FANTASTIC NEW VIDEO I Love Real Estate – Property Games 2017

I Love Real Estate is an amazing property education Community here in Australia where we teach people how to replace their income and how to get out there and change their lives. and between Dymphna and I we’ve landed on this most magnificent place called Couran Cove situated near the Gold Coast 10 minutes away in beautiful Queensland so for those of you in the rest of the world bad luck… Our Magnificent seven are coming here Very, very shortly, they’re going to be staying here on the beautiful Couran Cove, it’s just gorgeous here this will be their home. What are they going to do? Well they’re going to do a lot of learning I can tell you Boys and Girls we’d like to welcome you all. This is going to be your home now for the next 39 40 weeks and we’d like to make you feel very special Hey guys, how are you? Good to have you here You’re going to be part of a working team here we’re all about advancing your growth, but also advancing the progress of our project and so we’ll be working integrally together to do that Thanks for your attendance but get ready to do some work! The very first thing that happens is we settle them into their home, they get accomodation and food but they have to put in 15 hours of sweat equity every week, cuz they don’t get any freebies the very next morning they have to start renovating their Big Brother house as I call it so they’ve got to tile it, they’ve got to paint it It hasn’t been used for over 10 years! and what they have to transform that into is quite remarkable… They are going to be doing deals they going to be negotiating on deals they gonna be out there you know really on the cutting edge doing Real Estate What you’re going to see is the full process of where they start You’re going to see the emotional rollercoaster You’re going to see the ups and downs of Real Estate we’ve got so many strategies to work with these guys on So you’re going to learn too, about all the different strategies, how they work, who you’ve got to talk to what people you’ve got to bring in to help people out you know to do those type of deals Watch them follow them, your’e going to learn heaps along the way and you know support the kids, because they’re going to need it as well

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