Can you become a professional football player? 100 days to a pro contract

Whether people doubt you whether people Think you’re crazy. It doesn’t matter what matters most is that you follow your heart And you follow your dream and see where that takes you so my name is Nick Humphries. I’m 24 years old I’m from Canberra Australia the creator of the hundred-day a challenge I left Australia quit my job left all my family and friends behind I decided to chase my dream of becoming a professional footballer in 100 days today guys and girls I’m speaking to a guy who did what a lot of you guys can only dream about you put everything on the line To try and become a pro in a hundred days Nick from train effective get in here And we’re talking to see you get out you welcome to the Danish cold now. We’re gonna Talk a bit about your move in order to try to become a pro in a hundred days. Let’s do it But where did you play your football football for me will always just something like fun You know just for fun with friends on the school grounds And it wasn’t until I was 16 years old where I started taking it really seriously So I read this self-help book once and I stumbled on things like the 10,000 hour rule It’s 10,000 hours of deliberate practice will make you world class in any field I took this rule to heart started training 20 hours a week and I’ve went from basically a local amateur school player to training with the Australian national team getting scholarship offers to the u.s. Training with lots of professional teams, so I’ve been on this long long journey And it accumulated with 100 day challenge The first 50 days was preparation the last 50 days with execution so those 50 first days did everything to prepare running fitness One two three sessions a day just doing everything I could so the end of 40-50 days I would have the same fitness technique physicalities as a pro would or should have The next 50 days, the last 50 days was about the execution It was finding trials, open trials, opportunities using everything from Linkedin to google searches to find tryouts agents Everything I could what the real first step is what what people don’t do is this actually take the step of deciding I’m gonna do it I’m gonna do it nuts the first step me deciding that I was gonna go and do this hundred a challenge I said I don’t want to be a hundred years old on my my deathbed Thinking about the things that I didn’t do and that’s what I wanted to be all about just Going all-in into something and going with all your heart all your might and seeing where that takes I think all of us have dreams and every single well every single one of us have dreams It’s just we don’t make the decision to go do it and that’s what I wanted 100 day challenge To be about What was your goal of what do you kind of want to push this to? One minute of professional football okay anywhere in the world didn’t matter I think what too many players do is complicate things and say I want to play in the Premier League Or I want to play in a World Cup problem those things are pretty daunting when you think about all the Steps it takes it to get there and all the time it takes And how few people actually get there To go and play there go do you. Go follow your heart, go follow your dreams and see where that takes you the biggest risk Is not doing it. The best Experience was waking up every day with the mission And it gives you a tremendous amount of energy the second thing I’d say is just comments And not the negative comments, but the comments of people that said hey Nick I watched 100 a challenge and I made someone so team and just messages like that messages of encouragement and support and knowing that I could inspire some people That’s that’s an amazing feeling okay, so you might not have made it in a hundred days But you’re still you’re still chasing your dream. Aren’t you yeah? it’s not over and I’m trying to think about what the next step is from now just because While in that hundred days I saw things so things in football that I don’t like that the politics this live ego There’s a lot of Kind of corruption a lot of people taking money from from people’s pockets in the most negative sense Becoming a pro isn’t just like hard work hard work hard work. It also takes money to start earning Yeah, money when you go all into something you gotta go in not just emotionally not just physically but sometimes financially as well and Here’s the thing about following your heart. I followed my heart that way, and it just it just I saw more of the Kind of negative parts of football which I really didn’t like so with something like train effective. I’m really trying to Bring something new and different now and even set up something which will give players Second chances or a platform to really display their skills in the most positive genuine way so this whole experience with the hundred day challenge Drove you into Creating train effective to help other people in achieving their dreams. Yep. Tell us move on so me growing up in Australia I would play with a decent team Maybe I train twice a week with a volunteer coach or something like that, but I always think to myself You know how can I train like a professional? What did? Was doing and that led me to create trained effective where you can basically train like a professional time anywhere workouts drills Tactical analysis videos everything you basically get in a professional academy environment online I still see myself as a player that can still go far even on my age. I still believe that I shouldn’t give up And that’s what my heart says, so we’ll see okay guys so the key takeaway here Is that no Nick might not have made it as a pro in a hundred days But that’s not a reason to quit you should never give up you should keep working hard be Persistence have patience and who knows you might pay off in the end follow your heart. See where it takes you exactly I’m speaking about falling if you want to see more about Nick’s journey You’ve got give him a follow here on YouTube so you can see basically how you can train more effective in hope of becoming a professional football player Click the button right over here of course if you only see more awesome football videos you do yourself a favor subscribe to unisport as well leave us a like if you had a good time and thought Nick did a good job and spread the Word by sharing the video with your friends and with that said Nick we’re signing off to you

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