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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario, today we’re going to
talk about the hitting point on your racquet to get more spin on your backspin serve. The two critical factors to generate spin
are firstly the brushing contact you get with the ball, and secondly how fast that contact
is. This hitting point is going to help us with
the second of those and this is to generate more speed. The point we’re looking for to contact the
racquet is down near the end away from the handle. Why is that? Because that part is
moving faster than the part closer to your hand or to the handle. Let’s have a look at it. Your hand is doing
the moving. Now close to your hand is moving from there to there. So about that much. But
let’s have a look at how much this part down here is moving. It’s going from there all
the way to there. So it’s moving that much in the same amount of time so it has to be
moving faster and that’s where it’s going to help us to generate more spin. So close to my hand is moving from about 0mm
there up to about 220. So it’s moving about 220mm. Down at the end of my racquet, it’s
going from 0 way off the scale and even a lot further past. So the end of my racquet
is obviously moving a lot further in the same amount of time. So therefore it’s going to
generate a lot more speed and more spin. So after doing some serves you can see where
the ball has been hitting on my racquet, down near the end of the racquet. If you’re interested in learning more about
serving check out the serving secrets lessons at


  1. Thanks for the video! It does make sense! Just a question though, I was told that if I want to serve short backspin serve (im holding penhold), then I need to make contact with the ball at the upper end of the racket (closer to handle) instead of lower end (further away from handle). Is that incorrect?
    To make a short serve, do you just need to make the first bounce closer to the net? so whether I contact the ball closer to handle or further away from handle shouldn't matter?

  2. Very interresting detail. I did never thought about this and I've always had some difficulties with the backspin serve. I'll try it in the next weeks 🙂

  3. Thanks!  I've been playing a lot in the breakroom at work, and I developed a long backspin serve that, for months now, has been giving people serious trouble.  However, because the serve goes off the end of the table after the 2nd bounce, some of my co-workers are now being able to attack the serve with a topspin loop.  I now realize this is because I'm focused more on control, contacting the ball more toward the handle so I can aim it, and that's causing it to go longer than I want.  I'm going to have to put some practice in hitting it with the further end of the bat, with a finer brushing motion, and getting it to bounce twice on their side, so they can't attack the serve.

    I wouldn't have put that together as quickly if I hadn't seen this video.  Thank you Alois and Jeff, there's always good advice on this channel!

  4. interesting tip, never tried that far on the racket. Teacher also insists that the wrist should be very relaxed to get the most spin spin with the least speed (cause too much speed on a backspin makes the ball go out)

  5. Hi, PingSkills!
    Realy nice channel. I'd realy would like to hear some more advanced stuff with more examples. Also, is it me, or you could increase the pace of the videos. Like A LOT. I am sure you have a lot to teach us.

  6. Thank you for the great advice! Your advice has helped me improve my game so much. And you definitely deserve way more subscribers than you have!

  7. Hi pingskills , I feel that when the contact point is near to the handle , I we can do a short serve effictively.

  8. Very usefull video.
    Very clear english, important point for who that the english in no our first language!
    Fabio from ARGENTINA:

  9. The slow motion shots are superb clearly showing a very good technique. Another great and informative video.

  10. i heard that  in most backspin serves you can get alot of backspin by contacting the ball in the front of the bat is this contact point better, im kinda confused ?

  11. Very informative. I've been asking around and most of the players in my club (actually all) says that I should hit it at the side of the bat not at the top. The side that contacts the ball the first. Hitting it at the other side will not give a fast spin they say.

  12. I have tried this over and over again but I am not getting much backspin…the ball does not come back to the net…can you please help me with this

  13. It is quite grippy…I think I should try to improve my contact point and serve action a bit…thanks for your help and all those great vedios

  14. The 2 most important factors towards generating significant spin is 1. Maintaining the exact same plane of the rubber surface during the entire brushing motion – no wobbles! and 2. Acceleration – as you progress from back-swing, to the slicing motion towards the ball just before contact,, SLOW DOWN as much as possible and then EXPLODE from there. Spin generated is proportional to the difference in velocity just at contact point and the velocity during the brushing that follows (acceleration). First, learn to generate spin off the table. Initially, learn to impart spin by using waist and arm. Only involve the wrist once you can generate decent spin using the waist and arm. Once you get the feel of the ball sinking into rubber from off the table brushing practice, you can think about serving at the table, controlling height, length and variation. The serve is just too hard to learn by combining all elements at the same time – you need to master components of serve in piecemeal fashion.

  15. Could you redo this video with a mid level or worn paddle. Not the pro not the plain plastic face or wood face but the mid level paddle. Your really good but the fact that you have an awesome paddle that grips like a monster helps too. I'm getting my behind handed to me in the office and I'd like to know what kind of backspin I could aim to achieve with worn mid-level paddles. Your help in this would be much appreciated, thank you for all of your content.

  16. And you can intentionally hit right next to your thumb for a lower amount of spin as a variation. Give the opponent two consistent ones and vary the third one and you'll have an advantage!

  17. Hi.. I have a question…. What is the best rubber for the backspin..? My backhand game is not offensive much and usually end up doing back hand chop rallies with opponent.. my goal is to use powerful backspin to end the rallies using above technique and a good rubber.. ( I am using mark V currently)

  18. Do u think a ref would call that as a foul? He tossed the ball from a ways out to right next to him, not too straight up from that angle 😬

  19. Отличное видео. Много раз видел подобную подачу. Но такое детальное описание впервые. 👍

  20. That makes perfect sense thank you so much i have been so ignorant …. the best of your videos works like a lever the farther you get greater the leverage

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