1. I’m probably in a minority but I really dislike playing as a female character. It completely breaks immersion for me. The majority of gamers are Male and while playing as a female is nice for equality it fails to enhance a game for me.

    Heavy Rain got it right

  2. Поиграли со временем в quantum break теперь решили поиграть с пространством:D

  3. Female version of Quantum Break but on a whole different level, Looks impressive and the always changing environment just makes me more integrated to play it, Something i haven't personally seen in a video game, Have some high hopes with this one since it's the same studio from Alan Wake and Quantum Break please don't let us down.

  4. Remedy is just those type of game company that not only entertain gamers by making games, but also entertain the people who worked on this, letting their creativity run wild, using the game engine to its highest capability, testing things not many game dev made

  5. Actually going to be steaming if this is one bit of downgrades I haven’t had a game give me a rock hard desire since days gone

  6. Всю игру будешь бегать по подвалах сцаных и узких коридорах и серых типичных подъездах с коробками,как уже это надоело,почему нельзя локации интересные придумать а?

  7. Quantum Break: the Woman's Edition
    I would love to see Alan Wake 2 or something similar with the environment and complex story.

  8. Sonysta vai esperar sair na Plus. Quando sair ele assina a Plus e pega o jogo só pra deixar lá parado. Pq bom é jogar on sem pagar, no caso deles, Fourtinayti

  9. А она ничего, учитывая то, что мне всегда нравились рыженькие…

  10. Just pre-ordered after beating Quantum Break for the billionth time. You cannot tell me this girl looks and sounds exactly like Beth Wilder. I heard all the games (Alan wake, quantum break and Control) may all be in the same universe (somehow) but if this game is truly connected to Quantum Break somehow…if be so freakin' happy.

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