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Two characters, ten years in age difference and two completely different stories to tell: DeMarcus Nelson and Mathias Lessort – two Basketball-Pros new to Munich. 15 minutes away from the beach? We can’t do that unfortunately. But their new chosen home Munich has a lot to offer still. We’re going on a sight-seeing trip together with Autobus Oberbayern. From the Audi Dome we’re headed towards Olympiapark. Because of the bad weather, we’re leaving the viewing platform not behind, but in that case on top of us and are looking for a dry place 181 meters above the ground. The fact that we can’t see much from up here either, seems to come in handy for the bigman, who’s sensitive to heights. Maybe you’ve already noticed: Mathias is definitely the louder one. Likes to laugh and sing. Might have something to do with his origin. Lessort is born on September 29th 1995 in the French overseas territory “Martinique”. Surrounded by the sun, the sea and good vibes. DeMarcus listens carefully. He seems to be more of an observer in general. He has definitely seen more than his teammate has. Ten years before Mathias, DeMarcus Nelson is born on November 2nd 1985 in Oakland, California. There’s also sunshine. It’s also right by the sea. But good vibes aren’t exactly what DeMarcus remembers. Not uncommon for his situation, DeMarcus turns to sports in order to find solutions for his problems. For Mathias family builds the foundation for his career, as well. And then a Basketball-tour through France should change his life. Mathias was discovered, stands out and takes his opportunities. For DeMarcus it’s quite the opposite. Standing out does not describe his career especially in the beginning. And suddenly he also stands out! All-American at Highschool, a scholarship at the renowned DUKE University… up until a unique case in the history of the Golden State Warriors: Despite not being picked at the 2008 NBA-Draft, he manages to earn a spot in the Starting-5 of former head coach Don Nelson and reaches the peak of his ongoing career. At the same time Mathias Lessort enjoys the heavenly climate of his home. Not knowing, that he would soon be leaving and missing it. Until 2016 Mathias stays in Chalon. For one season at a time, he then moves on to Nanterre… Red Star Belgrade… to the ACB to Malaga… and finally to FC Bayern Munich. He tells us about his learnings throughout his journey. So if that’s the case, how did Basketball influence the life of DeMarcus Nelson, who has played and lived in eight different countries in Europe so far. We’ll take that as an example. Bad weather?! DeMarcus and Mathias are in a great mood and lost in their conversation. As we try to hurry back in order to dodge the rain, the French guy, of course, cannot merely walk past a crêpes-stand. We are heading back to the Audi Dome. On the way we get a history lesson of Munich. Just like we’ve gotten to know them in the beginning of our tour, we continue to experience the two characters we’ve come to meet: Mathias laid-back, funny, loud. DeMarcus lost in thought, listening, quiet. Two completely different personalities and stories, who somehow ended up in the exact same place, anyway and will maybe even write a part of our history – together.


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