Best F2P Games 2018 – Best Free to Play Games of the Year!

So, 2018 is almost over! New Year’s Eve is
here and so it’s time to talk about our favorite games from the past year. In the past, we’ve
done this as a countdown list, but this year we’re changing things up a bit. Instead of
trying to rank them, we picked a favorite from each genre. So without further ado,
I’m Colton for and here’s our Best of 2018 Showcase Best New MMORPG: MapleStory 2
I have to be honest: both myself and Jason were never huge fans of the original MapleStory.
I personally tried several times to immerse myself in it, but it just never really grabbed
onto me. There was something about everything being in two dimensions that made it feel,
well, flat. I think this is a big part of why I was so blown away by MapleStory 2. The jump to 3D really worked out well for the game, and the visual style of the characters and enemies blends super well with the voxel style of the environments. Most importantly, though, MapleStory 2 is
fun. The dungeons are the perfect length (not too long, not too short), they offer decent rewards, and the quests are engaging
despite not being the most interesting thing the game has to offer. My favorite thing the
game does offer though, as little as it might be, are the exploration objectives for each area that
incentivize getting to know and interacting with your environment every time you hit a
new stage. There’s just something about MapleStory 2 that has a little bit of that old MMORPG
magic to it that’s been missing from a lot of genre entries of late. Will it last? Who
can say? All we know is that it’s stuck with us long enough to be our favorite new MMORPG of
2018. Best New Card Game: Magic: The Gathering Arena
If you follow this channel, you knew this was coming. It almost feels unfair, saying
that the best new digital card game of 2018 is a physical card game that’s been in print since
1993 and has had roughly 8 digital releases in the last decade. Wizards finally got it
right though with their newest attempt, MTG Arena. The free to play model works wonders
for Magic, especially since Wizards has put in the extra effort to ensure that players
who can’t afford to spend a ton of cash can remain competitive by giving lots of packs
and cards as quest rewards. The only major drawback that Jason and I were able to come
up with is the lack of penalties for players who waste turn timers. Even that wasn’t enough
to turn us off it, though. If you’ve ever been interested in Magic the Gathering, there’s
never been a better time or method to jump in. Magic has always been the king of physical
card games, and with this release, it looks poised to take its rightful place as king
of the digital card games, too. If you’re new and you’re worried about the idea of building your own decks, don’t worry. Our Topdeck Tutor series here on this channel is here to help you construct a deck that’ll get you viable right away. Best New Battle Royale: Realm Royale
This was a hard genre to call, but we had to give it to Realm Royale. There’s something
to be said for how hard and how fast the game has grown and evolved. What began as an additional
mode in Paladins has become its own game with its own character designs and mechanics that
offer something truly different in the overcrowded Battle Royale genre. Class based gameplay,
abilities as equipment, and of course the forges which can be used to upgrade items
at the risk of giving up your position all add a ton to a genre that falls prey to its
formulaic nature more often than not. Realm Royale is in closed beta now on Xbox One as well,
with plans to move to other consoles in the future, and the game is also part of the cross
platform initiative Hi-Rez is pushing forward in January so players certainly won’t be hurting
for matches or opponents. Realm Royale also looks sharp, as well. I’m a big fan of bright,
colorful games, and Realm Royale takes the Paladins aesthetic and cranks it up a notch
or two. In short, Realm Royale is a nice change of pace in a genre where everyone and their
sister is rushing to copy Fortnite and PUBG wholesale without offering anything new.
I also want to make mention of BattleRite Royale in this spot. BattleRite Royale really
impressed for a lot of the same reasons as Realm Royale. In Battlerite’s case, it takes
two genres, the MOBA and Battle Royale genres, and combines them in a way nobody had done before
and it works brilliantly. There’s not a ton I could say about it that I didn’t already
just say about Realm Royale, but I wanted to give props where they were due. I couldn’t
decide if these should be tied or not, or if Battlerite Royale was enough of a Battle
Royale game to count in this genre or in the MOBA genre, so I’m just going to squeeze it in here with Realm Royale and call
it a day. If you like Battle Royale games, go play both of these right now. They’re both equally
worth your time. Best New Console MMO: World of Tanks: Mercenaries
There aren’t too many “new” MMOs making their way to consoles, or at least there weren’t
in 2018, so this was a bit of a narrow field. Even still, World of Tanks: Mercenaries was
easily the standout. This version of World of Tanks has features and content that are
exclusive to consoles, like the titular Mercenaries faction, which employ a wild blend of parts
from various tanks to create elaborate monstrosities ripped straight out of your highschool sketchbook. There’s also a new story mode which is exclusive
to the console version. New features aside, Mercenaries offers the same high-octane tank
combat that fans of the PC version have been enjoying for ages, but without having to drag
yourself off the couch and over to your desk to boot up. So if you’re on the hunt for something
new and free to play on console, World of Tanks is worth a look. Best New Action MMORPG: Closers
So it’s important to note that here I’m using Action MMO to refer to the Dungeon Fighter
Online style Beat-Em-Up genre, and not the tradtional Action RPG genre that games like
Path of Exile fall into. With that in mind, Closers is, in our opinion, easily the best
of this year’s offerings. As I said in my original first look, this is arcade beat-em-up
action done to near perfection. Back then, in the game’s alpha, I praised the game’s
combat system but was incredibly harsh on its decision to include a mobile-game-style
stamina system to govern gameplay. Part of the reason Closers takes this spot despite that is because of how well its developers have listened to fans’ feedback. The stamina system was removed
when fans were vocal about it detracting from the game, and that’s not the only major change
that’s been made. Plenty of new characters have been introduced alongside new stages
and events that give players a ton of new things to see and to try. There’s also a companion
anime, so if you’re into anime, then that’s a bonus as well. Best New MOBA: Heavy Metal Machines
This was another narrow field, as genres go, but we had to give it to Heavy Metal Machines.
In a genre that’s overcrowded with games trying too hard to be League of Legends or DotA,
it’s nice to see a developer try something radically different, even if it means bringing
back a decades old SNES racing game to do it. Widely considered by our staff to be a
spiritual successor to Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing, Heavy Metal Machines offers an insane blend
of weapon based car combat, racing, and football. Players fight over an orb that can be passed
between members of their team and try to run it down a race track and into an enemy’s base.
Tracks are littered with traps and enemy cars are loaded with powers to try and stop you.
It’s fast, frantic, and most importantly it’s fun. The game’s heavy metal aesthetic also
reminds me a lot of the Xbox 360 game Brutal Legend, which isn’t a bad thing either. There’s no Jack Black, but take the good with the bad. There’s a sizable roster of drivers and new things are being added regularly. If you’re a fan
of MOBAs and Racing games, or if you’re just in the mood for trying something different,
Heavy Metal Machines is for you. Well, that’s all for our Best of 2018 spotlight!
Let us know what your favorite new games were this year down in the comments below, make
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and reviews!


  1. Guys can somebody help me? I wonna start 2019 year with playing MMORPG. But i feel that mmorpg genre is dead. I got my ff14 on ps4 and WoW on my PC. But is there any sense starting to play this games? Maybe there is some games f2p or b2p not p2p that i can enjoy. I really dig WoW style like gathering etc but i dont wonna pay massive amount of money to play, so can you help me?

  2. dont know if i would call that last one a moba? unless you consider rocket league a moba cause that last one looked more like a top down rocket league

  3. Realm Royale?! WHat? Dude No one players it! It has less players than Paladins and no one watches any of the two on Twitch!
    i hate it but just go with CoDs B.R.! atleast there are players that plays that mode and watches it on Twitch!

  4. 0:26 Maplestory 2
    1:37 Magic: The Gathering Arena
    2:42 Realm Royale
    4:27 World of Tanks: Mercenaries
    5:17 Closers
    6:14 Heavy Metal Machines

  5. Best MMORPG: Guild Wars 2
    Best TCG: none cause they all shit, but if I had to pick, Hearthstone
    Best BR: Ring of Elysium, but again genre oversaturation is making it all shitty
    Best Console MMO: Warframe
    Best Action: Soul Worker
    Best MOBA: Still probably LoL, but the whole genre is shitty

    That's my list

  6. Welp yea.. MS2 was the best mmorpg this year but on the long run its still trash xD it died like 3 months after start.
    first month was very very fun for me cause game offers more than u expect. there is teamwork between players skills like knight shielding whole party or elemental users needed to kill some mobs on last raids… thief having very fun dodge skill making him flex left and right… inventory is big and most of the stuff works like it should.. but… after playing the game for 2months it become veryy veryy boring and u feel like u did everything.
    problems with the game:
    bots… there is so many bots and even a lot of high rank players are using it. there were some moves to stop them but instead of stoping gold sellers and bots it stops real players instead.
    u cant farm gold by grinding daily quest items and stuff cause bots grinded them in such amount that prices are dogshit and trade is dead anyway.
    u can get max lv (60) in 24h and getting nearly the best eq is like matter of 2 weeks if u have guild that will help u or u are just lucky with randoms.
    everyone are wearing pretty much same sword types same armors… everything is nearly untradable… u cant make your own guild events with prizes cause every gold trade takes 20% of traded gold and just destroys it. there is dungeon cap to 60dungs per week on your main that u can do in around 3-5mins each… and when u miss out on your cap u just feel bad. there is nothing to look up to. the best gold/legendary items are 100% drop rate covered with cap. and the only thing u need is good RNG on your 1perk on that armor that will give you the boss dmg. weapons and armor cant be destroyed when trying to upgrade it. so there is pretty much no flex in the game that u have good gear… fishing and other stuff have "auto" coupons that will lvl up it for you… there is so much bad to say about that game… "optimasation" or whatever that word should look like is terrible… 4 players and boss and game is going down to laggy 20FPS. where chaos raids 10ppl are unplayable with 10ppl shown on the screen when in the options are set on the minimal setting… when in meantime witcher 3 on max is running more smooth on my PC… ah and PVP is sht xD flat 3min queue times no matter how many ppl wanna join and its unbalanced and boring anyway. the only fun thing in that game was probably the race between players on the start but now game is pretty much dead. everything has been done rip and sad thing is that Lost arc will probably end up the same… i think it will be "normiefied" like every mmorpg past few years and will be just anoying to play with long skill animations and anoying cutscenes in every dung + pretty much closed world.

  7. Ms2 lasted only a month. . . . . . . After that lost 50% of their player base then another month oh wow another 50% lost in players.

  8. The games right now its about player v player.. and pc games online dead.. its like rock song go to down right now its cycle of game maybe next time it will change again its cycle thats it..

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