Hello friends Today we will make an episode in which I will show you How to Put Diamonds in Free Fire Let’s begin! We’re getting into Google Chrome We are entering this site Clicking on ‘caro’ I will leave you the link in the description on this site And here is the value The money you want to enter Example 1.42 Euro 2,85 Euro 4.07 Euro And there are more Example: I will press 1.42 Euro We press, buy, This is where our ID requests us So the ID of the player I’ll put it now Here I will name Click ‘Buy Now’ Here you have to make an account It’s very easy to keep an eye on you If you can not put your account from Google I do not know if it’s going to work may connect Here he writes, “Pay Now, We press, Pay now, Aic, you see those three lines Click on them We’re here And go down to paysafecard Clicking on paysafecard.Apasam ,, pay now ,, Here he writes the coin RON EURO GBP and so on I click on RON ,,Keep going,, And here you have to put the pin on which You have it on paysafecard So put the pin here Check this box And press ,, PATIENTS ,, And the diamonds will get in your account In about half an hour if you’re lucky Or an hour or two depends This was the episode With you was Player Games do not forget to subscribe, a like And share, PA


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