Can Antoine Griezmann beat Steve Nash in a game of HORSE? 🏀

Woo! – What’s going on here? What’s up, everybody? I’m here at the
Barcelona training centre with Antoine Griezmann and we’re gonna play some HORSE, or, we’re gonna play BURRO. Because we’re here in Spain. Let’s see what he’s got. All right, Antoine’s going first. – Ah! – All right, you know, I got lucky. The guy has good technique, he’s not really warm yet, I could tell, the longer we played you were probably gonna beat me. – Ha ha ha.


  1. for a second i found myself suprised that steve nash was making so many shots. seeing him on champions league for so long made me forget this guy was a 2 time nba mvp lol

  2. Interviewer: “Why should hire you to do BR Live Champions League commentary?”

    Steve: “I play basketball and I like Tottenham”

    Interviewer: “That’s it?”

    Steve: ………..

    Interviewer: “You’re hired”

  3. I dunno man. After the whole blackface globe trotter thing, I've just been dissapointed with him. I don't hate him. Just.. Forever dissapointed it feels.

  4. Griezmann is getting worse and worse in football, his performance last match against inter milan is trash, barca should sell him in summer

  5. You not going to beat Nash unless you do some crazy trick shots. I like the idea posted below of Nash playing golf with Bale. That would be awesome!

  6. They should do a footie challenge next because Nash is also good at Griezmann's sport. His brother Martin is a professional soccer player. (Here in Canada we have to say soccer to differentiate from gridiron football)

  7. Everyone forgot Nash won back-to-back MVP’s…but us out here in Phoenix never forgot. Dude was a legend in Arizona and always will be 🔥

  8. If Griezmann didn't play futbol he'd have a career playing basketball same with Pogba the video of him and Lukaku going at it is pretty sick !

  9. Barcelona bought a basketball player instead of a football player I see. I'd expect these kinds of bone head signings at Real Madrid

  10. Wow, uno de los basquetbolistas que más he admirado en la duela de la Cuidad Deportiva de la institución que más amo. Genial ♥

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