BROKE vs PRO Gaming Laptop

– Hello, and welcome to Broke vs Pro, where today we’re building the ultimate laptop gaming setups. – Oh yeah, we are, ’cause I have a present from the sponsor of today’s video, LG, with their new 17-inch LG gram. – Did you, just, wait, wait, wait, wait. When you say gaming laptops, the first thing that comes
to your mind is the LG gram? – Well, it wasn’t the first
thing that came to mind, but they were certainly the
first message in my inbox that offered money for this setup. Let me just say that the 17
inch LG gram is wonderful, not only because it’s
super light and very thin, but also this is the 2020, 17-inch gram, so it has the 10th Gen Core i7, which most importantly,
has a Thunderbolt port, Thunderbolt 3 port,
which will come in handy for this thing. – Oh, but wait, we already
did a video on that. – Yes, yes we did. – That’s the RTX 2080Ti gaming box. – Yes, it is. But, of course, I don’t have to rely on the 2080Ti gaming box to
use the gram on a daily basis. This thing again is
super light and portable, and the battery lasts
forever for most tasks. – [Austin] Actually, the
battery life is really good. – [Ken] It’s great, it’s
an 80 watt hour battery that lasts up to 17 hours. It’s legitimately a really, really cool laptop to take on the go. – When you’re spending all
this money on your laptop and your accessories
and all the other stuff which I’m sure you have
around the corner here, I, as the broke gamer, have something much
more reasonable in mind. This is my (horn sound) And at only $330, this is all I need. – [Ken] Wait, wait, wait. – What? What’s wrong? Look, this is all I need. I literally don’t need any
of the stuff that you– – [Ken] We, LG, the sponsor of this video said we can’t show any other brands. – [Austin] But that’s my laptop. What else am I gonna use? I mean, I need a laptop. Are you serious right now? (laughs) I think you’re taking this a
little too far, aren’t you? – No, no, we’re not–
– [Austin] What? – [Ken] Don’t worry about that. Don’t worry about that. – [Austin] That’s just,
do what, the processor! I can’t talk about my (beep) processor? – Don’t ruin, I didn’t sabotage you! – [Austin] Wait, I
can’t even say the word (oof)? – No, you can’t. – [Austin] Team Red,
Team Red, can I say that? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure. – [Austin] What kind of
(beep) up challenge is this? – Look, I don’t write the
checks, I’m just saying. – [Austin] You just cash them. – I mean, yeah. Let’s be real. – So, I do have one additional thing. So while my budget was broke, I did get a knockoff third
party PowerA controller. It’s not knockoff, I guess, but it’s a tiny third
party Xbox controller. I only had $15 left in
my budget, but it’s fine. – [Ken] It is very green. – Is this…? Where’s the rest of your stuff? I know you have like, you had like boxes of stuff
you bringing in earlier. – Yeah, so what pro setup would it be without some Razer products? (Austin laughs) Specifically, I saw this
on Twitter the other day, so I put in an order for it. It is the Kraken Kitty Edition Razer headset.
– [Austin] Ken. – Yeah!
– [Austin] Ken. I just started playing Final Fantasy 14, so I got myself an MMO mouse. – [Austin] How much money did, well, actually no, I can’t be mad at you ’cause you’re spending
LG’s money, not mine. – Wait, wait, it’s okay. – [Austin] How much
more stuff do you have? – I also got a Razer speaker. The monitor was a bit
of an oversight, but– – [Austin] (laughs) You
forgot to get a monitor? – Um, we just so happen to have a former sponsor of the channel, another LG-branded product called the LG Ultra… What is this?
– [Austin] UltraGear. – You are right! Yeah, it is the UltraGear, huh? – [Austin] Ken, where are
your, where’s your integrity? Where are your journalistic ethics? – I’m not a journalist. – [Austin] You’re just a pro gamer? – I’m a pro spender. – [Austin] (laughs) That
was pretty good, actually. – [Ken] All right, all right. So, what do you got? – So, with my… can I come up with a code name for it? My, uh, my stealth book! Okay, look, it’s not great, but for $300, I’ve got eight
gigs of RAM and on top of that, I’m happy to tell you
that this wonderful laptop from the stealth book company which is also known as (robot sound) has a, has, it has–
– [Ken] No! – I’m gonna keep talking
’cause you can’t cut me out. It also has a spill-proof keyboard if you’re hardcore gaming. – [Ken] Wait, it has a
spill-proof keyboard? – Yes, I will say that
there was a slight oversight when I was “building” my setup, and then I spent the last of
my money on this controller and then we decided that
we’re playing CS:GO, so, uh–
– [Ken] Yeah. – Look, I’ll be fine.
– [Ken] Very pro. – It’ll be fine. – This is really awesome. – [Austin] Are you, like– – I love that a lot. – [Austin] Are you about to sell me some bathwater or something? – Maybe I am. That side hustle, though. Gamer-boy bathwater. (Austin laughs) Oh hell yeah, I love that! That’s fantastic!
(both laugh) Oh, the porting lights up
too, hold up, wait, wait, hold on, wait, wait. I can see myself in the reflection. Yes! Oh, I love this so much!
(Austin laughs) So, I also got the
companion stand as well. – [Austin] Of course you did. – Of course! I’ve gotta color match, right? Oh look at that, it has
all of the buttons I need. – [Austin] You need that many buttons? What kind of games do you play
that need that many buttons? – So, I remember you
saying something earlier about your keyboard being, like, waterproof? – [Austin] Uh, I think the
phrase they used was spill-proof. – So, I can spill anything on– – [Austin] No, you can’t,
you can’t touch my setup. What happens if it dies? – That’s not my problem.
– [Austin] No, no, no! – So you might have
noticed that I have, uh– – [Austin] You are not gonna
do this to me right now. You are not, look, look,
you can’t just do it. You gotta surprise me with it. You can’t just, like, look, where are the narrative stakes, Ken? We all know you lack narrative stakes. You can’t just pour coke on my laptop. You gotta, like, while
I’m working on your setup, you gotta sneakily do it or something. This is not entertaining. Look, think about what
would make a good video. Don’t just do it right now. I’m not saying this because I’m panicked that you’re about to kill my laptop ’cause I don’t have a backup plan. Put that away. Bring that out later and
it’ll be a hilarious moment in the video and everyone will be like, “Ha, ha, Ken is so funny.” – Okay.
– [Austin] Excellent, yes! I didn’t think that was gonna work. What are these speakers? – Um, that is a good question. – [Austin] And why do you need speakers when you have a headset? – Um, I like options. I have the– – [Austin] You like expensive options! – Oh, look at that. Kinda looks like a hairdryer. – [Austin] What kinda
hairdryer do you use? – It’s like a Dyson one. – [Austin] How do you even get this? That seems like a lot of work right there. I just touched your hair, I’m sorry. – It’s actually not a lot of work, I just kinda wake up, go and take a shower and then just towel dry.
– [Austin] Every year? – Every year, excuse me? Every quarter.
(Austin laughs) My hair grows really fast. – [Austin] How’s it coming over here? – Um, it is going. There might be one too
many things in my setup that don’t play well together. So, I think there’s some
weird handshake going on with the I/O on the eGPU side, because initially USB was freaking out so I was getting weird
inputs from my mouse, like the eGPU would, like,
constantly cut in and out, so I’m trying to chase the problem and we’re kind of on a time limit. I think, as much as I hate to admit it, I will probably just use the headset, use the mouse, and the eGPU– – [Austin] Wait, so you’re using, oh, so the only thing you’re
not using is the speakers? – [Ken] There’s a lot of
things happening right now, so there’s–
– No, no, no, no, no, no, hold on, hold on.
– [Ken] Got it, you got it? – Just stick with me for a second. ‘Kay, so this goes to here– – [Ken] Wait, wait, are you, are you, no! – I’m just purely making
sure that your setup is fine. Shoink. (upbeat techno music) (soda can tab cracks) – ‘Kay, so I plug this in, what are you, no! Ken! No! No, there’s USB everywhere! What are you doing, it’s all plugged in! What’s wrong with you? (growls) It’s pouring on the power cable! – [Ken] You wanted to test my speakers, so I wanted to test your keyboard! – Where’s paper towels? Over everything, ah! If my laptop’s dead and this
is the end of the video, you know exactly why.
(both laugh) I think I reacted fast enough
and, like, dumped it all out. – [Ken] I mean, you would react like a normal person would react if a random stranger just came in and threw coke all over their laptop. – You’re missing the part
where I would beat your ass. Okay, hopefully this will
actually turn on now. Oh, I see caps lock on. – [Ken] Oh, there we go!
– Screen’s happening? There ya go! Spill-proof keyboard on a $300 laptop! – [Ken] I’ll say I’m pretty impressed. Yeah, look! Great. Wait. I don’t think–
– [Ken] Oh. Oh no.
– Oh no. – [Ken] Uh oh. Well, it uh… – I have no mouse! Get all the moisture
off the screen, oh, oh! Ew, that’s gross. Residue, oh, it came back, it came back! Excellent! – [Ken] Well that’s good,
the trackpad’s working now, so we’re fine. – Yeah, there’s definitely
coke on my screen. Oh, you can see as I wipe it,
it looks like it’s doing it. – [Ken] Okay. – [Austin] Alright, I think–
– [Ken] Oh yeah, look at that! It’s just fake input. – [Austin] It seems to be okayish, I’m just getting a lot of random inputs, but as it dries out
hopefully that goes away. – [Ken] Oh, I think that stopped. – [Austin] Oh yeah, hey, yeah,
we’re fine, we’re fine right? Oh, there’s definitely, definitely coke on the
speakers, that’s great. Is there a power button
or something on these? I feel that there is. – [Ken] There is not. That was my initial problem. – [Austin] So, they
just don’t do anything? – [Ken] I think USB should show it. – [Austin] No, no, no, you didn’t hit, you pressed the volume,
and that turns them on? – [Ken] Wait, it’s a button? – It’s a button. – [Ken] Oh, it’s a button! Oh, I thought it was just a knob. – Thanks for the speakers, Ken! – [Ken] I love how your $300
setup became a $450 setup in, like, 10 seconds. – See, that’s the broke gamer way of life. Take advantage of the
rich idiots in the world. – [Ken] That’s actually pretty accurate. – Woo! (claps) Let’s go, boys, let’s go! – So after some troubleshooting, I finally got my setup
mostly where I want it to be. So, we got the Chroma going on with the stand and the
headphones themselves, and again, the headphone
stand is a USB hub and I can plug it all in via
one cable to the computer. I was having some slight USB problems, so I went from plugging it into the box straight to the computer
itself, just no problem at all, just a little–
– [Austin] It’s more reliable, you obviously know the
ports on the gram are fine, when you run through Thunderbolt I’ve had issues where things
get a little bit flaky. – Yeah, so now that I
have a working setup, it’s totally fine, I have the mouse– – [Austin] Wait, where are your speakers? Oh right, they’re over on my setup! Look how nice that looks. – [Ken] I mean, look at that framerate! It is so smooth, that 144 Hz action. Okay, well, it’s a cursor. Let me move a window,
let me move a window. Look at that, so smooth. – [Austin] Everyone’s watching
this video at 24 frames and cannot see a difference at all. You are very, very right. – No, I still think this
is all really cool, though, ’cause the fact that the 2080
Ti all works with the gram via Thunderbolt 3 is, again, a way to make this a gaming
setup when I’m here at a desk. When I wanna go on the go, I can very easily unplug everything and just take the gram with me. Again, it is very light. – [Austin] Okay, okay, we
heard the selling points, we know the gram is great. Why don’t we see what it actually can do before you give me another 30-minute pitch on why you should buy an LG gram. – Well, with it’s 10-gen core i7, I’m sure it’ll play video games fine. So, I am here in Final Fantasy 14 and I’m getting roughly
60 frames per second just by doing maximum on all the settings. I can probably fine-tune it and get something a little quicker to take advantage of this 144 Hz display. That is at 1440P, but
for what I have here, I’m liking it. – [Austin] This look riveting. I can’t believe how amazing
this gameplay is right now. It’s so exciting.
– [Ken] It’s very riveting. Here, let me actually go somewhere that action’s happening at. – [Austin] No, I really like watching you walk around the city. Really shows off the pro setup nicely. – Ah, don’t worry about it, it’s fine. Also, for those of you that are asking why I am using the LG gram keyboard, it is because LG probably
thinks that that’s a good idea. – [Austin] Oh, are you just
sucking up to the sponsor now? – Oh, absolutely. They’re the ones paying for this video. – [Austin] I mean, it
is working pretty well, I will admit, that it
do looks really good. – [Ken] Like, the keyboard’s actually not really doing too much for me. If I actually had time, I would set up the proper
macros on this mouse, but otherwise, I’m diggin’ this! – So, now might be a good time to mention that I have not actually tested this game running on my setup. However, Black Mesa has
finally been properly released. Oh, look at this.
(game audio blares) – Oh, Jesus Christ! – [Black Mesa Character] Looks
like you’re running light. – [Ken] Okay, those speakers are good. – 74, 85 frames per second! Look how excellent my
performance is on this game which definitely came out this year and is in no way based on something that’s like as old as most of our viewers. (clears throat) Look how smooth it is! – [Ken] Wait a minute. No. No–
– Yes, look. I gave you Stadia in
the past, but this time I’m just showing you what it
looks like to play GeForce NOW. – [Ken] Did Stadia not
cut you a big enough check or is this… (chuckles) – You know, the funny
thing is in the past, I’ve been sponsored by
not only GeForce NOW, but also Stadia.
– [Ken] Yeah, very unbiased. – Like, what happens
when you sell out so hard that there’s no one left to sell out to? – [Ken] Well, the audience
definitely lets us know, that’s for sure.
(both laugh) – [Austin] Look how smooth this is. – [Ken] It’s actually really smooth. And look, it’s a solid, locked, 60, sorry I’m walking, I’m right
in front of you, that’s okay. – [Austin] I mean, I’m telling you, like, with GeForce NOW
with streaming services, it’s a perfect example of why you should use
low-end hardware, right? If this is the only laptop and
the only power that I’ve got, it’s a perfectly reasonable
way of playing some games, I spun out, but you know what? This is not important because while, yes, I’ve given you a small taste
of the kind of performance, the raw power you can
get from a broke setup, the real test is who is better? Is it me with my broke gaming setup, or is it Mr. Ken Bolido
with his pro setup? Let’s find out? Also, it’s raining very heavily! Do you hear that? I feel like as I was
getting into my, like, my passionate explanation of gaming, the heavens opened up and
made me sound more dramatic. We just need some thunder now. – [Ken] I think that was just God crying. – Pow, pow, pow! All right, Team Death Match, Dust 2, first to how many kills? – [Ken] Um, I think just whoever wins. – [Austin] Whoever wins? All right. – Whoever wins and gets the most kills. – Wait, no, no! Those are two different things. Who gets the most kills. – Sure. – I have two options here: I can either use my Xbox controller, which does technically work, or I can use my keyboard and my trackpad. Oh, this is the worst. Oh, this is so bad, dude. This is so bad, no, I’m using controller. Okay that’s an easy choice. – [Ken] Oh, that’s Austin. Aye.
– Oh, no! – [Ken] All right.
This is not good! I am getting destroyed right now. – There we go. Oh, I killed Austin, word! – I can’t do anything! – All right, you know what? I feel a little bad. – [Austin] Please give me a mouse. No, that’s too nice. So, don’t show the bottom, but this actually goes with your laptop. It is branded– – Look, I’ll take anything I can get. Playing with it, I feel like
I’ve tried this in the past but it is so bad. – [Ken] I mean, yeah,
I think it’s very clear the game wasn’t meant–
– Never, ever was it meant to be played like that, oh. Okay, let’s start again. Let’s, look, that was practice round. Let’s do, this time, for
real, now that I have a mouse and I have to use a controller and let’s see who can
win between you and me. – [Ken] Okay. For the record, I got 15 kills that round. – [Austin] I think I got three. – You did get three.
– [Austin] Yeah. (laughs) – One, two–
– Aw, man. – Oh, that was Austin! – Yeah, good job, good job. We’re in here. – [Ken] Are you, though?
– [Austin] Yeah! – [Ken] Are you really in here? – [Austin] I’m right behind you! – [Ken] There we go. Austin down, Austin down.
– Aw, nicely done. You got me, you got me. Yeah look, my laptop
screen does not look good from literally almost any angle. You have to accept that, but it’s fine, as long as you’re looking
at it directly head-on, it’s fine. If you go directly over my head, there we go. Here, here, I’ll duck down so you can see my
beautiful viewing angles. – [Ken] One, Austin. – [Austin] It’s fine. – Got you! That was me, that was me, hello! Austin Evans just killed
you with a broke setup. – There we go, well, I came
back and killed you too, so we’re all good. How’d you spawn right beside where you, I killed you and you
spawned right behind it? – [Ken] The spawns are everywhere. Oh boy, oh, that’s not good. He’s gonna turn around, isn’t he? No, he’s not.
– [Austin] Are you trying to get me in the back
or something right now? – [Austin] Oh, headshot! Headshot, was that you?
– I did not like that, that was me. – Oh, what’s up? – There we go, got Austin–
– Nicely done, nicely done, nicely done, I’ve almost caught you! This game’s not over yet! – [Ken] One. That was Austin! – Agh! 13 seconds, come on, come on, come on! I gotta catch up, I gotta catch up, I gotta catch up.
– [Ken] You’re not gonna catch up in 13 seconds,
I’m over by like 10 kills. (Austin sighs)
– [Ken] All right. – So, what have we learned today? We’ve learned that while broke gamers can truly rise up in many situations, this is not one of them. If you’d like to see a real winning setup, you can check out the
link in the description for the LG gram. Until next time, I’m going
to go get a better setup. – Thank you, LG, for
sponsoring this video. And for, again, sponsoring a winner.


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