours on end this is basically the ultimate gaming phone let me explain why number one this comes with the Snapdragon 805 5 plus processor this is the first phone to come with a slightly more powerful chip we're looking at about 15% better graphics performance about 4 or 5 percent better processor performance along with 12 gigs of ram up to 512 storage a six thousand milliamp hour battery that is a massive battery so based on specs alone this is the world's fastest Android phone that's a pretty good start but then number two we have that display it's a six point six inch full HD 120 Hertz screen that stock from 90 Hertz on last year's ROG phone so everything feels ridiculously smooth the only downside is there were only really a handful of games right now that aren't locked to 30 40 or 60 Hertz still the only other phone in the world with a 120 Hertz screen is the razor phone – and that's using an LCD panel this is AMOLED so you get richer colors deeper blacks and it also has a 1 millisecond response time and ultra low touch latency so compared to pretty much every other phone on the market the time it takes from pressing your finger on the screen and then there's actual phone reacting or maybe firing a gun in a game is significantly low on this and I could give you a slight advantage it also supports HDR whether you're watching YouTube videos Netflix or playing HDR optimized games so colors can look a lot more vibrant and in particular games using the upcoming SDR to HDR upscaling tech you'll actually be lycΓ©e more in the shadows and the dark areas which again could give you a bit of a competitive advantage number three the design and make no mistake this is a big phone it's about as why there's a 1 + 7 Pro and a little bit taller thanks to those top and bottom bezels as soon say they kept them on purpose so your palms don't accidentally touch the screen when you're gaming and it leaves room for the fantastic sounding stereo speakers you'll also probably be happy to see they've gone with a flat rather than curved edge design for the screen so while it does feel big in the hand you won't get any accidental presses and they've also built in an optical fingerprint medium into the screen so it's big it's powerful it's fast but one of the things that really stands out for me about the ROG phone are the air triggers they were on the original they've been upgraded here so say you're playing pub G you could have the top right trigger to fire or the top left to look down your sight there's no physical button but you can feel a bit of a texture where they are so you can rest your index fingers there and you've got these two extra controls on the bottom we have a headphone jack and one USB C port with another USB C on the side this means you can actually charge the phone from the side while at the bottom when you're playing games and holding it sideways so the cable isn't getting in the way of your hand but mostly it's going to be used for the range of ROG accessories which transform this from a gaming phone to a whole gaming setup but I'll come back to this in just a second on the back we have this dual camera setup which is pretty much identical to the one you get any asou Sam phone 6 which is no bad thing it's not as good as a pixel or iPhone but it is a big upgrade over the original ROG we've also got an improved selfie camera which is optimized for use in landscape along with a quad mic setup so actually this is gonna be really good for live-streaming or filming yourself while you're recording your gameplay and if that cyberpunk angular design didn't give away that this is clearly a gaming phone than the or sync RGB logo definitely will you can customize the lighting or turn it off completely if you prefer through the phone's console app but of course no gaming phone would be complete without a command center like this just tap it on the home screen and then it comes up with your game profiles it shows every single game you've got installed on the phone assort carousel where you can adjust individual game profiles so like the temperature the CPU clock speed the frame rate the trigger controls all those bits and pieces you've also the console again where you can see all the vital stats of the phone as well suggesting lighting what the triggers do the fan speed you can really tweak this phone to your heart's content [Applause] so at number four we've got these a Seuss's range of ROG phone accessories except for the dock I believe they're all new and improved second-generation versions of the add-ons we saw for last year's ROG phone there's six of them in total plus a couple of cases we've got the arrow active cooler to which clips on and keeps the phone cool for longer gaming sessions the twin view dock – which adds a second screen which is also 120 Hertz plus a five thousand million power battery and turns the ROG phone into a kind of Nintendo DS and in games that support it you can use the second screen for extra game information or mainly for multitasking with a second app then we have the ROG kunai gamepad which sticking with a Nintendo theme basically turns it into a switch they even casually refer to the controllers as joi cons when he announced it the controllers can connect via a USB Wi-Fi or bluetooth so you can have them on the side of the ROG phone or take them off and use them as a wireless gamepad and if that wasn't enough there's also a mobile desktop dock plug it in and then you can output and play on a monitor or TV then there's the pro dock if you want extra connections and a wide gig display dock Plus that uses the phones 802 1180 Wi-Fi and it means you can stream what's on the phone screen to a TV altogether you've basically got a Nintendo switch but it runs Android and probably cost about four times more all in a suit really have taken onboard the feedback they got from the first ROG phone the software is much cleaner and faster plus you'll have the option to switch it to classic Zen UI which is where you get on the new zenfone 6 and it's much closer to stock Android not only that but the battery is now 50 percent bigger than last year up from 4,000 to 6,000 milliamp hours so you'll easily get two days of normal use out of this and the SU say that you'll get over seven hours of pubsey gaming from one full charge which is a lot of pub G there's no wireless charging but we do get fast 30 watt charging from the USBC port so my first thought with this was where we actually gonna see the benefit of this better performance I mean if the game system android games play just as well on a asus zenfone 6 or a red magic 3 or something you know half the price what's the point of this well there's two reasons really number one it'll help you get to the 120fps so you can take advantage of the high refresh in games that support that high refresh rate but number two and I think more importantly is the fact that you'll get sustained performance most casual gamers play for like dunno ten minutes but if you're a hardcore mobile gamer maybe you're playing two or three sessions of pub G that can be an hour ninety minutes and so over time as your phone heats up you may lose performance you do lose performance so with this and when you've got the active cooler attached it keeps the phone cool and it means you keep getting the consistently high frame rate as you say this will sustain the max 2.96 gigahertz clock speed with no throttling at all so even if a lot of this is overkill the RG phone – is still an extremely impressive bit of kit but I want to find out what a couple of the other guys I'm here with in Taipei thought of it hey I'm David the unlocker first impressions I think so solid upgrade I think it's it's adds a lot of features within a bunch of different categories we sell the air triggers they've added a lot to that as well and the air triggers are one of my favorite things about this phone frankly the imaging way of making the response time really fast and I've in the limited time that I've had it does feel like super snappy how many people want a gaming phone in particular and not just go for a flagship phone that they think can handle the games potentially just as well hi I'm Michael Josh from gadget match this is the ROG phone – what I'm most excited about is it's six thousand milliamp power battery a huge battery will last me maybe two days on a single charge a little bit heavy but I would rather have a heavy phone as long as it lasts me that good chunk of time so obviously I'm not a pro gamer a template in any sports leagues if I spoke to someone who described himself as a promo of our gamer here and he said well this is very cool he plays games mostly on the iPhone a-10s max because there's less fragmentation there's more phones on the market so developers put more time into optimizing it for iPhone and so I guess the larger question is do we need gaming phones are they going to start enough but enough games are optimized and developed for it or would it just be best to play on the iPhone even though it has six Hertz so I've only had a few hours to play with it and I still have lots of questions including what the price is they wouldn't confirm it but last year's orgy started at $900 so I'll expect this to be similar and then you've got all the add-ons on top there's also gonna be a few different SKUs of this depending on the territory this is actually the Chinese model running an unfinished version of the international software but in UK Europe North America will get this with a few tweaks most notably the back will actually be matte rather than glossy the official launch of the ROG phone 2 is September 4th and I'll have a full review for you then but what do you make of the ROG phone – would you consider buying this and also what do you think the gaming phones genuinely a good idea let me know anything in the comments below thank you so much for watching guys hit that like and subscribe button below if you enjoyed this video and I see you next time probably back in the studio right here on the texture


  1. The phone looks cool, but who will buy a phone for gaming??? Phones aren't made for gaming. That's why there are pcs and consoles… (my opinion)

  2. Asus: ROG Phone II gets 120Hz, 3 USB-C Ports, UFS 3.0, SD 855+, 12GB of RAM, Headphone Jack and a HUGE 6.000mAh Battery

    Apple: Lightning sounds fine

  3. What is flagships? it has top specs with top features..currently gaming phones are topping features in every way. we have to appreciate that these gaming phones are pushing the phone's industries toward pc-style both in software like cpu management&cooling,etc… and hardware such as 120hz 100%NTSC 1ms screen… combine that with folding screens and ARM being enough powerful to power a DESKTOP Workloads, and games beings more optimized to such heavy-gaming on android&ARM respectively, each one is doing their own roles&jobs to make it happen before 2030….. If the price is good (like below 600$) and Gcam really improves photography,as the lens is capable,there is nothing that hold me back from this..the only phone with big 6000&7000mah which was the flagships of any company,was Gionee M2017 &M6splus back in 2016. I really missed those phones which I had before.

  4. Please make sure to do research before buying.these influencers are not allowed to say the downsides of phones or they lose future free gear and money. I have owned the first ROG from launch because I watched videos like this. I will not be buying another Asus phone again!.

    1) if you crack the screen, there are 0 places online or around you to replace the screen. Going to Asus it costs 430 dollars for a small crack that spider webbed in the corner. 0 frame damage, the order parts was digitizer and replacement screen.

    2. All Asus phones for years have had the same notification problems due to their software. Look up "notification, Asus phone" and see the 1000 posts and issue. You will not get calls regardless of service, you will get text messages 4-5 hours all at once. Asus battery life software blocks apps and there is no way to disable it.

    3) Customer support was HORRID. first time sending in my phone for the replacement screen and charging me basically for a new phone, about 2 week turn around. For the call dropping / text issue. This was a 5 week turn around with (I'm not exxagerating) 5 times getting a call 3-4 days apart asking for the same information. One time asking for an update and employee begged me to put in a complaint to corporate saying he doesn't have all the proper tools to help me. It has now turned me off personally of all Asus products.

    The phone performance for "gaming" has been spectacular. Battery life is great. But if you want it to also function as a phone in any way or don't want to risk a shitty customer service when you have an issue… BEWARE! Plenty of other phones with specs that will overpreform any game out there.

  5. This is really cool from ASUS but one thing……

    Android lacks FHD games that can utilize this great phone.

  6. I aint seeing this as gaming phone. This is freaking flagship phone, a better one

    Latest chip with proper cooling
    UFS 3.0 support DP 1.4 with 12GB of RAM
    120hz OLED HDR FLAT-Dead screen with fastest response times
    4 antenna, 802ad, BT 5.0
    Dual front fucking speaker with 4mics
    6 fucking k mAh battery
    A fucking 3.5mm jack
    Two side flat button with heptical engine
    Overhaul OS, close to stock

    With decent case. Nobody with notice that gamery ROG scene in the back. Definately better specs that S10+ or OP7Pro
    Even if 1000$ ? 9/11 'd buy, i was so close to buy S10 but i hold for OP7Pro. Glad im still on hold

    Pst: Davids definately american version of ya

  7. That phone is really freaking amazing the ranks i could hit on pubg mobile its just mind blowing just thinking about it

  8. 7:40 show me a flagship with good cooling 6000mah and 120hz oled …."gaming" phone means flagship phone it's just a different marketing word

  9. 6,000mah battery 1ms response time ❀️ more add ins than you can shake a stick at, Apple are you listening

    Apple; what actually give customers what they want.. are you mad !!

  10. For normal usage you can downclock the cpu πŸ˜‰ and have a wonderful battery usage. Amazing geek phone i love it.

  11. Smartphone manufactures making affordable flagship killers
    People* finally we get to keep our kidneys
    ASUS* hold my motherboards

  12. the problem is 1010$ for a gaming phone? and that was the price for the first rog phone, imagine the price on this one

  13. The 6000 mah battery is the best out of all the other batteries and is better than the iphone xs max that charges to a 100 percent after 3 hours.

  14. great video tom. any word on who is providing the 120hz OLED panel for them? hope it's samsung so it may be used in a future galaxy device

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