Element 3D -How to fix the OpenGL problem with ATI radeon HD graphic cards!! 100% working Easy Way!!

what is up guys adnan here and today we are
gong to fix ATI radeon hd graphic card problem with element 3d in after effects
so here you can see that element 3d is showing this error…
so it is showing that make sure that your graphuc card driver is updated.. so we have to just update our graphic card
driver… so first go to Google and search ATI Radeon
Update… then click here or you can also go this link
from the description section, which is below… Alright this software automatically detect
your graphic card so just download it now … it will take some seconds.. now it is
downloaded pen it then it will automatically detect your graphic card.. and download the
driver it wait for some minutes and its done… lets check we have successful or not..
whoa! its done! yeah! we have done! make sure you subscribe to our channel…
if you are having any questions regarding this video you can ask me through the comment..


  1. I have newest crismon and newest drivers and its still not working. Radeon R9 270x, AE cc 2015 64bits, Element 3D 2.2

  2. I HAVE FIXED IT, Element
    is not supported with the latest AMD drivers at this time. What you can
    do is revert back to your previous driver. This version in particular:
    15.300.1025.1001, IT WORKED FOR ME

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  4. plz help when I open the amd it not download it sayswe were unable to find a driver for your system. no supported hardware   was detested

  5. hallow adnan i have a problem ……my pc have 4 Gb of ram …..160 hard…..and ….256MB of graphics card…… here is a problem that is (after effects error) when i open element 3d….is here's is the problem of graphics card or others…….please coment must

  6. Can U suggest it ?…Konsa Graphics Card acha rahega." Element 3D, 3D Modeling , 3D rendering" Jaise software thick se chalne ke liye..mere PC me AAE me Element 3D kam nhi kar raha hai…Ye error aa raha hai("Element failed to initialize OpenGL. Please ensure your GPU drivers are up to date, and that your GPU is compatible.) Graphics Drivers Update kiye uske sath bahut sare drivers Update kiye…jaise ki Direct X waigre aise.. phir bhi wahi problem aa rahi hai……
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>Mere PC ki Requirement kuch is tarah hai<<<<<<<<<<.
    *OS:- win-7 (64bit)
    *Motherboard OR Processor (Internal Graphics Memory ):- Intel DH31WW , Core i3 , GPU Memory 1696MB (Intel HD Graphics)

  7. Hello I have a problem with ELEMENT 3D (VIDEOCOPILOT), when I do I enable the Raytrace option in AMBIENT OCCLUSION after effects crashes with error (element has encountered an unrecoverable error). I've already ADDED my gpu (980Ti) in the list of supported GPU, but the problem persists. I have tried various versions of after effects and I have updated all of the GPU drivers, I have also tried to use different version of the driver, without success.

    Can you help me please?

  8. my driver is an ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT on windows 10 (im pretty sure its an oldie? 2008 I think?) and I have element 3d v2.2 installed for my after effects cc. It doesn't give me an error message when I try to use it, but nothing shows up in my preview or when I try to use models nothing comes up.

  9. helo my 3d element same problum.but my Desktop CPU is Intel Board.i have many search in youtube and google i have no find solution.plz help me brother

  10. i am using Adobe After Effects CC 2018 while as system is intel i5 processor with intel hd graphics 4600.

    but i got same error "Element failed to initialize OpenGL"

    Please solve me

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