Beware of random gas cans in PUBG – Gas Trap

Oh yes! Looks like you fell for my gas trap It works every time Ah ah ah ah ah ah!! No nonono No You know that’ll kill us both right? Oh I know What do you want? Well Put the gun down for one Now Take off your back pack Now that body armour Now the shirt and pants what? You heard me But they don’t do anything They make me happy Fine That’s good Can I go? Now give me a little dance What? Give me a little dance Fine No No. No stop. This wont do This wont do at all Give me a sexy dance Okay Yeah Yeah thats right This ones good Mmhmm Alright thank you You’ve made me very happy You can go Oh One more thing Buh bye What…? Hey guys uhmm… Subscribe Thats right Subscribe And then apparently I can put my clothes back on once we get how many subscribers? Ten million Ten million. Once we get to 10 million subscribers Then I can put my clothes back on hurry up! Yeh


  1. What I've learnt from recently finding you guys and binging is that Rowan seems to be without most of clothes quite often 😂

  2. Did anyone notice that little tremble in Crazy Alan's voice as he said "one more thing"?
    Like he's about to cry, poor thing!

  3. Once they reach 10 million subscribers, I expect to see a video where Rowan puts his clothes back on.

    I'll be waiting…

  4. A love this alan is awsome when u watch old videos you realise how well they have all developed you guys are awsome bored is my favourite series cant wait for more

  5. "Sk8er Boi killed Avril lavigne because he got sick of it"
    I swear, the kill feeds are better than the actual videos 😂

  6. "That's good…"
    "Alright can I go?"
    "Now gimme a little dance.."
    "Gimme a little dance.."
    Music tone gets low, and intense

  7. You guys deserve every last bit of respect there is for doing this with a straight face. XD Greetings from Germany, love you all.

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