Challenging a SUBSCRIBER to Basketball Trick Shot BATTLE!

what is up everybody welcome back at the
channel today I am with my friend Kyler what’s up guys Kyler is a fan of mine
obviously Josh Horton shirt been a superfan for a long time and started
watch my videos when he first learned how to juggle and now he’s getting
really good at juggling and trick shots so I’m here at Weber State where his dad
works for a halftime show tonight but I figured I would challenge one of my
subscribers to a trickshot battle Tyler I haven’t told you this but if you beat
me somehow I will give you $100 to children warehouse no way yeah way so
we’re gonna get into this we’re gonna start simple with some just juggling
layups and they want to end with catwalk shots from way up there into the hoop so
it’s gonna be a good ones make sure you watch that final challenge here we go
okay for challenge number one Kyler is gonna be juggling three basketballs and
making layups the most you can do in 30 seconds what I’ve been juggling and
doing trick shots for a little bit longer than Kyler so for all these
challenges I’m gonna make it a little bit harder myself so I’m be doing the
same thing from the free-throw line Tyler you’re up first
you feeling good no why not well that is accurate okay okay
thirty seconds on the clock are you ready yes do you have an estimate of how
many you’re gonna get in 30 second ad six six all right I love it okay three
two one begin one to dominate me 300 change strategies bad
idea for fun six oh oh oh no you might be right
you fulfilled your own prophecy but still really good six thought it was
exactly you thought yeah you can’t be too upset with that no I like it I like
it okay let’s do this I’m not gonna get six but okay on your
mark get set go that’s too five four three two one was that five or
six OHS – yeah okay – okay six two two so it’s gonna work challenge
one smooth one shot one point and all the way up to the fifth challenge okay I
kind of tried on that last that last shot but now we’re doing backwards free
throws for you and then I’ll be doing backwards three-pointers will do most in
30 seconds again are you ready three two one begin
oh hi oh there you go one two almost 3o repet fire and time not bad
you look it’s on I was on point every single time just missed missed by a
little bit but you got to there we go I’m ready you ready I want to get four
to tie it all up but I get 4 that’s 8 plus 2 10 10
okay let’s do this on your mark guess I go Oh No so forth
yeah that’s for come on for exactly I’ll take it so now
it is a tin to tin okay back to some juggling challenges
you ready Kelly ready so we’re switching from basketballs to clubs you’re gonna
have 60 seconds to see how many you can make from the three-point line
I’m gonna try it from half court all right Kyle there’s 60 seconds on the
clock three two one begin baby you go Wow one
to start you off hard to three still 30 seconds gonna give them
gonna get more in 27 seconds Oh barely for fun gunfire six oh my gosh five four
three two one you six you’re on fire there let’s go Kyla just crushed it
making it six I think that’s worth it thumbs up by the way give Kyle a thumbs
up if you think he’s doing a good job against me I think he’s crushing it but
that brings his total to 28 points so I just I’m just hoping to tie that I’m not
trying to say I’m gonna beat you right now okay on your mark get set go thirty seconds left I’m not gonna run back I have a few
seconds left I’m tired nice and there’s some timer
yeah I couldn’t got another life anyway so we’re tied you’re exactly the same
skill trick shooter I am congratulation okay so the fifth challenge is going to
be making basketball shots from the catwalk into the hoop but right now
we’re doing a challenge where it is taking the Josh Horton juggling balls
juggling and Tyler’s gonna be down here with
three balls I’m going to give them a drop and he’s gonna go into four
hopefully each time you do that you get four points you have five attempts but I
want to be going into five balls make it a little bit harder myself so I’m gonna
go all the way up there Kyle oh you’re down here let’s go oh my gosh I made it
whole again I’m a little scared of heights but there’s Kyler here we go
three two one he did it oh my gosh good work
I’m impressed all right four points and you got four more ready three two one
Oh drop do one oh you’re coming in hot huh Oh most one more three two one
Oh nice try dude that’s really hard okay my
turn holding my nice camera over this balcony
is one of the scariest things I’ve done in a really long time I don’t want to
put that pressure on Kyler so we’re gonna put the main camera down here good
job dude thank you oh my goodness this is so big this is terrifying so fast it is
terrifying you ready Josh okay here we go
I always think that when we’re close competitions this is not faked this is
not planned we are going into the fifth and final round all tied up it’s not
fake it’s not planned so guys we’ve been using Josh Orton’s new juggling balls
this whole video and they are amazing and I don’t know if Josh will let me do
this but if you want 15% off your order use Kyler 15 Kyl ar-15 for 15% off your
order then go shop juggling warehouse they’re
the best it is time for the fifth challenge making basketball shots from
the catwalk okay Kylie’s gonna have ten basketballs
I’ll just have five have you ever made a shot from the side before no five points
per shot mates oh wow you really were tied up so if you want to beat me you
got it really take advantage of this one Oh clothes different strategies there
let’s look good the ball spins so weird I don’t know
what the hundred dollars online dollars of juggling equipment there’s nothing
more satisfying than making a high-to-low basketball shot that’s okay
and you still got more oh you have a lot more well let’s make it two nevermind come on heartbreaker oh you’re on it I’m
close I’m nervous I’m only gonna have five attempts so I’m nervous I’m like ninjas off every time a little
more than a couple of inches that done this last ball is
number ten make a count Wow bringing you to forty two point forty two points we
were tied before so I I need to to tie three to win okay I’m up
I only have five attempts I really don’t know if I’m gonna beat you but I would
like to because I’ve lost basically the last like three or four challenges on my
channel I don’t want this to be a channel that is just me losing two
people five chances close got one no boom
all right a few more left okay now the best I can do is tie no I have lost Cuyler you have won your
very first battle and you are awarded a hundred dollars two dozen warehouse
congratulations how’s it feel great Beach I’d like to
thank Josh or good call okay I just say to everyone thank you so much for
watching give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed and leave a comment if
you’re a new subscriber there’s been a lot of you lately hey we do videos every
Monday everyone’s that every Satur is make sure you subscribe if you have not
yet every single video we give our Instagram shoutouts we’re a doubt Kyler
there’s him here’s some other person thank you for following me on instagram
at juggling Josh leave a comment on my Instagram for your chance with an
Instagram shout-out next time let’s go to the beach no way why could I not do that when we
were just doing the competition back off the finger

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