Diogo Pé Plays FIFA With His Feet Against Willian, Emerson and Jorginho

My name is Diogo Alves. You can call me Diogo Pé. I’m here in London to see a game… Chelsea! …see the sites… …and play some FIFA. Oh, and I play FIFA with my feet. I’m 23, I’m a software developer and a Gold Standard FIFA player. Since I was a child, I realised
that my feet could be my hands. I really, really love
video games and football. I have a Twitch channel: Twitch.tv/JogoComPeOficial That means: “playing with feet official”. I can pass on my message and help people. And play FIFA, you know,
there’s nothing cooler. I have tested a lot of layouts
of my controller. I use the alternative layout
and I change two buttons: RB to change the cursor
and LT to finesse shot. I like to see
behind the scenes of things, take things apart
and understand how they work, from technology to defence. As a defensive-style player, there are two things
that you have to know: defence and counter-attack. I like to play with Chelsea,
Real Madrid, Barcelona. Stamford Bridge is a place
that I’m used to watching on TV. Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! It was a dream to actually be there. Goal! This is Diogo. Chelsea v Chelsea? Can I replace Willian? -Just kidding.
-Of course. Jorginho, if it goes bad,
you know what to do. -Slide tackle.
-Or turn off the console. Don’t let them counter-attack. -Come on, Jorginho!
-What was that? You can’t do that in real life. Nice. This game is rough. No fouls, Willian. Wow! Is he riding a motorcycle? -How about that?
-You did great. That was the one! That was not the one. Dude! Got to be careful. I’ll try to play more by myself
so we can score, OK? Wow! What a hit! Shoot! -That’s it…
-What was that? -Shoot!
-Come on, pass the ball! And it scores… Oh, my God, I can’t believe it! To play with Willian and Emerson
and Jorginho was amazing. These guys were so competitive. The match was so close. -Penalties.
-Penalties? Oh, my God! Unfortunately, we lost the match,
me and Willian. I was amazed to hear
about how he uses the anchored keyboard and remap controls to allow him
to keep playing at the top level. I work for Special Effects. We are a UK charity that exists to help people with severe
physical disabilities get more out of life by giving them access
to technology and video games. In Diogo’s case,
he really is breaking new ground. How did you get that? Finesse shot. Too good, man. I don’t have words to explain
how happy I am with this moment. Unbelievable. What an experience,
being frozen in England. I always like to tell my story. I need to do it. That’s my mission. If people can learn something from this, that’s my mission achieved.


  1. Hi Diogo!
    It is a great inspiration and motivation for many. Congratulations on your achievements, and always have new objects. You are enlightened! Thanks for this!

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