COME PLAY WITH US! The DollMaker Has a Twin?

(music box chiming) – Taylor? (spooky music)
– Taylor? (door slams shut) – Taylor!
– Taylor! – Alright guys so we just got in the car, Taylor just randomly left the
condo that we were staying in. Acting all weird with Cynthia,
so we jumped in the car and she said that we needed
to keep heading further south. I guess it has something
to do with The Doll Maker, it looks like we are goin
to be driving all night. – [Taylor] Just keep heading south guys. – Alright so we have everyone
in our family in the car, um, Taylor you have Cynthia right? – Yep. No she’s gone, Cynthia was
back here but now she’s gone. (spooky music) – Uh, that’s weird she
was here the entire time. – What, how does that happen? – [Taylor] I don’t know. – Where is Cynthia? Everyone look around, do you see Cynthia? – Uh no.
– No. – Guys Cynthia is gone
we have to find her. – Guys I just pulled up
The Doll Maker’s Instagram, and I saw this post. – [Parker] Yeah Abigale and Cynthia… Forever. – It’s a picture of Cynthia
and Abigale somewhere where there is red rocks. – Guys we need head south. – Oh no we have to drive, we need to find Abigale and Cynthia. – Alright guys we have
finally arrived at the place that the Instagram post led
us to from The Doll Maker, and it is absolutely beautiful. (Mysterious music) There is tons of awesome
hills and landscape but that’s going to make
it really, really hard. I have no idea how we’re
going to find our doll. – Maybe we should just leave her here, I mean she seems happy. – We cannot leave Cynthia! Follow me, I’m gonna find her. – [Taylor] No not down there. – I’m falling! (Suspenseful music)
(screams) – Peyton go look over there, see if you see Cynthia over there. (footsteps running) – I don’t see her over here guys. (suspenseful music) – Alright guys, so we
are looking for any clues that we can find related
to The Doll Maker, and if we can see any good hiding places, because my bet is that
Cynthia is somewhere hiding. And she’s with another doll! – Uh, I hope we don’t
get lost in here guys. – We’re gonna get lost, oh my! – Well at least she has Cheetos (laughs). – I know Cynthia has to
be around here somewhere. – Another hiding spot. This would be a perfect hiding spot. – I don’t think Cynthia is right here, we have to go further south. – Fine. – Ugh (feet hitting ground). Cynthia is not up there. (spooky music) (child’s spooky laugh) (footsteps walking) (child’s spooky laugh)
– That one? – Let’s try and get to
the top of this hill guys, and see if we can get a good view of what we’re working with. – On top of this hill! (footsteps running) – Holy smokes! – We’re gonna head that way. (footsteps running) (footsteps walking) (child’s spooky laugh) (child’s spooky laugh) – I miss Cynthia. – I don’t (laughs) – But without her we’re to be able to figure
out who The Doll Maker is. – Guys where are you? – We found a tunnel. – A tunnel? – It’s like a tight squeeze. – Let me see. Is is somewhere where a doll could hide? – Kind of. But Cynthia is not in there. (child’s spooky laugh) – Oh my goodness, guys, some
of these places are steep. – These kinds of rocks go on forever guys. I don’t think we’re going to find her. – [Mom] Look at how far it goes. – I know we’re going to find her guys, I just know it. – I look over here. – [Mom] Be careful Parker. Ugh, I’m stuck, I can’t go any further. – Go like this. – [Mom] Parker I’ll go around, okay? – Okay. – I found another good place.
(child’s spooky laugh) – Oh my goodness, look right in there. Do you see anything? – No, Cynthia is not in there. Darn it. We need to go south, we must go south. – Taylor? – Go south, we need to go
south, we need to go south, we need to go south. We need to go south. – We need to find Cynthia
quick because Taylor is acting weirder and weirder. (child’s spooky laugh) – Mom, Dad I swear I saw something. – What was it Jordan? – I don’t know, I think
something is following us. – Come on Jordan, we need to find Taylor she’s already left us. She is just walking straight. Things are, some weird
things are happening. – Just keep going guys. We need to go south, we need to go south. – Taylor snap out of it, – South,
– Stop, Taylor just stop. Taylor is acting weirder and weirder now that Cynthia is gone. – We are getting closer and closer to these crazy mountains over here, that are super tall and my
guess is that if you were a doll hiding, you would go there. – Or if you’re a crazy Doll
Maker you’d have a shop there. – Are you really sure we
should be doing this guys? – Steven do you see anything up there? Jordan be careful. – No. – No dolls? – No. – I’m worried that if
we don’t find Cynthia we may never get Taylor
back to her normal self. – Taylor wait up.
– Taylor! Stop Taylor slow down. – Taylor wait. – I’m so tired. – Ugh, guys I feel like we
are getting closer and closer to Cynthia. – [Mom] Guys is that like a
finger pointing somewhere? – It must be a sign guys let’s go! – Guys it looks like there
is kind of a cliff thing over here, let’s get to the
edge and see what we can see. (footsteps running) (Spooky music) – I think we need to get
around this mountain. – Are you kidding me we
have to climb over it? – I don’t think that there is any way that we are going to be
able to climb over that, especially with Parker. (footsteps running) – Oh gosh, no way we are going to be
able to get over this guys. It’s too slippery. – This is impossible. Taylor, where are we supposed to go? Why did you lead us here? – Cynthia is over this mountain I know it. – Guys there is like a
passageway over this way, come on quick. – A secret passageway, of course! If I was a Doll Maker I’d
have a secret passageway. (footsteps) (mysterious music) – Guys here’s the passageway
around the mountain. – It’s like a special little opening to get around the mountain, crazy. (gasps) – Cynthia is over there. – You mean that big white crazy mountain? – Yep. – To the left. – That’s what I mean. (child singing) – Whoa! Taylor do you mean that
mountain right there? – Yep! – Who wants to sit with me guys? Whoa, whoaa. – [Mom] Were trying to
find the doll Peyton. Alright guys I think in
a minute we need to go climb up to that mountain and
see if we can find Cynthia. – I see Cynthia! – Really? – Look. – THat’s not Cynthia guys. – What? (gasps) Who is that? (shouting) – Hi! – Come on guys, guys come on. – That YouTube family is here too. – Guys what are you doing here? – [Parker] Guys we found Cynthia! – We don’t know, were trying
to find our doll named Jordan. – Our doll is missing too. – Okay guys so we just
found that YouTube family and apparently their
doll has disappeared too. So now we’re on the search
for two of our dolls, we saw the picture on
Instagram, so now we’re hoping that it’s around here. Taylor lead us here, so, is
Cynthia anywhere around here? – Yep. Somewhere over here. – Alright so we have reached the mountain that Taylor told us to go. But I don’t see the dolls anywhere. – Me either. (child singing) – Cynthia is right there. (spooky music) (footsteps running) – Whoa that’s steep. – Tyler we’re here. – Why so high? Why can’t the dolls be on the first floor? It’s not happening. – Taylor found Cynthia and Abigale. – That one’s Abigale, that one’s Cynthia, they are creepy. – So why do you think the
dolls brought us here? – I think it has something to do with two. – I’m slipping. – Like a second born, two dolls? – They sent us through the double arches. (gasps) – Oh wow. – Two people got lost. – Yeah. – I just don’t know why The Doll Maker would bring us here though. – Do you think The Doll Maker
has a secret hideout here? – Well, maybe this is where
The Doll Maker makes the dolls. – I don’t know. – I’m thinking maybe it has nothing to do with The Doll Maker, maybe the dolls just
wanted to get together. – Oh yeah, like a play date. – Maybe they are like
sisters, or twins, or friends. – I don’t know. – There’s gotta be a
reason we’re all out here. – Wait where are they at? – Wait what?
– Where did they go? – Where is the dolls? – Cynthia and Abigale are gone. (creepy music) (upbeat guitar music)

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