Denison Football Wrap-Up vs. Ohio Wesleyan (2018)

[Brandon Morgan] It was rivalry week here in Granville, Ohio with your big red football team defeated, Ohio Wesleyan 27 to 10. We caught up with Sam Ray, Alex Minton, and head coach, Jack Hatem. [Sam Ray] We had a very tough week of practice. We got challenged every day by the coaches and what we wanted to do was just come out and hit these guys in the mouth and just show them that we’re a better team. From them or than them that at the very beginning of the game. I think that’s what we did. [Jack Hatem] This game is alway close. It’s always tightly contested. I mean, it’s a big game, you know, and and you always have to play hard to win this game. We’ve beat them a couple times in a row, but that doesn’t matter. You know, they come out with their real hearts, its a college rivalry game. It’s a huge win. [Alex Minton] My hat’s off to Coach Holter. Great, great game plan and all the offensive linemen that I can’t do it without them. They make my job so much easier. [Jack Hatem] Our O lines are a fantastic group. They they’re aggressive and they play real real hard and then Alex is just a great running back. He’s he’s phenomenal. He’s as good as it gets. [Sam Ray] Our defense man. I love playing with our guys. Like I know every time I stepped out on the field with them. It’s gonna be a hundred and twenty percent. We just come after these guys. We hit him hard and the ball comes out and we’re just there to get it. So that’s what we do. [Jack Hatem]That’s a young group that secondary is guys that started the year, you know. And they didn’t have a ton of experience in on tell and you know, they’re getting better and better and better every week. [Sam Ray] Coach B, our fearless leader’s gonna have a great game plan for us on defense. We’re gonna trust in him and we’re just gonna work at practice to shut everything that they got down. So same old same old. [Alex Minton] I think we just got to keep on doing what we do every week, you know. Coach Holter and all the other coaches on the offensive side of the ball. They’ll have us ready, I know that. Coach Holter is one of the best offensive coordinators in the nation I think. So, he’ll have us ready and just gotta have another solid week of practice with a lot of high energy and a lot of focus.

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