Bryce Has A New Basketball Team? |

– [Clintus] Morning.
– Good morning. – [Clintus] What’re we doin’? – Play some basketball. – [Clintus] Gonna
play some basketball? Yeah?
– Yeah. – [Clintus] Anything
special today? – So we just got split up
into two teams since we’ve been getting a lot more new players. There’s the black team
and then the gold team. The black team is the new team and the gold team is the
more experienced team. – [Clintus] You’re gonna
try to help lead the team? – Yeah. – [Clintus] You’ll be one of,
be one of the starters? Yeah? (chuckles) Distractions. Squirrel. Alright, so in case you’re not
sure exactly what Bryce just said, basically they’ve
been getting more kids in the club at
the sixth grade level and they have enough
kids now for two teams. So we have a gold team
and we have a black team. The gold team is the team
that you guys are used to. The team that all the starters
and the ones that played, that we’ve been playing with for
like the last six months or so. The black team, which
is what Bryce is on now, is a bunch of
new kids with Bryce, Mason and Mark, right? So the three that
we came together with, the three kids that
came over to the new club last year are on the black team. And along with that
a bunch of other kids that are new to the club. A couple of ’em
you’ll recognize. They’re familiar faces from
the previous club we played at. So this is our first
tournament as a new team. (basketballs bouncing) (whistle blows) Game time. Nice. Good shot, Bryce.
(crowd applause) Right outta the gate,
right outta the gate. Hands up! Nice! (indistinct chatter) – [Man] Get that ball from him.
Grab that ball! Put it out in front of ’em. – [Man 2] Good, okay. – [Clintus] Oh. – [Man 2] Good take, baby. – [Man 3] Don’t just
stand there. – [Man] You, you! – [Clintus] There you go,
there you go. (indistinct chatter) – [Man 4] Keep cutting,
keep cutting! – [Man 2] Oh that’s you,
don’t stop. – [Man 5] Nice! – [Clintus] Reset, reset! Nice! Good job. There you go, there you go. Nice shot, yeah! Good job, T! – [Man] Cut! Rebound! – [Man 5] Yeah!
(crowd applause) (indistinct chatter) – [Clintus] There you go,
all the way! Go, go, go! Oh! Do it again. Keep goin’, keep fightin’,
keep fightin’. – [Man 6] Let’s go! (whistle blows) – [Clintus] All the way, Mark. Get in there. – [Man] There you go! – [Clintus] Yeah.
(crowd applause) Short. There you go, Bryce.
There you go, Bryce! – [Man] Mark,
you’re not boxing out. – [Clintus] There you go, Bryce. – [Man 2] Hey, good hustle! (indistinct chatter) – [Man] Get on ’em,
pressure ’em. – [Man 5] Nice D, Bryce! Get in there. – [Clintus] Oh!
(buzzer sounds) Alright, game one. How’d you feel?
– Alright. – [Clintus] How do
you feel, Bryce? – I did horrible.
(Clintus laughs) – You didn’t do horrible. You had the first shot,
first shot of the game. – [Papa] The first rebound, too. – Two points.
– I’m just saying. You took more shots,
how many shots you take? – Three.
– Three shots? – Yeah.
– Alright. And your rebounds? – One.
– One. He keeps track of his own stats. I don’t have to keep
track of ’em that way. – Well, I don’t,
I think I’m sure. – How many fouls did you do? – I think two.
– Two fouls? Yeah? How many fouls
did you get on you? You get hit in the chest? – That wasn’t a foul though.
– They didn’t call a foul. These refs were a little weird. They were calling
travel when it wasn’t travel. They weren’t calling
travels when it was travel. Yeah. – I got pushed
down like three times and they didn’t call it. – A lot of big
kids on that team. A lot of big kids. – Someone put an elbow to my
chest and someone pushed me down and they were
literally looking right at me. They ran into me. – Yeah, you look like
you can take it, that’s why. (indistinct chatter) – [Woman] Good job, JJ! – [Man 7] Come on, Charlie.
– [Woman] Come on, Char! Good job, Charlie. – [Clintus] There’s a good pass.
Good job. (indistinct chatter) – [Tiffany] Okay,
what just happened? – [Clintus] So
this guy in front of us, his hood just flew up,
he can’t see. His front end’s gone
like he had an accident. There, look.
He got in an accident. His whole front end’s gone, that’s why his hood
just flew up. (laughs) – [Tiffany] I don’t
know if I got it. – I feel bad
for that dude, man. – [Tiffany] Could
you imagine driving? – So not too bad on the
first time playing together. They lost both games. The first game
was a lot tighter, a lot closer. The second game
was very, very sloppy. Gave away a lot of passes. We were kind of joking but being
serious they passed the ball to the opposite team
more than than themselves. But tournament’s not over. We get seeded, we’ll get
seeded towards the bottom. Tomorrow morning 9 A.M. we go back out and
it’s single elimination. If we lose we go home,
if we win we keep going on. Up to a
potential of three games. So tomorrow,
this video will continue, I’ll see you then. Alright, day two. You ready?
– Yeah. – [Clintus] Yeah, yeah. We’re down here,
Central Phoenix. Central high school. Day two, single elimination. We win, we play. We lose, we go home. – Ready? You have to win
’em all today, okay? (indistinct chatter) – [Man 8] Play defense,
play defense. Hold it, right there,
they coming off the screen! – [Clintus] (groans) Oh. Good rebound, good rebound. – [Man 9] Rebound. – [Clintus] Good job, Charlie.
Good job, Charlie. – [Man 10] Straight up.
That a boy. You’re alright. – [Clintus] Keep the
pressure, Bryce. (indistinct chatter) Rebound, Bryce.
(crowd cheers) Good job, Charlie! Pressure, pressure, pressure. – [Man 10] Outside, outside. – [Clintus] Get on him, Bryce. – [Man 9] Box, box. – [Clintus] There you go. (indistinct chatter) Short. – [Man 11] Hustle back. – [Clintus] There you go, Bryce.
There you go, Bryce. Hands up! There you go, Charlie. Go, oh!
That’s alright, that’s alright. Stay with it. Nice shot, Mark. There you go, there you go. Oooh! – [Man 12] Cut, cut! – [Clintus] Somebody’s
gotta get in. There you go, there you go. There you go, swing it back out.
Swing it back out. Up top, up top! Perfect!
Perfect, boys! Short, short.
Good job, Bryce. Yeah, oh my God. Keep runnin’,
keep going, keep going. Watch where you’re throwing it. (crowd cheers) Alright, half time.
We’re up 34-26. They’re looking good,
lookin’ good. – [Man 12] Screen for you.
Back out! – [Clintus] Yes!
Thank you, thank you. Let’s go, let’s go! Nice shot, nice shot. D up, let’s go, D up! Oh!
(crowd groans) – [Tiffany] Geez, stop ’em.
Yes, yes. – [Woman 3] Come on, Mark. – [Clintus] Put it
back up, Mark. – [Woman 3] Come on, Mark.
– [Clintus] Yeah. Oh, there you go. (whistle blows)
Good game, guys, good game. Final score, 50-57. Heck of a game.
Heck of a game! Boys played really hard. Alright guys, just
wrapped up the game. Heck of a game. Like I said, 50 to 57. We were up at half time and we
just kinda went back and forth and then they kind of
pulled away a little bit with some free throws.
We missed some free throws. Missed a couple
three pointers but, man, it was such a good game. What do you think, Bryce?
What are your thoughts? – We did good.
– First time with this new team. – Yeah.
– Right? We got a lot of new kids,
lot of new kids. Some kids I think are testing
the waters out to see do they wanna play team, do they want to play with us,
play with the club but for the most part it’s
good stuff, right? And we looked really good. Coach was really happy with ’em. So not bad for
the first tournament. – Mhmmm.
– Unfortunately, got the L. – We lost by 7.
– Lost by 7, yeah. – But we scored 50 points. – 50 points,
50 points that was awesome. – And the other team scored 57.
– Yep, yep. So there you go guys,
there’s our basketball vlog. I’m not sure when
the next tournament, when’s the next tournament? I don’t think we have another
tournament planned right now. I hope you enjoyed it. See you guys next time. (upbeat music)

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