Daniel Radcliffe Is in Two Fantasy Football Leagues

-I missed you. I haven’t seen
you. Haven’t been on in awhile. -I know. It’s been ages.
-It’s been ages. But now you’re back,
you’re on Broadway, I want to talk about that.
-Yeah. -But first,
let’s get into this because I know we talked
about this before, you love American football.
-Yes. I do. -I love that because normally
with someone with your accent, you don’t really enjoy.
-I know. I know. I’ve been fully, uh, like fully
inducted into the football obsession over here, now. And it’s just, it’s a great
sport and I’m obsessed with it. Despite being re– like I play
fantasy as well. And I’m just —
Yes, yeah. -You play fantasy football?
-Yes. -So you’re in
the league right now? -I’m in two leagues.
One of which — -You have two leagues?
-Yeah. So. -You have a problem. [ Laughs ]
-No, I think two’s manageable. Anything past that and it’s
just, it’s diminishing returns. But the — but the —
-What are your names? -I’m fully aware these are not
good puns. Just so you know.
I don’t think these are good. -No, no, that’s the whole fun
of fantasy football names! -So I have Jared Goff on one
team, and so I went with Goff With Their Heads. Okay.
-Oh, yes! -You are very generous.
Thank you. Um, the other one,
is I’ve got both Jordan Howard and O.J. Howard and so I went
with Howard’s End Zone. Which is, yeah. The football —
-Howard’s and Reverend’s? -Yeah, yeah. The football/
E. M. Forster crossover is huge. -Wow!
-So, uh, yeah. -Howard’s End that’s a good —
you don’t hear that one enough. -Yeah, I’ve done some really
crappy Photoshop and put both of their faces on
the photos of Anthony Hopkins
and Emma Thompson from the BBC production.
Yeah. -Oh, that’s fantastic. Have you
had any time off this summer? You been working or…?
-I’ve been work– I’ve made a film this summer,
which is like this crazy action movie.
-You always do these cool, crazy movies.
-Yeah. Okay. This is defintely one of those. It’s, it’s about a guy —
It’s called “Guns Akimbo” and it’s about a guy who just,
he’s kind of an absolutely non-violent,
has no interest in it. And through a series of stupid
and horrendous mistakes, ends up being forced into a
fight to the death with Samara Weaving,
plays my — the person who is
much more skilled than me and trying to kill me,
for the entire film. But it’s like —
yeah it’s a mad, like… -Wow.
-…action comedy. And I got to do loads of stunts. And I also had what is
unquestionably the best costume I will ever
have. because I got to spend half of
the film just in a bathrobe and boxer shorts
and, and, and, a T-shirt. Which was great.
I — Yeah. I mean. Yes. Whoo indeed.
-That’s pretty fun, right? -It was great.
And it wa– -Well, uh…
-There you go. -I have a picture here.
-Yeah. -This is a sneak preview of
Daniel Radcliffe as Guns Akimbo.
-Yeah. -Not bad.
-Oh, yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah. So it was like…
-Dude, that’s fantastic. -Yeah, so it was like incredibly
fun just walking around the streets in Auckland with
looking like that. And people think,
“Wow, he’s really lost it.”


  1. Haha I mean, us Kiwis are so notoriously down-to-earth, and unclassy by British standards, that in smaller towns people do walk around dressed in variations of his outfit.

  2. То чувство когда не понимаешь не одного слова, а просто любуешься его милотой. 😂❤️

  3. Hi!!! I uploaded a cover of a song on my channel so if anyone can watch and provide me feedback, I’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

  4. He is like the posterboy for child stars who managed to avoid all the pitfalls of that life and come out on the other side as an incredible human being

  5. oml what are the chances this video comes up in my subscriptions whilst im editing a picture of him,,,, this some harry potter voodoo shit

  6. from an innocent witcher… to a man + man love scene. Thats Radcliffe Daniel in action – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBN0b4m5JGo

  7. My mother couldn't even recognize that that's Daniel Radcliffe AKA Harry Potter and y'all still see him as only Harry Potter actor?

  8. I couldnt help but notice his hands are shaking. After all these years of being a star, and even going through being a child star, he still gets nervous on talk shows? Thats adorable. What a humble guy.

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