Basketball @ UTSC – Anyone can be an athlete

[ Music ]>>I don’t know. Basketball just makes me really happy. Like I love playing this sport, and I really enjoying playing this sport. I don’t think I would enjoy my time here at UTSC if I didn’t have basketball nor if I didn’t have the athletics and recreation community in my life. It’s been such an integral part of my university career, so I don’t really think I can imagine my life without it. Well, there’s so many different opportunities to get involved with basketball here. Whether you’re a very active player or someone that just wants to try and get involved, there’s something here for you. We have basketball for anyone who plays at any kind of level. And as well, joining and being a part of the basketball community is much more than just playing basketball and being part of the game, but it’s becoming part of this family that we’ve created here at UTSC. When I first started in my first year, I didn’t really try out for any sports teams because I really intimidated, so I started off playing basketball at the drop in hours at the gym. And once I started getting more comfortable, more confident, and started playing a lot more, I was here almost every single day like three or four hours at a time. But I met so many people from different programs. I’ve even met alumni. And even staff because sometimes staff will come and play with the students here. So, you’re always meeting new people. You’re always making different connections, and you’re always networking with people outside of our program or outside of your comfort zone. Not only have I met a lot of my closest friends that I have now here and grown with them as a person and as a player, but any sport that you play and in basketball you gain a lot of different skills whether that’s leadership, teamwork, communication, which is a very big one. Being able to trust within your teammates and being able to use that to help better put yourself out there in terms of networking, connecting with other people. And so, I feel like a lot of the skills you learn within basketball, within other sports, are not just skills that pertain to only basketball but they’re also very transferrable and you can use that in everyday life. No, I will say it’s a close knit and really welcoming. Because every single time you come here to play basketball whether that’s drop in or whether that’s doing interhouse, there’s so many people here willing to take you on as a team or willing to play with you. All you just need to do is put yourself out there and show that you’re willing to play and everyone will welcome you with open arms. Honestly, it’s been nothing but a positive journey for me only because I started as a player and as a person who was really intimidated, also really shy. All I did was just put myself out there in a small situation. All I’ve done was grown as a player, grown as a person, become more confident in myself. And so, with that it’s been a really positive experience for me. If you want to play basketball, you can do anything you set your mind to. Basketball is more than just playing the game but having the heart and the will to do so. And don’t forget. Anyone can be an athlete. [ Music ]

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