[Music] what’s up y’all is showgirl Mika and you know what y’all I miss y’all so much your girl being on a seven-day lockdown because YouTube is you know they trippin on me over little content but that’s besides the point I’m back honey what is wrong with Evelyn Lozada this chick then lost every part of her brain cells thinking that she about to get ready to win a defamation lawsuit against og first of all oh gee did even put her name up in that post so you’re insinuating that she was talking about you so the shoe fit and you just worried guilty much second of all the things that you said roaches monkey ling-ling is offensive to people in different ethnicities so that is racist where do you think in a court of law that you’re about to get ready to win a lawsuit for defamation please direct me to that courtroom because I would love to see the outcome but what will get done is show that you have a fucked up character how you have taunted females for season after season after season and shiny then set her dumb ass right next to you said you were putting you and shit letting you be her toy meanwhile she making all the money and you looking stupid taking the heat thinking that you got some type of title under your belt because you don’t jumped on tables and threw a few bottles and a few drinks up in females faces girl you don’t even know what this life is all about Evelyn you really don’t know what this life is about you want to play on both sides of the fence like you hard but then with some heat get up under you you can’t take it you wanna run and cry why are you crying now because you embarrassed is it because oh gee was fuckin chat when you thought you had him because you always say females let’s be specific black females can’t get what you get are they on your level I don’t heard you say that a few times to different females and now you see that a chocolate dark skinned the female was talking to your husband but to put ice cream on top of everything this is the man there beats you he beat you but you run into him at DMS asking him questions you ain’t scared of him now issue talking about defamation because you run a domestic violence nonprofit organization who believe your ass now cuz I showing the hill don’t believe you cuz let a nigga beat my ass we got nothing to talk about but she show is running back to him trying to get that validation like Oh was you in her talking or whatever girl you need to sit down and have several seats I hope this is the demise of you because I’m so sick of you Evelyn Lozada I’ve sick you you are one of the most illiterate women that I’ve ever seen in my life you are so illiterate do you understand what defamation is defamation has to be her intentionally going on her way calling you a racist being direct show us the screenshots where oh gee I said Evelyn is a racist I haven’t seen one yet I haven’t seen one yet just like when you said what you said ling-ling and all that or whatever that’s not up on no text where people can see it but they know you said it is she running around saying oh she threw racial slurs at me is she crying she just fight back she’s just going pound for pound blow for blow and you can’t take it to mass see you and shiny y’all used to being bullies y’all been bullying all these females and now y’all get a female a real one because the rest of them y’all newest little punks y’all knew y’all was dealing with some little pussy ass females y’all knew one shot deal with a real female that this was gonna happen she’s violet she ain’t beat nobody up she threw no bottle she jumped on no tables she done none of that but you have everything you done done it all but because you’re like inna it gets brushed to the side but because she’s black she’s mad black woman she’s angry she’s violent save the bullshit look you can’t take the heat get your ass off the kitchen be the little wholesome little woman that you want to be businesswoman and present yourself in a different way because you ain’t gonna be presenting yourself like you about that life and then when he get up under you wanna run and cry to the core building and shiny O’Neal standing her dumb ass right there shiny O’Neal you are going to ruin your own Empire because you just as illiterate as Evelyn y’all see some illiterate bitches both of y’all and you know what I’m sick of basketball wives because now y’all starting to just get nasty for no reason if you think people still gonna sit up and support you and you allowing this woman to sit up and bash other ethnicities and then run and cry like somebody doing something her trying to play that victim role honey you got another thing coming you got another thing coming in to all y’all Evelyn fans look ya’ll can’t justify shit that bitch done done okay the only reason why y’all just defined is because y’all have that same kind of behavior so you understand it but let’s be real here when you acting like that towards somebody they gonna give it right back to you and og has every right to defend herself oh she’s up in everybody business aren’t you in everybody business Evelyn you and everybody business if any man then to do what you why got so hypocrite on epic rap a critical on the show I don’t get it Shani is intimidated everyone is intimidated they have been beat finally by a real one anyway y’all I’m back I’m gonna have some content up this week as YouTube you know they had me on lockdown Fred a little stripper video that I posted they said it was nudity even though the girl had nipple covers on her nipple one of these haters reported it but whatever we back we’re gonna get some much more stuff and it should be the what is it the reunion is it tomorrow or work cuz I’m all out of the loop anyway y’all leave me a comment I’ll get back to y’all peace


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