Benson Can Play That Game Too, Mamasan – Law & Order: SVU (Episode Highlight)


  1. Go Olivia! She sure showed that chinese woman…That’s Why Olivia has always been my favourite lol❤️😂 l love it when she’s serious, that makes me LOVE HER sooo much more.❤️❤️

  2. You can't fool Olivia she can read your mind ,when she really got to get that information she want you to say , If you did something wrong. Olivia is brave and she is Captain

  3. Benson is strength and empathy and smarts. What a super woman she is and Mariska in real life is a wonder herself. Loved the episode. Margaret Cho was good!!

  4. That's RIGHT, Benson. I love her absolute power. When Benson wants something, she can get it. No questions asked.

  5. When Olivia is helping you out all you do is give her the truth , cause Olivia is great in telling you the truth. She is the Captain ,a true Captain.

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