1. 1:24 nessa parte "todas as boas meninas vão para o inferno" muitos nn entenderam, ela quiz dizer que mesmo vc tentando ser perfeita vc ainda tem seus defeitos e ninguém é perfeito.

  2. 5 years from now everyone will know I was right when i called her a one hit wonder…

    Just like lord.

    She will be remembered for her one song that a white man wrote

  3. did you see the people's dancing in the fire if not like it if you just noticed it if you washed it like a million times😦

  4. This song is about people in our society today, US, ruining our world there’s nothing left to save now. We need to do something NOW before our world gets so hot we can’t live here and we all die.

  5. The bird with all the oil just shows how oil and money is more important then Mother Nature and our animals. It’s to late now.

  6. Come on guys it is about climate changes
    “Hills burn in California, my turn to ignore ya” (which man not doing anything why would we do so) “animal, evidence ( animals dead and extinction are the evidence to y’all dickhead ) “man is such a fool why are we saving them (man- us human. Lucifer asking god we are destroying the nature why would god save us?) just the whole lyrics did talks about climate changes. Read the lyrics next time before you comment people

  7. im only 11 years old and thats my fav music 🙂 i love ya and your music pls come to Romania plsssss probably you not gonna come this new year but probably next year 😊❤️love ya

  8. Darling, your money is peanuts to me and the rest of the world, the reason I like you is because you are tearing it up, you have really pretty eyes, and the fact that you just turned 18 a week before I discovered you makes you the youngest name on my list of fantasy superstars that I plan to marry in order to attract enough rebels for me to overthrow the world order. The fact that you are young means that you might be dumb enough still to actually play along with a creep like me. Did I mention that I am also a rapper, The GoldStarKiller, and no I don't have a blood relation to Alanis as far as I know, my dad was adopted. Rest assured that even though I am a creep, you have nothing to worry about, unless of course you show up at my doorstep, then you will inherit the shit storm that I have been trying quell since before you were born. In case you didn't know it, the sounds you sing are a mating call used by those of us who are so thinly spread that we would require a voice that could carry for hundreds of miles just to reach one other of our own kind, so don't get mad at this bird of paradise for responding to your call in plain words.

  9. Jesus has the victory over Satan! "And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever." Revelation Twenty and Ten

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