Beans Gets Diamond Play Button | 10 Million Fans | Special Guest Colinfurze

Mr. Bean! Oh, hello! I’ve got this for ya! For me? What is it? It’s a diamond play button from youtube! Yeah, for reaching 10 million subscribers, congratulations! Wow!!! (chuckles) Well thank you very much indeed! (Inaudible mumbles) 10 million! (Laughs) (Mumbling happily) Well, thank you very very much indeed! That’s alright. (Dances) Tah! (Rock music) (Chuckles) Wow! Thank you, thank you very very much indeed! Thank you! (snickers)


  1. I am sure if I followed what Mr Bean do, I will be arrested, put in to a mental hospital and will never be rewarded or even a subscriber lol

  2. zazu for the lion king, 15 million for youtube, trending for decades. one of the most famous person of the world’ has a own film , has a own merch, has a cartoon, this man is a legend and never will be forgotten because LEGENDS NEVER DIE

  3. Thanks to you, the fans, Mr Bean is back to receive his DIAMOND PLAY BUTTON 💎 Handed to Mr Bean our friend Colinfurze, subscribe to his channel here:

  4. He's the most talented person on the earth.
    Makes us laugh without saying a word.
    Landed a plane even he never controlled one before

  5. I love when he says thank you XD , congratulations mr bean idk wy in myvlass tells me iam me bean like if i love mr bean 🙂 m favourite childhood , I LOVE U SO MUCH MR BEAN ,i wishican meet u but i cant 🙁

  6. Can’t believe I found Mr Bean channel 🤣 you’re my fav since I was a baby lol congratulations for your Diamond Play button!❤️ Watched lots your vids here this last few days, huge fans from Indonesia here 🇮🇩

  7. My cousin met you in 2015 in one of the monuments you visited Mr rowan thanks for taking a picture with him (it's on Facebook BTW)

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