1. What is the arrest for! Take a report of damages, the damaged party will undoubtedly file and take this individual to court for restitution, to be made whole again! NO need to arrest for this act. #Bernie2020 our #21stCenturyFDR

  2. I've been telling people about this sort of thing. But do the dumbass leftists listen? Hell no. If you come down South with a pleasant attitude we will be most hospitable. If you come down here with your shit we will show you the other side of the coin. The owner of that disrespectful thing is lucky it was just the balloon that got cut. Down here even we grannies carry boot knives..
    If the place has a name like Tuscaloosa you leftists might wanna stay home next time.

  3. this is what happens when the young in our education system is indoctrinated instead of educated all schools and colleges should be held accountable for this and funding dropped

  4. no wonder Alabama lost! he'll probably have it slew of losses from here on out. is Alabama a socialist communist state?

  5. You have to understand that the Alabamians are pure violent scum. One alabama fan poisoned trees because his team lost. Worst state in the nation

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