DragonBall Z KAKAROT Gameplay/Walkthrough Part 31 Final Boss/Ending

Oh father so welcome back to my channel
oh just to give her for life my name’s Joseph so walk back to another
gameplay of Jack ballsy Kakarot is um episode on the episode gameplay / walter r31 so my last game play / part 2
I can’t interrupt it i’ma finish the gameplay / Walter by people playing
freaking loud music I will finish my video come on down
oh you will pay on they do what the fuck did this
almost oh my gosh Arielle JJ’s what the fuck today’s I’ll come on down do this yes rayon hey this almost down I got out there are
these two training yes because powerful I see yo fitty I can’t take care of this
now come on now almost there might not be able to do much but I’ll join in as
well we’ll go down fighting giving it our all what is this energy someone’s coming Gohan’s triumphant return thank goodness nobody wasn’t let’s go hon there’s
something different about his energy he seems more confident maybe that could be
why I didn’t recognize him where’s everyone else
they’re gone majin buu killed them all even mom and den day they were yummy I
ate every last one of them hey make good chocolate no he’s wrong it’s faint but I
can sense some key don’t tell me you’re going to fight me yes no I’m gonna kill
you oh here we go hey like level 32 do this why I see damn it those Super Saiyan 2 area that body dot my obsequies it is yeah it is all right nope I’ll go until you got it yes do this
ah crap down we think going on the stops JJ’s yeah yes Archer nope yeah you going down nope dammit yeah there you go how do I gather this the Moscow their Yelp daddy
oh man was down this
I don’t like people that are really yes got her yes so this Oh yes damn it so far to this that’s my god
oh shit number 70 cool you can’t beat me so it was you that’s right very very well that’s too bad majin buu I will not
I will not let you do this because on earth quick-thinking Gohan thanks sure I can’t
believe he blew himself up so is boom dead no then what happened
did he run away I can’t feel his energy anymore
he has the power to mask his key he’s hiding and waiting for his chance to
attack yeah I’m not sure about that but it did seem like he was up to something
yep gonna be much longer that guy could barely lay a finger on Gohan I’d say he
was about as strong as our super go tanks he was stronger oh yeah hmm maybe
a little bit that reminds me Gohan where the hell did you get all this power whoa that old man sounds pretty cool
what about the dragon radar who has it oh right I have it with me
but with denday Khan the dragon balls they’re pretty useless no they’re not
den days still alive his keys faint but you can still feel it right Forte’s yeah
you’re right let’s go and meet up with him huh how I’m picking up a small
amount of key from someone else by survivor ooh look a the strongest act is that a
person yeah that’s hey it’s mr. Satan you mean he
wasn’t killed with everyone else there’s no killing that guy huh let’s just leave
him here no I think we better take him with us
I’ve been watching him from commies look out he’s a good person deep down there’s
a clumsy way he actually tried to save everyone send a you’re alive so glad to see you
mr. Popo he threw me down here before majin buu could kill me we owe mr. Popo
a lot thanks to his quick-thinking we have a chance hey what’s wrong with the
kid his face is all three head what do you
mean kid he’s a guardian over heart the Guardian yes duh huh it’s majin buu something’s not right
what is he up to hey I want to finish our fight What did he say no you don’t
boo you’re still fighting me the head first I want to finish the fight with
them then you and me can fight why why do you want to fight them first what
happened to all that talk about you wanting to kill me we’re not scared of
you let’s mess this guy up for good trunks it’s a trap now you’re talking
wait something isn’t right here don’t you find all of this kind of strange I could just get that kids power and
that piccolo guy’s brains I know the trap No what do you think Gohan looks like my
plan was a huge success you have just witnessed the birth of the ultimate
Marjan are you dirty slimy I can’t believe you actually absorbed them you
have only yourself to blame after all you made the mistake of surpassing me
I’ve been planning this from the very first time I felt your power from far
away I knew what I had to do as I fought that super coaching sprats I figured out
that absorbing him would make me completely untouchable but the kids
power had a time limit he told me so himself I couldn’t have him returning to
normal so i bided my time go treat said it
would take another hour to fuse again so I lied in ways and tell me so that’s
what you were up to you know if you really wanted to obtain
the ultimate power you should have absorbed me you still
don’t get it do you what’s the point if I have no one to
rifle me didn’t you hear me when we fought before I am going to kill you
that’s my ultimate goal huh I see so that’s your angle makes sense no oh man
here we go what the fuck to this I don’t like this come here yes ain’t through will you this RW better so this sit there you go hurry up sit yes making this oh my gosh I doubt what the fuck dammit
I got there you go
damn Algeciras Oh dajin dammit come on down do this oh yeah damnit I got there’s this
yes oh yeah yeah – this do this damn it yes live so one cool mess I’m starting
to get bored time to finish this what no way oh he can’t beat him he’s
not strong enough hmm I certainly did not see this coming well
then that settles it Goku you’re going to go help him huh but
I can’t that’s right elder Kai Goku is no longer
able to return to the world of the living
I’m fully aware of that that’s why I’m going to offer him my life he can then
make his way to go on what you’re gonna give me your life are you serious I
can’t allow that if you don’t let me the entire universe is history then I’ll
offer him my life it’s the least I can do to help that’s enough of that
you’re still young me on the other hand I’ve only got another thousand or so
years left foot cramps farewell and good luck ah thanks Gramps I promise I’ll try not
to waste the life you’ve given me tell he’s a die right dude
dead that’s so messed up right okay I’m out of here
so wait just a second I forgot something take my Patara wear one on your left ear
when you get there way to say so wearing this will make me stronger in a sense
yes if Gohan where’s the other on his right
ear you two will combine into one warrior
amen and not going on so this would be um pasilla what what are you serious yes
and the effect is far stronger than that other fusion technique those Patara
earrings are considered a sacred treasure among the supreme Kai’s I never
knew about that your younger generations are truly hopeless go on try it for
yourselves you in Kebede oh you surround Bottari
earrings wha huh Wow
this power it’s incredible huh with this power I can join the fight too don’t get
carried away you don’t neither of you were much on your own infusing isn’t
going to change that I see wow you weren’t kidding Gramps
that’s awesome oh yeah by the way how long does the fusion last the Patara
don’t have a weakness like that the fusion lasts forever it’s permanent
huh well as far as I know hmm there’s a shock I’d be fused with gone
forever well I guess I can live with that quit
your incessant babbling and get out of here do you want Gohan to die right all
right I’m off oh and thanks for everything I will destroy everyone dad is that you
what are you doing here go on take this huh pick it up hurry put it on your right
ear the two of us are gonna fuse and take boot down watch fuse Oh No found it what was I supposed to do
with it again no no it’s gotta be kidding me come on I’m even more
powerful than before no sir I can’t feel the gun what will you do now you tried
to fuse with go on but it looks like I beat you to it
there’s no one left for you to feel come on man think you’re tricky huh
absorbing everyone like that believe this this energy it’s what’s wrong
giving up already and it’s time for you to die huh Instant
Transmission Vegeta I can go King Yemma was kind enough to return your body but
only so you can be here to fight that monster you do understand that right I’ll be fine
whether I’m dead or alive it makes no difference to me I’ll do what I can but Gina I knew it with you I got listen
up Vegeta I need you to wear this on your right ear we’re gonna fuse no we
aren’t why the hell would I do that because this is our only shot of
breeding majin buu I’d rather be a race from existence to become one with the
likes of you Vegeta forget your pride just this once
the whole universe is done for if we don’t do this you’ve got some nerve you hit a great deal of your power from me
when we last fought didn’t you Kakarot what is this Super Saiyan 3 you never
cease to piss me off you know that I will not fuse with a bastard like you
I’m sorry Vegeta I can’t stay in that form very long I was saving it for when
I really needed it I don’t want to hear your excuses you disrespected me by
holding back I’ve never been so humiliated maybe this will change your
mind then everyone’s been eaten by Buu even Bulma and trunks who’s on his way here please you want to
save them right give it to me now there you are
Vegeta just a heads up disputants permanent there’s no going back after
this got it what did you say damn you why would you wait until now to tell me
that this is what I’m supposed to do right yep
thanks for Dida just happened rivals unite against majin buu
since I’m the fusion of Vegeta and Kakarot I guess that makes me the Jesus it’s gonna be awesome how dare you talk me dolly
oh say five awesome I’m more shocked than is done super cool yeah bring our
super booth Oh damnit take this nice damnit okay demo yes and for this damnit yeah let’s a get out of there yes no oh sit oh my god damn oh my god and crab Oh alright I’m starting to get bored so
let’s go ahead and end this I’ll give you until the count of ten say your
prayers if you’ve got any one two three what are you doing now is your chance
come on you’ve only got one move left when you’re in this kind of position at
this rate my only option is to absorb him what wait that’s it I can use the
part of me that he cut off earlier Oh huh seven eight Oh No
so he finally figured it out it’s about time this is the whole reason I cut off
that ridiculous tail thing on his head very good he’s not paying attention nine
all right time to see if this is going to work I did it I didn’t are you sir this can’t be happening he was absorbed
it’s over now no it might not be doesn’t something seem a little odd to you when
he absorbed someone before not only did his power increase but his appearance
changed that now something’s different he hasn’t changed it all what does this
mean it’s possible Vegeta was absorbed by majin buu on purpose well here’s an
aircraft e1 to commemorates my newfound dominance
I’ll destroy this planet look something’s happening I knew it I knew
it he would ginger boo to find a way to save his friends that good idea what’s happening though this happening
this happening he’s returning to his previous forms but
what in the world huh we did it
everyone’s back to normal you need to hide them boo still hasn’t noticed us
yet because subbu become capable all right
I’m heading back to where buoys right all right don’t hunt in the earth should
be okay now boov still isn’t budging I guess we
better keep a close eye on them yes there’s a oh let’s see to make sure always save it just in case if I die I’m gonna fight the open-air battle of
Kippur this ain’t good this ain’t good at all so hey
something’s happening to poo the high energy right there yet there’s been no
movement Oh get this right here they go check out it’s just as big as it
was before doesn’t he love up a little bit more I wonder why do you think the
Vitara fusion wore off like that I don’t know
we sure damn lucky that it did are you ready to die here we go Oh it’ll
be easy yes yes there you go it’s got a lock on it is
oh crap oh okay put the world map again
alright see I try get a high power energy first so before if I keep ooh
because I need to lift up some more so no I need to do before if I kid buu the
bottom battle this be a final battle alright so find out ng those 55 okay
cool that guy there this there you go sit yes there you go to this Wow dammit this we think no come here yes are there some more here we go over
here God still loves up some more so to deal
with this now maybe I’ll take this oh crap this it is I miss
goddammit yes say this all right yes yes Tom okay right there continue fight
some more enemies so best to deal with this now hey y’all Dadda here we go yes yes almost God hey this yes awesome I was down yes that if yes of up now 69 I do it I like like
almost 18 I think I’m ready to fight kid buu become like love city 9 so he might
be like loves 35 or 80 so I don’t know if you love 80 like fuck god damn it nah so save it just in case all right so rizk ha you overhear my troubling best to deal
with this now that get him I’ll set oh you changing wait a sec Vegeta is it
just me or is this energy increasing no boy it’s not possible he’s reverting back reverting back what do you mean the
majin buu that bibbidi created was evil incarnate something even he himself
couldn’t control it wasn’t until the mild-mannered grand supreme kai was
absorbed that bibbity could finally control him so what you’re saying is
this little boom now even more than what we’ve been dealing yes adsorbing others
had a dampening effect on him but now now his evil is unrestrained he’s lost
all self control and disappear evil what what is that what’s he doing whoa unbelievable that was close he
tried to blow the whole planet to pieces dang that little bastard hey boo go
ahead and destroy the planet if you want but you’ll have to go through us first
Oh hate others petite over here to me no you we’re not gonna make it oh my gosh there could be a final battle final arm
gameplay / well – yeah we did but Gohan and the others and Earth Kakarot what
the hell have you done why did you bring these fools instead well what about Earth it’s gone I’m afraid nothing but space
debris now what are you talking about we’re standing on it no a lot wait I
know what’s going on this is all a dream it’s just a dream
isn’t that a dream dammit Kakarot go on and the others are all dead because you
decided to save this dumbass instead and now earth and everyone on it can’t be
brought back sir the dragon boss the only safety net we
had are gone what dragon balls why are the world where their Dragon Balls on
earth those are forbidden powerful objects
entrusted to only the numidians no one else should possess them that’s right if
we head to new Namek the new grand elder should be able to give us access to the
new Dragon Balls there we can’t do it we could freak back earth and all those
killed by boo with Planet Namek back I should be able to teleport between here
and other planets with no problem alright now we’re talking take a look
majin buu is returning to his original shape here give your Patara to Goku and Vegeta
they should be able to beat him if they fuse again right now we don’t need those
oh yeah yeah that type of fusion technique really
isn’t for us I want to fight him on my own anyway besides he’s not relying on
anyone elses power anymore that’s what I like to hear
Kakarot you’re finally talking like a sane I can’t believe this
he saw my Instant Transmission before and copied it well whatever that saves
us some trouble we’ll just end this here then get out of here
find some faraway planet and take everyone with you okay right then I
guess we don’t have much of a choice pay no mind to this world of ours go all out
and show that monster what for good luck Oh No I forgot to bring that Satan
fellow with us forgetting about him for now alright
who’s going first let’s find out rock yes I win at least I’ll finally be able
to see this Super Saiyan 3 of yours yeah let’s do this boo hmm hey he’s sleeping
are you little are you messing with me oh boy
here we go see I can’t beat him what the heck with daytime talking to me what the
fuck oh hell no oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap what it is oh crap yeah
oh crap take this brah Oh No yes oh crap oh crap daddy oh crap
there you go oh crap fabricated oh my gosh
oh crap – Shaw this where y’all boo yeah damnit oh my gosh Tushar data there you go got me one time walk all the time oh great I always stop it a little bit oh crap oh my gosh really definitely bullshit it is yes oh shit oh my gosh hey Jess what’s up oh man
yeah there to this I freaking miss where you go damn it too fast too fast oh crap
oh man too fast you gotta be kidding me man oh there damn I survived here too strong
oh shit are you working now working there we go yes oh my god I be the low 70 yes you really are something else they can
finally figured it out I think I know why a genius like me can’t keep up with
you I thought it was because you meant people you wanted to protect It was as
if having a strong desire to save others gave you some mysterious power and maybe
it does in some way by to have those I care about
but you always different you don’t fight to win you fight to continue pushing
yourself past your own limits that’s why you never took the lives of
your opponents you you even had the opportunity to kill me but you didn’t
you didn’t damn you track of what I can’t believe a battle loving family
even exists you’re in trouble now boo here comes my
full power Tommy I mean only you can do this you are number one but gia has a
soft side he care bye Kakarot oh boy give me a break already this guy never
gets tired does he Kakarot forget about me and just finish him off yeah I’m
trying but I can’t I’m gonna need another minute to charge up my energy if
I’m gonna beat him one minute huh I’ll hold him off for one
minute you hurry up and charge your power I’m gonna need that whole minute
you know just hurry up and do it yeah I got it super-sized spirit bomb yeah oh are you sure though you’re
already dead you do know what happens when a dead person dies again don’t you they disappeared from this world and
other world you ceased to exist don’t die on me Vegeta mind your own business
alright so you’re gonna fight him oh my god
you gotta be fucking kidding me first rather me big bang care y’all hey this seems too easy daddy oh my god hurry up oh shit now close call god they disks oh my god darn it yes oh my god oh my god batter
oh my gosh damn it oh my gosh oh my gosh you get boom you are dead that day
yes the gang powder oh crap
you got me des Big Bang oh my god dad
yeah there did this yes as girls call on my car
southern Kuril battle no longer stand idly by let this continue the great mr.
Satan world’s martial arts champion will put you in your place
huh yeah that’s the stuff it’s the same as this is real man doesn’t feel like
one Hank the bandits boo why didn’t the world is going on the
larger majin buu developed a strong friendship with mr. saeba that boom must
have objected to harming mr. Satan had prevented the attack that explains why he spit him out there
but to be honest losing that Satan fellow in this fight would really change
things huh indeed jack erat now’s your chance what well do you have enough energy now
or what no come on that’s no way you complete idiot you were supposed to
restore your energy not revert back to normal man this sucks this was a lot easier
back when it was dead guess it’s safe to say Super Saiyan 3 really drains all
your strength and you’re alive yeah it looks like we’re completely screwed
there’s nothing else I can do here supreme Kai’s ten day you can see what’s
going on here can’t you can you hear me if you can then answer me already – I
said now yes we can hear you good I need you to go to the new Planet
Namek immediately and gather the Dragon Balls why what the stammering and just
do it we don’t have much time oh hey patina what are you up to it’s a little
early for us to use the Dragon Balls cutthroat how many times have you saved
earth and its people are you asking me that
quite a few times I guess I think it’s about time the people of Earth save
themselves for once we’ve been waiting for you today huh oh
my you grace us with your presence supreme kai everyone we are fully aware
of the situation come let us hurry Thank You Lydia we’ve
collected all seven of the Dragon Balls just like you asked but good now hurry
up and summon an domeki and Dragon I’ve got two wishes for you to make first ask
to have the earth returned to the way it was then asked to bring back everybody
that’s died since the day of the world tournament excluding of course anyone
that’s even those are the two wishes should I make the wishes now what about
two the third wish the third wish doesn’t matter
you’ve got to hurry Vegeta about that second wish
it’d probably be easier to just bring back everyone killed by boo don’t you
think if we ask for that bobbidi and deborah will be brought back too plus
all the people I killed of the world tournament arena wouldn’t be brought
back oh oh yeah man you really thought this through
uh-huh we have a problem I just remembered that peruca can only bring
back one person from the dead at a time that is no longer a concern after the
incident with Frieza I took the liberty of powering up piranhas with scratching
abilities really so we could bring back as many people as we want everything’s
okay good now make the wishes Tucker alpha-tocopherol got to pee
little peril state your wishes
I shall grant any three wishes that you desire character pop Braga Pepito Paro a
faraway planet called Earth was recently destroyed please bring it back your
first wish has been granted now their state your second wish um how
should i phrase this Pete Bottari sorry man Popo tow Tara PO please bring back
all those killed after the wizard bhavati arrived on earth no accept
anyone evil understand however it will take some
time that is a lot of people to revive right what’s wrong tindy have you made
the wishes yet hey now quit your yammering would you
his poor uncle fellow is doing what he can thank you for your patience your
second wish has been granted but you know we did it everyone should
be back now look your halos Khan Vegeta you’re alive now that’s great I guess
that means you’re not a bad guy after all mm-hmm what what wait a second what
wasn’t I killed by Boog what’s going on oh I think I get it now you’re thinking
of having Gohan and Goten join us in the fight no no you’re going to prepare that
attack of yours the Spirit Bomb a spirit bomb really you’re kidding me right
no Jota Lee not gonna let me gather energy little by little from people on
earth didn’t I tell you that the people of Earth need to save themselves for
once it’s not going to be little by little they’re going to give every ounce
of energy they’ve got hey supreme kai listen up get me in touch with the
people of Earth right away he led to me that’s my specialty who’s that I know that voice it’s King
Kai bingo you know Vegeta I’m quite touched you thought of my technique now then speak not just the earth but
the entire universe existing good thanks people on earth listen here I’m
communicating with you from a faraway place every one of you was killed by
majin buu but we use the strange power to bring you all back to life everything
should be back to the way it was before and no this is not some kind of dream
you’re having as I speak right at this very second there’s a warrior here
fighting majin buu on your behalf but the truth of the matter is he’s run out
of energy and can’t fight anymore that’s why we need your help raise your
hands into the air we’re going to use your energy to defeat majin buu you’ll
feel tired afterward but no more tired than after a good workout
now raisins alright Kakarot begin you bet everyone lend me as much of your energy
as you can please he’s forming a spirit bomb you got it dad that didn’t sound like Vegeta in the
slightest this thing’s huge I can feel energy from going on and the
others mm-hmm still not enough watch out everyone sounds like your energy could
really be drained yeah I’m not gonna listen to some mysterious voice in the
sky damn those bastards not a single one of them are listening to a word I said
hey where these voices coming from things are looking grim the fat ones
hanging on by only a thread what are you doing the cutting out stop it right now
oh say merit Kakarot I’m going to try and buy us some
more time you try and convince the imbeciles of
earth to give you more energy Oh No now go fight him yes daddy prepare yourself no got it
yeah there Oh No yeah there Big Bang yes Dadar oh man oh sit oh fuck oh my gosh matter no sir to this damnit yes although yeah there yes oh crap gather oh my gosh big bang like
that gotta make God yes I be him father
this voice right I finally know who this voice belongs to it belongs to Goku he
and the others are fighting march in boo hurry oppa raise your hands to the
heavens I get it so that’s who it is no it’s been a while
since I’ve heard that voice it’s Goku it’s Goku sudo right I knew it
was him it’s no good I’ve only received a tiny
bit more what’s going on why are people lending me their energy everyone I thought you guys cared about her hello
about the universe come on you morons what did he call us morons oh wow he’s
got some nerve doesn’t he you know what just ignore him
I bet all of this is just a lie that majin buu probably isn’t real either
yeah we’re all probably just being tricked by some hypnotist yeah that’s
enough of it why the hell won’t you cooperate do you intend to ignore a
request from the great mr. Satan as well Oh mr. Satan huh what’s he doing there it’s really good it’s mr. Satan what
weight is so it’s mr. Satan who’s fighting majin buu right now yeah that’s right
I am gonna pulverize majin buu and I need everyone’s help to do it duh Sariah nah figured they wouldn’t
believe me unless I said I was fightin the important thing is is that the booze
too faded right hmm here Ted done yet what’s taking so long it’s no
good yes get out of the way Vegeta you’re gonna
get caught in the blast forget about me idiot
throw the damn thing already you’re gonna fight now be kidding me like lobster yay hey Tosh all gonna be ma’am really oh my gosh you got me oh my gosh oh crap Dadu oh my god yes do it hurry up and blow this kind of
paces way to go mr. Seaton you know I was
wrong about you you really are yeah we forgot one thing
takarov’s too weak to make it work now what are we supposed to do how much
longer must I wait do you not have a third wish but that’s right Barranca
can you restore the energy of someone named Goku that’s great but please do it
now who bring super oh it’s no good Coco I used the final wish to restore your
energy yeah I sure AM
Thank You Dragon Balls you’re pretty amazing and you fought
this hard all on your own I hope you were born someone goodness I want to
fight you one-on-one I’ll be waiting and I’m gonna keep getting stronger later well it’s finally over jeez it’s about damn time what the hell is he smiling about he
never ceases to piss me off awesome cool do dis you to it you get it right people
of Earth this is the World Martial Arts champion mr. Satan thanks to your
efforts the terrifying majin buu has finally been defeated you can rest easy
now his reign of terror has come to it Goku going he’ll Vegeta first he’s done a lot
worse shape than me oh right hey where are you going there boy hmm
Hey huh what goodies he’s still alive oh please please you gotta heal them you
can’t do that right with that weird power of yours
don’t be ridiculous you moron get out of the way I’m going to finish him off
look stop no don’t kill him the peace he’s not a bad guy I swear I’m
begging you I promise I promise I’ll keep an eye on him keep an eye on him
don’t make me laugh what can a powerless fool like you do go ahead and heal booth
today what are you out of your mind come on Vegeta it’ll be fine
if it weren’t for these two here all of us would be dead isn’t that right – fine
do whatever you want I don’t give a damn oh thank you so much all right once
booze heal let’s head back to earth I’m dying for a bite to eat it a good
long nap and so Goku and the others finally
returned to earth hey everyone yo it was a long overdue reunion with
friends and family another with one less than welcome addition sorry for being away for so long
everybody that old Supreme Kai gave his life to me so I could come back oh you
mean we can finally be a family again all four of us you mean Gohan and Goten
yep let’s head back to Mount pausing I’ve really been craving your cooking
titi in this world there exists seven mystical wish-granting orbs known as the
Dragon Balls Goku and his friends adventures surrounding these magical
orbs are far from open although there are many more surprises and hardships
that lie in store for them he’ll take each one head-on don’t worry
the earth will always be safe as long as goku and his friends are around

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