DoD Warrior Games Profile – Major Lee Harvey

I guess, it’s those different stages of
grief, you know, the shock, the denial and then the acceptance. And, you know, I think I’ve
gotten over those initial steps and, and now, I just focus on where I could be. And,
and overcoming these injuries, these ailments. So I mean, it gives me new
sense of purpose. A new, new sense of drive. I wake up, I go to the gym and I’m
mentally, I’m role-playing. What’s going to happen here at the Warrior Games? So
that’s what I’m looking forward to. I think the Warrior Games matter because
overall, I think it demonstrates that never-quit, the always keep fighting on
spirit of our military. And the fact that we’re going to overcome. And we’re going to,
we’re going to keep fighting to the, to the bitter end. And this is just another form
of it, you know. There’s, there’s all kind of competitors out here. You”ll see guys
with different type of injuries and ailments and they’re not quitting. You
know they’re not going to lay down there. They’re never going to stop fighting. I like
to go and listen to these guys and, and be there to support them. But at the same
time, they’re there to support me, too. So I like being around them and giving back
but at the same time, I know there’s brothers out there that understand me
that, that have travelled the same path that I have. And they understand what the same
language that I’m speaking.


  1. Good stuff Team. Keep uplifting for the good of all people including yourself & the other Warriors. RQQ.

  2. I'm in that video and was a teammate of major Harvey last year. That man is 50 years old and in twice as good shape as people half his age even after a serious injury

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