FNC vs IG | Finals Game 1 | World Championship | Fnatic vs Invictus Gaming (2018)

IG is saying this game this series ends right here fnatic are the King to the West and they will represent in the world final going to the finalists only half the way so unless we actually end up winning then then while we were here Munakata no magic in the knowledge cigar okay technological community phonology diamond cutting off here I expect this to be the second of many wells to come I can't expect to win every single world but this one in particular this one is ours every year I've seen the trophy ceremony and I always thought this should be me I knew it was gonna be me one day this is the best chance I'll ever get now that I'm here I feel like I've wanted more than ever and I don't think IG has the same sort of fire that we do the transit receipt Yokozuna entitled to get books on the web or to get commercially little pramanya he's happy for that so that's always in cope with my new flat warts I'm not just here to win one world I'm here to make a legacy to myself I won't have a legacy of Championships and it's not today one step one best of five away from their dream of holding the title of world champions but it's gonna be the hardest step they've ever had to take some of these players playing on the biggest stage they've ever played on before and after being introduced like that from a legend in his own right caster tune what just to walk over the levitating intros as they came over the crowd how do you slow down your heart after something like that exactly I mean I'm here I'm sitting here with my heart racing I can only imagine what it feels like to be a player on that stage knowing that you're about to try and perform in front of a crowd this I've never been on a stage all of Invictus gaming safe for Duke and rookie have never left China to even compete when they went to RIF rivals it was still in China and they're now standing on a levitating glass stage like okay I'm also gonna play probably the most important series of our lives in about ten minutes yeah without a doubt but therefore I think it's very important for us to kind of take a step back and recap how these teams ended up in the position that they did starting with fnatic in their road to the finals I think fnatic I think they definitely had the easiest side of the brackets i think the way main word I would say for them is dominance I think they showed up big time in the groups I think they deserved to get the easier bracket they got the first sheet over IG and then they had eg they kind of swept them over c9 even easier another yeah you only need to loot you need to lose three games to lose a best-of-five fnatic has lost two games this entire world championship one in the group stage and one in the quarterfinals so they have definitely had a very dominant road to this point and I will say this though while fnatic you know people are going to look at kind of that soft best-of-three between IG and fnatic it's an AK you know clear favorites they've got the experience they beat IG more times last time these teams face but if you look at Invictus gaming run the fact that he was almost a 300 cross from Katie Vestal that it was a 300 across from g2 I think that kind of skews the lens you know if you take a closer look at those games that IG could actually be favorites in this matchup and you look at the whole year IG was one of the best regular-season dreams we've ever had 34 and to their cumulative record across a 17 in one spring and summer and they as well haven't dropped that many games the two they lost was two kt rolster but tournament favorite from korea so they have also had a fantastic regular seasons marred a little bit by some you know let bounds in those high-pressure moments they haven't let down in the pressure moments in the knockout stage so far this tournament but as we just talked about there is no greater stage then the world final stage so can that group of five players on both sides of the rift can't they step up to the moment for me it's kind of like this idea about growth versus refinement it feels like fnatic are refining themselves you only knew that they were a strong team and now it's just the finishing touches you know it's quick oh really steps into his own for Invictus gaming it's actually evolution you mean finding more picks Jack you'll have no longer cracking under pressure and we saw the intense pressure in that key to bolster Series I think what's been the most impressive part for me watching fnatic the entire year even though they consistently were on top the entire time there was this little funnel blunder where records was playing John and they swapped them out but they were on top the entire time and when you're on top it's very hard to improve but yet they did this figure out their issues with how to play around caps to figure out how to play botlane they put people in there as well they kept kept improving and that's the thing that impressed me the most about this roster and they very much feel like a well-rounded team we've said it reckless himself said it in that interview we had with him that him stepping away really forced the team to grow into you know an animal that can win through many different strategies as opposed to only through that ad carry in the bot lane yeah absolutely you look at 2017 this team needed to win through individual out plays because they didn't have the map play they learned the map play but they still have the ability to win through individual out plays so I think that's one of the things that has ended up completing this team to allow them to make this friend of the final IG almost remind me of kind of old-school fnatic the fact that if you looked at them domestically in Europe they had the two best carries the best ADC they have the best mid laner and they will just dominate through teams they were never really push and so when they got MSI and they fall down to greater team play then they look internally say okay let's tighten this up let's be a better team player instead of our superstars IG they're not having phase one they've got some incredible superstars but it's about the Solent it's about the Shayan rookie i think it's crazy facing IG and scrims alone this playing against them in scrims i notice instantly that this is the best mechanical team that i've ever seen in my life wow that is just focus on the mechanics screaming against fnatic it was a whole different beast because it was so hard to win against them decisive they're always one unit and yet this roster is also very very stacked and Jeb where we see that coming to play quite often is that mid lane we've talked about rookie building his own advantages and while fnatic can still win through the mid lane it's usually with the jungler and the support coming to aid caps in getting those advantages yeah absolutely you look at IG and you don't have to look much farther than rookie in the shine for for how they succeed Jackie love has his pop off moments and that's the thing all three lanes are taking risks the entire game so when they are that good mechanically that's what results in wins that's the 17:1 in spring and summer and that's the IT that's in the final for the final time at this world championship I'm gonna ask you guys give me wind conditions for the two teams remaining fighting for that summoner's Cup starting with fnatic and Jack you're taking them all right I think for both teams d main win condition is to win the Solon's it's about how you get there that I think is important so how you win the soul lanes I think you actually denies in jail from Ming because he can apply a lot of early pressure with that pic and I don't think he's shown he can apply the same early pressure on other pics they all seem to control bot side River because if Ricky starts running away with mid lane they can collapse up and reduce that pressure and most importantly they have to play like they know they are the better team like they did against c9 because if they give too much respect to IG they fall back in laning phase IG pounces on them and fnatic losses now frost IG are in the position to hand the LPL their first world title up against fnatic how do they do it and for me I'm actually gonna look at the pieces that connect those soul lanes and I'm gonna start with me being has to find more pics I believe he's got it in he pulled out that kindred I versus kt rolster I don't think he is no longer the Xin Zhao or the Camille to trick pony I think he's got a couple more tricks up his sleeve then it's for Jack EULA and bow on to play for lane give me that Draven I know you want the championship skin prove to everyone that you're the best Raven in the pool in the world and show that you are a Trident team not just about those two solo lanes and finally rookie you're the best player at this tournament it's time to ascend to godhood and remind caps where he stands my resident coach on the desk how do you feel about these win conditions I feel like if you contrast these two teams you have the individuality versus the team play I feel like fnatic coming into the series they need to look to break the game as soon as possible and I feel like I G need to drive in a way where they're willing to take those wing conditions early on get the leads and just pressure pressure pressure especially from balding as you mentioned and on top of that I feel like it's very important Mingus a good jungle matchup because he's the type of player that doesn't necessarily because the team play he's very good at invading the enemy jungler and pressuring the general in such a fashion but I feel like Brooks has the upper hand high wind conditions are on the table fnatic has blue side to start this best-of-five prediction time down the line who will be our next world champion rasca okay I have bet against Invictus gaming at every single turn I thought that they can't teamfight that can't win best of fives they don't have the champion pools they're playing too scared and every single turn they have shown that they do have that growth that Ning will find those pocket picks like the kindred that Jackie loved will still take the aggressive flashes but it will turn up I'm not scared for rookie and shy they have that one on lock all Jackie love and mean have to do is match Broxson and reckless make sure that they can just be there for their superstars so I'm gonna say that 2018 is not anyone's here it is the LPL's here they have won every single tournament they've attended and now it's time for the LPL darkhorse to finish it calling it for IG in a very close series Yamato what are you thinking I think it's it's crazy because we go to this point well I feel like this this best-of-five is going to decide which is historically the second-best region of all time which is the best region at the current time in 2018 which five players are going to take this immense opportunity because it's going to be so rare the odds of these five ten players twelve players the odds that they're gonna be back here is very very slim and I know that fnatic is gonna take it on three two oh three to vote for fnatic which leaves Jen as our tie break here on the desk or defective I love how the predictions have panned out so far because I've asked a lot of people who they think is gonna win this world championship and something that is a trend you could say is people from the West think fnatic will win and they can find the flaws in AI DS games and chart the path or fanatics victory but people from the East who watch the LPL are very strongly in favor of IG winning because they see the strength of their soul lanes and they to see a clear path for IG to win because neither of these regions have been here for the past three years at least where it's been Korea Korea finals and I try to remove myself as much as possible from this and think of what is one the game so far at this world championship and that has been solo Lane dominance and that is where I feel like I G has the edge with rookie and the shy so I'm gonna go IG three one three one two three – I'm hoping for five games I hope that that's wrong and from a Homer perspective from a Western perspective having cast fnatic qualified for the EU LCS six years ago I want fnatic to win but it's gonna be such a great series alright well there you have it predictions across the board we are split as the whole world is on this series for who's gonna take it home got a couple minutes until the players are ready for Champions life so I want to stew in these predictions for a moment I want to watch you guys you know kind of you know foil in it in contrast with each other we talked about the Seoul Lane dominance or the solo Lane importance but we've also talked about fanatics ability to affect those solo lanes with anyone other than those two players individually and so how do you expect this to interact rock frost how do you expect fnatic to come out the gate versus how I G approaches this first game I mean frankly fnatic have more versatility the fact that they you have shown that they complain early who are team that blitz very early just like IG and fnatic were able to weather the storm and you're simply been banking if it's on that knife's edge that idea are just gonna push a little bit more and they have to now find that variant so it was really like rough-and-tumble for me but ultimately looking back at the semi-finals I'm like all right in quarterfinals IG had the tougher road to get here they showed so much evolution and growth between groups all the way you look back at groups you're missing half the story of them versus fnatic this is gonna be a completely different animal we talked about how this finals is special because you've got plenty of veterans alongside many of newcomers on young guys on this stage epic how do your wing conditions or this idea that we're playing on a knife's edge on that edge of perfection where mistakes will be made they will be made in this series so where do you look at who are you looking at to really shore up weaknesses on both teams to perform on the day when they're in search of that summoner's Cup listen you look at fnatic I think they're the most confident Western team ever and IG to get this far has to have so much confidence especially when they're able to win that game five against Katy I think if anything could untilled them from early loss it would be the fact that they triumphed in that game so I think both teams will be able to stand up to this enormous pressure Yamato final words for the West perhaps I take a lot of comfort in the fact that knowing fnatic even if they're behind this ooh sharp as a team I feel like there it's very very clear you know you can say oh they're trying to achieve this right now they're trying to achieve this right now but like this sentiment is throughout with everything that fnatic does as a team I think this is what going to make the difference in the mid to late game time for us to settle in to watch the games alongside you at home and with that we're gonna toss it over the casters for champion select of Game one thank you very much – we're just about to get into champion select for this first of what could be and what I personally hope is five games between the two best teams in the world and what an amazing setting it is we're watching on we've actually got to get into the crowd and see this amazing opening ceremony but it's only the table setting for a pick and ban phase especially Game one where it is sitting there spending so many nights burning the midnight oil trying to work out what's left open and what's taken out because every stage of this tournament from groups to cordis and Sammy's and onwards something has changed we've been trying to peek behind every matchup to find a surprise pick that could change the finals here and yet we're gonna have to wait a moment longer now some of the things even coming around in soloqueue will tantalize the viewers a little oh yeah if you follow the shy at all he has been a winner riffin one trick in the past and has a lot of the combos and mechanics down with this champion now this is a possible counter that has been put forward to Viktor top lane which has really taken over as well as things like the Lucian that can be flexed around now we should mention we saw another possible counter attempted in the semi finals by liquorice who is playing the top lane EKKO that had some similar thoughts that one didn't pan out I can see the rivet not panning out either but I'd love to see it on the rift and this is what we're all playing for the drums of war begin to sound that it's time to get ourselves and a champion select let's see how we go about it fnatic instantly targeting the solo lanes Jace and the block band away IG responding by saying Viktor will not see summoners rift three of the semi-final power picks and now the Akali tournament power pick are all taken away IG was banning the Viktor on blue side of the semi-final seems like the shine just doesn't want to deal with it whichever side the rift is on yeah Viktor gonna be out of the game as well JC are banned by fnatic used expertly by both the solo laners of Invictus gaming in their semi-final to get here today definitely a good band there and they're rounding out all of these solo lane bans to take away what has been used so much over the course of this tournament the final ban from IG is gonna be recon the only one of these six to not target the solo lanes as fnatic will think about their first pick interesting they actually ban away the rock on denying Zurich on over something like the Irgun which is available over the irelia which will be first picked by fnatic will be of course a flex book between top and mid lane but interesting to see Aragon who dominated all the conversation we sent it for through picks once in recent memory I don't know if Invictus gaming will pass it off yeah fnatic definitely putting a lot of weight on caps –is irelia this is something he's used tremendously throughout this tournament with his most play champions it is one of the more risky assassins as far as having to commit a little bit further up into the lane and this has been something that we've had a very close magnifying glass how far these mid laners will play up and how quickly the junglers will come to turn the tides and speaking of those junglers you can see Invictus gaming quickly putting Ming on a champion that he is known and loved for that Kamil that comfort pick locked in for them along with that Alistar they did hover over his other pocket pair candy cane that of course he played once in the LPL grand finals dust-up on to the Cameo which again much more normal pace for him I got interesting Aragon is skipped over the Alistar priority shouldn't be a surprise Astor has been a first pick support for a lot of the tournament the reason why I G takes it in this first round is Malaka pictu Sivir most eighty carries refused to play Sivir into Alistair because the spell shield does not negate headbutt pulverized and thus you get engaged on very reliable in addition to the laning phase prowess of Alistar one of the big reasons it's been so highly prized at this tournament is with the ultimate from the support position you can be the initiation and a bit of a frontline for the team with Invictus gaming showing a much squishier jungler and probably looking to have a more offensive carry for the shine the top lane that might round out you know their overall composition but we had to catch up here they've already got the ergot now locked in another power pick for fnatic and this is very interesting cuz now you consider what they have ostensibly both solo lanes and their support I locked in if I G want the Sion the usual tanked answer it means the shy very unlikely to be able to carry this game probably gonna be on the Sion that he does have a good Vic good record on his three and zero on the pic so definite containment pick but suddenly one of those wind conditions for ihe of unlocking the shy to be a hard carry like you was on the chase it's already gonna be a bit of a secondary variable now with the Sion matchup meanwhile the other pick for fnatic also very important Hill Assange has played mainly the rock on or Brahe those two champions pretty much only with a couple of other picks here so Brom with the shield very important for lane phase for reckless reckless is a marksman that likes to farm up play very defensively in the lane phase he has one of the highest KD A's and least deaths because of this play style and it has found success for them talking about marks been going in to ban phase 2 that is the name of the game reckless has played a lot of Sivir Jackie's played none it's a very easy band for IG to make fnatic also taking the lucian off the board while Jackie's favorite picks do out the regular split of the LPL and also a pig that everyone in solo lanes also playing around with the Flex Lucian possibilities usually a Jackie love big speaking of Jackie love picks just gonna default to the Caixa that started this tournament with a bang has kind of gone to more of a whimper recently but they have a lot of setup CC to apply the plasma and allow Jackie law to still be a big carry in late-game fight exactly we could already start to judge the entire team compositions that are forming here the victus gave me coming out with a much more saul at five on five set up with those tanks on the front line and the camille plus Caixa very good at finding picks throughout the game but look here fanatic locking in the gin in answer for lane face here versus Caixa a lot of early burst damage potential and this is going to be the first gin played by reckless as we will see the lee sin locked in for brock so so much conversation about how well this man has been jungling throughout world's 2018 and this has been one of his signature picks exactly the lease it hasn't been amazing for fnatic and Broxson in particular this man has been the best jungler at the World Championship and in large part due to creative plays with this champion I think he's had one of the best tournaments a jungler has had on the international stage ever he has been outstanding we see the draw finally rounded out was considering the rise with rookie probably gonna land on the lissandra big takeaway here from fnatic very physical damage focus usually chin doesn't want to deal with frontline tanks he gets a lot of them on the opposition side kill still can play one three one very adapt Lea especially if they're able to keep the Sion down and not allow his tanking us to take over but this could still very much turn into 5v5 team fighting with the setups we have locked in and rookie on this lissandra he has made so many plays on this champion you look at rookie you're not just talking about a guy who can manage two sometimes he farms up and beats his lane opponent down sometimes he roams around he consistently outperforms lane opponents in shoving them in getting ahead rotating around he finds more kills bottom lane than he does around his own lane because he affects the team so well yeah exactly it's a bit about his movement around the map to take his advantage to help out the rest of the team we shall see now as we are moments away from starting off game number one here at the world championship finals and game number one is so important for these two teams who have played such a fast explosive style before if you can get your momentum going and make things happen you could really get yourself off to enough awesome fantastic start here lots of young players on the rift too squads that of course not been a while Final Four fanatics in season one and then of course for the LPL teams also been a really long time so there is so much talk about momentum here you win the game one that postgame team talk it's a lot more comfortable the stage is set the curtain is drawn of game number one to opens up the world's 28 team Grand Final between the LPL and the EU LCS you're gonna see everyone drawn that line of scrimmage down the river now as pings start to come out from both sides and I want to focus in on one theme here really on in the first game and that is this river that we're looking at right now the river is the highway that connects all three lanes on summoners rift and has been the way to control the early game as far as jungler movements using control Ward's to allow their supports to affect the other lanes this has been something that fnatic is specially used to help out caps even when rookie got a 1vs1 lead now while the importance of the river has always been there in League of Legends it's even more important level one now with those spotting wards to spot out jungle paths around Scotto crowd that required a camp early so important they had to clear there is bit about hello from the back bot lane as answer lane breakfast goes in manages to prop that final shot there grab the stun now backing himself away lots of damage coming out but both squads here as nobody's pulling any punches very nice trade there's fnatic found IGM Jackie left okay entire round of that you pass it but even while trading bail on about to be stunned up for a second time here does get himself back in time fnatic don't want to go too crazy here but man these guys are getting scrappy early Brock's are doing what we often see from junglers making a trip down towards the bottom side as soon as he grabs the red yeah bottom lane has been very important this has been a super common route though junglers prioritizing red buff into scuttle crab we've seen this over and over the entire tournament they're brought to hear all the Lee sin will be a little get this vision which is important considering how aggressively their bottom lane is pushing forward and trading in this lane they need the extra security Brock's actually played blue side Lee sin and I believe a tiebreaker game right at the end of group states against IG and put up a level 2 Lane gank with red buffs or something this time the Jackie Evancho were ready for still nice trades on the bottom side foor fanatic as Ning sees all the action BOTS I can't really impact it for now now settle on level 3 and this scuttle crap it looks like we're seeing a little bit of vertical jungling here as well junglers head into the blue buffs of the opposition there doesn't look like they're gonna be stopped anytime soon Broxson needs to clear off this grump and he'll find himself at level three is Jackie love a foul on her on the back foot here farming up in the bottom Lane and the man on your screen for fnatic reckless has boasted some impressive stats so far this tournament has died in only seven out of the 14 games he's played half the time he is deathless what a performance he has had the least deaths per game of any ad carry at this tournament and in this game as well we also just saw I want to point out something he'll assign did his lane partner there the brah put up the unbreakable wall to block damage protecting the cannon minion and denying that goal to Jackie love Brock's on your screen though just comes back from enemy territory and we returned to his side of the jungle adaptations on how to keep rocks in check was something ihe would definitely want after going 2-0 down the second half of the round-robin in group stage and largely due to rocks outclassing ming on the day but also Hillis on who was able to be a backup jungler on specifically the Brahmin comes in Midland impact lanes that were consistently won by ruff we talked about a lot in the pregame how good a player rookie is against caps another super hyped mid laner he one lane three out of three games he was able to exert huge pressure solo and draw so many resources and he back up he can get from Ning and bow on will be welcome respite for what should be a pretty tough matchup in mid just in terms of how many resources fnatic will send to shut it down and as we keep looking towards the bottom lane again and again I want to also highlight when these two teams played against each other in group stage the second and third game when fnatic found their victories jakela didn't have super impressive showings but in that first game he went 11 one and eight on this same pick on the Caixa to really shine there and carry his team to a fantastic spot and a huge victory to start off that group stage as caps well take a little bit of damage there from rookie who's aftershock will be proctored caps not going to find himself the stun Roxas shows up with no mana left on the mid laner you're not gonna find much of a fight here still right time to show up in mid lane he wants to ensure that caps can push out the minion wave and back that's a good back timing here imagine Sheen off a edge will be the first pick up there so mo see about just allowing for the pickup cooker Bertrand was about 1100 gold the shy is getting pretty comfortable underneath that turret up here in the top lane but hey that's Sion versus a God or got kind of showed up as one of those champions who could really put those tanks through the grinder both literally and metaphorically and we'll see how the Shai continues to hold up here as Bing and rookie will take control over the second scuttle crab spawn yeah one of the other things Oh rocks to Michael rocks it does manage to steal that away and now he's going in for the fight backs himself away with nothing else to find but that's a great thing to find just walking by still in the crab effortlessly IG feel there'll be no contest because actually Capps was clearing minions in the mid lane the hello son walks up he feels strong enough to actually go for the scuttle contest picks it up kind of against the fall play nice play there by Brock sir yeah he's able to move in another big thing that we mentioned leading up to this was the vision on scuttle crabs that you talked about big part of that is when you take one and you get vision over the other one then you know exactly where the second is going to come up and both of them very well aware they're jumping on the only difference really that we have as far as meaningful play early on in this game and this game has gone fairly differently than a lot of the analysts predicted as far as the solo lanes because of champion selects you know so much more important bottom line but here's a teleport CP coming in looks like they're trying to fake captain to going in on this one it will find the stun down in a brookie but now gonna get himself away alts he gonna come down cap still getting away from now the claw will not be followed an eye Gees plan will not succeed very necessary flash and again the way to mid lane lit by these control wards down that river highway allowed for the jungler and the support to go try and affect this mid lane matchup now the Summoner was blown but that is very good for Capps that he was able to get it off in time and get under turret it was certainly a maximum value flashes he got away from the Buffett head by pulverize from the officer as well doing a note that he actually made a very late change over to the Ignite away from cleanse so you just have the second defensive summoners gripa actually being shoved around by the side with both flashing away there from the altie coming out from the shy both of them very low on mana but whip hos did not want to take any sort of a risk on Ming maybe being nearby to finish that one off so summoner spelled down means you may see IG look towards that top side is brach so with the ultimate available will clear out some vision here from River and now Ming is level 6 with a foreigner Hoffman a plan of getting a successful gank off on mid or top both solo Lane summoners are down in a solo Lane focused meta that means fnatic have to do a lot of Donny's of eyes and crossing your T's with vision otherwise there should be a bounty of kills available by cheap if plenty of kills show up it'll be of course nice for Broxson who is running the dark harvest on the lee sin's so we'll see how well he's able to farm that one up as the game goes on rookie gonna be stunned up there underneath his turret but not too worried about it I'll just continue piling up that CS he does have a slight lead over his opponent but nothing crazy and this is the game that viewers at home should know whether you watch the entire total into cheating for just the final these are the two teams the most champion kills per minute in the entire tournament so while we have no kills in the first eight minutes don't adjust your sets if we have a kill a minute action if things heat up yeah in addition to that in their respective regions the LPO and the EU LCS they also had the fastest game times and the most kills per minute for both of these teams heading here so this game you can tell number one opening up the world championship coming out and just kind of testing now keep your fingers crossed Oh Kobe costing us a real thing let's not lead to that cost to cus we want that bloodthirsty action I would love to see a lot of action and when IG played earlier in the tournament when they were playing up against kt rolster in the quarterfinals we looked at them and they had slowed down their game pace a little bit and that all had to do with going up against kt as soon as we saw them back in going against g2 in the semi-finals they did not lose a single objective they had the fastest best of 5 in the main event and they were just bloodthirsty once again so we'll see how well that plays out now as fnatic set themselves up for maybe making a play here against the shy who does still have his flash ning will also shadow this lane expecting something to potentially happen see if who's gonna pull the trigger first kind of becomes the question here shy down one level now see if he can maybe find that for himself then begin the fight does hit the level a blip though goes in rocks are gonna be seen now moving back and forth between the brushes maybe instead is just shy going back underneath the turret as being waits around on the try brush gets himself away doesn't want anything to do with this fight recognizes there's got to be something going on definitely a little safety first stuff there from Ning who could have taken invitation to go and early it doesn't think walking up to mid lane at the same time to sniffing around rookie trying to make this happen now three-man gank me I will three-man gank you back but fnatic will not find any success there yeah and the bottom line does have a slight CS leave there for fnatic but they need to get back down to the bottom lane to clean up that minion wave after they gank towards mid without losing anything looks like reckless will be able to do it and everything safe and sound now this game still no kills ten minutes in but the important thing I'm looking at right now rookie has his proto belt completed this item as a first item cost significantly less than most other items will caps now going to be CC rockstar making his way towards the fight thing we're gonna go in jump back able to find the stun caps gonna be taken very low who comes out first blood IG find themselves one but it doesn't look like they'll likely be able to find the second just yet Brock's against himself away but it's still fnatic who come out on the wrong into the fight the patience pays off here Invictus gaming are able to return to the mid lane before cap says flash comes back up from their previous gank and get him without the flash out they opted to try and pull off the counter there with Brock's are coming from behind rapper and it's all about the bookkeeping like you say when you know about the Summoner advantage this becomes a more controlled play watching the replay and once rocky locks on with the ultimate they're stepping with you all in attempt from ihe Brock's are only enters the screen now and caps feels like his best way to go forward to negate the stun it's to engage at this point but through the ultimate here no maximum value kick available for Brock sir he actually keeps that throughout the entire fight very good ultimate there by Ning as well to be able to dodge the damage as well as get down hectic ultimatum finish off back kill for Invictus gaming but Invictus gaming despite the fact that they got first blood despite the fact that it comes along with assist money the game is still even in terms of gold and you could look at the jungle and look at the ad carry position and how well they're out farming their opponents when you want to figure out why that is yeah Lisa as you mentioned with dark harvest trying to get as many of those stacks as possible early early TM at completion means you can rip through those camps very quickly and had done so and I think as this game goes forward we look at the team comes here I think fnatic will definitely towards the 131 but they have good team fighting options you look at IG and you say lot of setup CC in Akai so that's kind of how you think about it the first damage coming through from the lissandra but it irelia one of the big reasons we saw movement away from champions like Kaiser is able to get to backline and just a big gate Jackie laughs even though one for one do you feel like Vinick has so much more damage on their side but by a landslide but certainly considerable damage options to win the 5v5 so they'll start off with the 131 but the right flank and anything's possible for fnatic but I like guy G's idea of starting off trying to target caps here cuz caps has been a player who's been put under quite a lot of pressure by a lot of different teams so far and up against cloud 9 he had a bit more breathing room and he really was able to pop off but when teams can target him and keep him more under control that could be a good Avenue provides you to make something happen as the shines not able to get himself away just yet flashing in the way of a harpoon to stay alive yep wibbels gonna earn an extra summoner spell here but he's also earned the attention of the rest of Invictus gaming as soon as he saw Ning he was getting the hell out of Dodge the goon squad was coming in from every direction smart to flash away also holds on to a stopwatch with that play good heads-up stuff and a bit of a map reset here although caps absolute decided to go after rookie here after shot gonna be keeping rookie a little bit safe over the wall comes Ning we're gonna you see that next tech called tomato flash already gonna be used caps try to get himself away but he's brought down for the second time this game and IG have his number that's one of the big drawbacks of irelia mid a lot of the presence of this champion relies on going in the melee threat Invictus gaming are there again they rope down to mid lane and they get the first turret bonus I'm gonna keep pushing was a mistake by can't seen you there on top sight a lapse of judgment open himself up but it's damaged there could be two turrets and there's still a minion wipe here Vic this gaming no plans on stopping anytime soon fnatic will at least get the bottom lane Tier one in rotala creation but instantly losing two turrets in the midlane is quite a victory for IG reckless is a hope here for fnatic their bottom Lane winning in CS as well as able to push down that bottom Lane turret it exchanged for the to that Invictus guy rocks that gets himself a flash into the cake remember shy has no flash available he will be taken down here Brock's the mixture of it with the sonic wave and fnatic will get themselves on the kill boy we're glad she used to heal just to get a kill involvement on that particular kill we'll go back now had no matter at the end of that one but that entire play here is an avoidable risk by caps he goes in surface and takes the sun's out of register and the moment you commit this hunt knowing the foul line had already wrote that the Ning should be topside it is a mistake coming through from caps here we go the fnatic are on the board already starting up the rift air teleport comes in I achieve not willing to let this go away without a fight he'd be gonna be used by fnatic rookies gonna be off to the side in the middle goes Wimpole gonna be populist you give it a simple live bow on the target stunned up but not brought down just get reckless gonna be firing from the football grabs the kill down all to the enemy support but can they find anything else they're turning in Hills all the way in the back with Jacky luck has already found himself at mark here as well flip bull's take it down binding the rift arrow goes their way as well and IG have won themselves another fight really patient stuff from IG they kept playing around Jackie lob instead of engaging too hard and it paid off in space that chasing for more his thing caps and rocks and some trouble now wanted to get themselves away stun comes through niggas gonna be moment as the shy will collect the money on that one and after that Invictus gaming have a clear route towards the top turret Jackie love should be able to get solo gold on this thus making up the difference from the bottom lane and funneling a lot of money on to the late-game Caixa here that is exactly what they want and remember what I said earlier in groups when IG beat fnatic that first time Jackie was absolutely monstrous on Caixa and getting him off to this start is a wonderful step for this team if they want to find that first win here let's take another look and the Acer predator replay I will stop the replay here with positioning on the rooftop it doesn't mean much when there's still mm health left on equipo has to telephone it aggressively I want you to track Jackie love who stops this fight locked up but it's never under any threat after that point and to start it doesn't matter the suppression comes in you'd pick the fear beyond death is going to decide it but Jackie love is always free hitting as the replay rolls on yeah and being able to go offensive they're finding the kill on the hill are saying and finishing up the chase allowing an easy kill on the rift Road as well means that Invictus gaming now with a substantial early game lead and that's what a lot of people were looking at when comparing these two teams coming into this matchup the name of the game was oh yeah fanatics got the team play when IG has these stars that can really shine if they get ahead the question is are they ahead enough now that we're almost 17 minutes into the game moving into the mid game to really make that shine and be able to crush fnatic despite their incredible cohesion as a SWAT it's definitely a question we have to adjust and expectations to item on item I would say that while we outline fnatic being a 131 call that front the right flank could team 5 IG is just pure team 5 setup CC and burst and then jakela so you'd have to say they knew where that bread was buttered on cleaner and the couple of engagements we've seen the items are rolling it's not 2 item yet on Jackie laughs but fnatic need to really consider their setups and if we're not seeing caps hold down Jackie lob and kill them you're gonna have to really rethink a lot of your fights and a big thing here for this game has been Invictus gaming and their use of the control wards and that fog of war that it does provide to allow them to roam around and help each other out right now they're trying to invade through fnatic stumble on the whip oh they're collapsing onto the fnatic top laner who will find himself caught between a rock and a hard place and five members of IG you can shoot a harpoon into anyone you want but you're not getting anything but a gray screen well you know carry trouble is when you have tanks you can afford to go for these sort of vision missions through uncharted territory pick up kills put down the rift arrow and they already got two turrets in the mid lane how about another two and they can push through a bar these two turret pushes are just going fantastically for Invictus gaming who will now push onto that second one here but want to try to hold on for min strong but the shiz say and no he decides to go in gonna be tanking up for now IG turning attention back on the turret caps knocked up into the air gonna be taking quite a lot of damage getting himself away for now bingos in hextech ultimatum going to be used shelli's till the front line but calf duty take him down at the back man getting himself away the flourish will not find its way on him for the Snipe fnatic still in a 4 vs. 5 the shy still in the front line they might be able to bring him down will hold the line with a shutdown on the Jacke love five turrets now have been taken by Invictus gaming only 18 and a half minutes into this game caps they're going very aggressively trying to create a play for fnatic to get back into this game but only ends up going down and opening up the path for more objectives therefore Invictus gaming now it should be a reset but there is a large gold difference here that would be very difficult to overcome and Kobe the gold lead here that is they're about five thousand odd gold is the reason that IG keep their foot jammed on the accelerator they keep taking bites where a one item jinn can't do relevant damage the front line of eyes especially not Sion who's stacking Armour we watch the replay here and at the start Jackie love can't do damage you okay maybe this will be the disengage caps times in if there's an extra item there he might have threat but the kills don't come through and it's only right at the tail end when the shy exposes himself and takes the full stun here that you understand them might have been a chance of fnatic if the gold wasn't on so one-sided yeah then there's the re-engages bow leg goes in on the allo star to get the stud whip oh very nice ultimate here with the fear behind death does get the kill and the fear to allow fnatic to stop the push did you think of a different fight where the items were there and maybe reckless could be the cleanup crew he was able to finish his rapid firecannon as that replay took on but it's never been Jin's kind of strongest point trying to puncture through a tank and it's not even the hail of blades Jin that has that extra auto-attack damage yeah so far Invictus gaming strategy you know allowing caps this male a risky style assassin that has to play up in the lane and then focusing him you sometimes forget how young this guy is with how much heat success he has had this year and especially in Europe but the big dis gaming really putting that pressure to good use fnatic are finding themselves in a spot that they haven't often found themselves in so far this tournament this is a team that has only been in a major deficit 13% of the time this is not familiar territory this is not a way that they have played much league of legends in the past few weeks and we need to see how well they can adapt to this five and a half thousand gold deficit now that were 20 minutes in and on the side of Invictus gaming I would definitely commend it Bing this is a jungler that has had a lot of criticism to go along with the praise this time around so many other plays were created because Invictus gaming controlled the vision they allowed their support and jungler to go influence the game I think in general they fought through all their skirmishes and their map movements really smartly in this game on they're not showing the stage nerves that can shine through it's such a big situation this mud up gymnasium Inchon crowd that 20 onto baron here is IG but there is a spotty ward from fnatic what can they do to respond to this stuff rocks gonna leave from the front I'll have to find some way to work their way in here Balan takes a little bit of damage the bottom side the shy going in for the solo so changes whip oh we talked about how the shy wind condition might not be possible on a champion like sion but he's here to prove us wrong the decimate gonna be used but with Poe may now be able to find the kill for himself will not backs away the fear beyond death had already been used so there was no execute but the shot is relentless oatmeal I swung : engine Tommy gives no cares at all about whip bow on a dive like that but Capps wants to get a kill on the board for himself here's some of that fnatic team play they're bringing caps around with the mop and bucket to try to clean the shy up put a quick roar into a desiccant wait he knows the range of that ability and I'm gonna find himself too much here but meanwhile the shy is just a big old distraction caps can kill the meatball in the bottom lane but what are they gonna do about the Barret being taken rocks that he'll is that gonna be controlled at first down the shut – bet it goes over to castle the bottom lady but it's gonna be a one for to quit phone I have to try to get himself away as IG have found anyone who tried to interfere with their efforts and it looks like they'll find even more now bingos in heat issues the ultimatum and the price is death battle on Josh's head and we're gonna see what else they can do that was a really nice play there from ihe they started on the barren and you look at the team come they have hard CC and the ability for the Caixa to reposition that is where they want to force positive terrain plays they were able to so cleanly turn around take out three members of fnatic they don't finish off the barren but they push out the waves they Pat the gold and they're in a comfortable spot take another look at this attempt here from Invictus gaming well they've got two members fighting on the bottom of the map foul on is able to get over the wall initiate on to Brock's ax and illah saying there they find the two kills and then because being does have his ultimate they finish this up on whip Oh even though he's thinking under got four members of Invictus gaming able to take him down and find the extra kill it's not tanky enough that is for certain but hey I see another glacial shroud in the shai's inventory he's saying man you guys really like physical damage champions that means I really really like armor it's gonna be nigh impossible to kill this guy without a strict concentrated effort of 5 members but if five members are bursting down the shy while the rest of IG who by the way are decked out in items hourglass proto belt 2m 10 items on the mid laner as well as having Jackie working on the third item now with begins who's completed they will shred fnatic health the shines gonna pop a righteous Tory I imagine with this next ama item a run at reckless and if he wastes reckless is time there's no bark behind the bite here it feels like caps not gonna be able to actually have true threat one and a half items in at 24 minutes and that's where things do fall apart they could never set up a 131 because they were losing two turrets time and time again they may lose a parent right now IG enforcing the issue on to that big objective once more Ning down to about half HP baron gonna be down to one quarter the shy running interference and Baron will be secured by the side of Invictus gaming what else can they find Capps tries to continue to get himself away the shy running and unstoppable with that charge but he's gonna be stunned up and taken down but not fast enough people are gonna find some more damage with shot getting himself away Jackie grab the kill on the caps in the meantime we're poking himself one and return on the shy but now he's got the passive and they're taking the entirety of the fight Hills off tries to get away but blissful is already gonna be brought down and brock's and reckless stand only to fall a double kill over the Ning and fnatic have one man remaining Invictus gaming has not lost a game with Barrett at Worlds and they're not looking to change that now yep looking to make quick work of fnatic space right now one inhibitor turn it down inhibitor to go here will they continue the push or reset caps and he'll a song up in five seconds IG decide there's no reason to make a big risk head back to base by up your 10,000 gold ahead and then go for the jugular definitely and you love it when a plan comes together as it did for ihe the goaltending on roxxor means he's never in smite range ends up getting taken down by that passive brach coming through from the Kaiser they can dive in with reckless abandon cuz they always have tanks who can reposition interrupt and ensure there's no actual threat on to jakela who continues to pad his stats with kills they fear beyond death could have been a teamfight changer in a different game it wasn't here yeah even though Whitlow on the ergot has a black cleaver for armor shred and has the ultimate try and execute 25% health getting that single kill took the entire firepower of all of the fnatic teams after that Invictus gaming still able to use their gold lead and this one is massive 10,000 already for Invictus gaming in game number one when I look at a game of League of Legends and talk about coming back into it or what do you do to turn this one around you reach a point where it's no longer in your hands it's up to your opponent's almost to make the Miss play and we are far past that point now as IG start berry or fully knocking on the door to the top lane of the fnatic base the shy goes in with the righteous glory they're gonna find the lock down on the widow first this rookie makes the dive into the back here now as well in the ultimate caps turn to get himself away but he's only gonna be postponing the inevitable Jackie love continues going further into the back reckless arty down Kat's gonna be following him now as well at the clean age for nothing and Invictus gaming 27 minutes into the game they'll take the second inhibitor just to say we could and they will push now onto both Nexus turrets on the Nexus itself and they will leave this series blotto after the first game the first two things people are going to look to at fnatic the mid lane as well as the draft now you can to win full ad compositions but a lot of it does have to happen early and don't have a lot of fallback plans if you go with the strategy like that they moment they look tianjin it showed their hand they wanted to play around a 1-3-1 get ahead in items and it wouldn't matter about ARMA stacking they'd be able to front-load and just take over and objectively the game does go shorter than 30 minutes which usually is a good sign for a team composition like well fnatic drafted the caps really overexerted himself in the mid lane some of it forced some of it unforced and the unforced errors I don't agree what he needs to remove from the game otherwise it's gonna be tricky cuz rookie look to class above at least in game number one yeah Invictus vet gaming are gonna feel very confident heading into game number two here this one was just a fairly solid and standard setup IG looked so clean this time around we'll see how that second one goes and for more on how Game one of this world championship played out let's head it over to the state farm analyst desk thank you very much captain flowers as nighttime descends on Moon Hawk stadium IT lands the first blow in our Finals best of five may do it in somewhat dominating fashion there we talked about how this series can be very swinging can turn on a dime when both teams are playing on the precipice but we also talked about how champion select champion priority would play big into this series fnatic chose blue sides yes they take the loss on blue side so I want to dive in this champs like get some thoughts we're starting with you I am very disappointed in this draft I think there's a big issue with not first speaking Alistair I think I got a really are picking them in the first three leaves you with so little options we saw her reckless got pinched he had to pick the gym because he couldn't pick the Ezreal into the Kaiser I felt all across the board I felt like I'd you had decent enough matchups to make sure that they can reach 20 minutes and then out scale this full ad composition I felt like Maddox draft had very little chances for them to win this was about a road map but it was going to be expected we talked about stylistically how you know the game starts popping off early that's when you depict Invictus gaming have control of something that fnatic or the better team fighting team that they can sit back they can cruise thirty five minutes it's a victory but Invictus gaming drafting a late game scaling comp and then having some of those mid game power picks like the kamil like the lissandra with the two items on on Caixa it's a really interesting look at fnatic to say this is a team that likes to go late that likes a teamfight yeah let's game one draft for that and then just play it slow and if fnatic never got it rolling in the lane face there was no way that composition was ever going to break a G's team fighting cause yeah we talked so much about top lane counter picks in the rabbit-hole that has led there you go to deep down the rabbit we go right back to the top ergo vs. Scion right I know I agree with you your model that I thought fanatics draft wasn't very good I would have liked to them just not ban LeBlanc and have the confidence to first pick it but the first rotation in both solo laners is a strategy that worked against cloud nine but the so leanness of IG are also just much better and I thought IG played with a sense of calm and also a sense of respect that ended up not hampering their aggression when they needed it which is very impressive for this team and you could see you know when Jackie Levin Balan they took those very early like level one trades back and forth with the gin looked a little bit fishy burning the heel and then Brock's is just sitting there and he's just waiting for bow Lance you over commit and then to look for the counter gank and battlin and Jackie love really respecting the fact that Brock's it could be around which is what we didn't see in group stage so many times bow on especially was caught out over engaging be trap and then killed for first blood and of course one of the other things we teased was the idea of attention towards the mid lane but in particular from fnatic this game though had attention from both sides of the rib towards that mid lane beautiful it made me so happy to see Alice stop being used in such a way like it's supposed to it was like if you remove name plates and you show me this replay I would say that's hella same yeah and this is old school foul and he used to do this all the time his signature move though is he would normally do it from the top sideline because you see what that control board is nine times in a tenth off of first back for support the top slide the mat isn't worth the bottom side is and so he would catch the blind spot this time around he just blitz with me and it's camp for odd caps Ning played that fight beautifully as far as hook shot him through the wall to go back and the mid lane is where rookie had an advantage in the group stage tiebreaker but fnatic had the advantage in the overall game I do love the fact that IG made the adaptation to protect rookie and attack caps with the whole team some early skirmishes towards the mid lane but things kind of broke apart or in favor of IG around the rift Herald around 15 minutes we got a three for one plus the rip tail going in favor of IG I feel like this team fired right right away just heal the game because you know if fnatic is not ahead with this full ad composition you know it's going to be tough and you know what guys it's winning team by 30 at 15 minutes and they're gonna get the rift hell then you know those clothes and it goes back to this idea of IG planks so respectful the lane phase they camped out caps they made sure that he was constantly doing with pressure as soon as they had boy nine of power sparks the power spikes the proto belt be ice-born gauntlet and then the Caixa item coming through they're like okay time to group up and time to clean up this rift trail and it just snowballed so far out of control for fnatic yeah and if you look at the tools to composition if that doesn't have any tools to kill the shot but they technically have tools where they could kill Jackie they just never gained access to the back line because the front line play of the Alistar of the side of the Camellia of the lissandra always initiating first Gabe Jackie the freedom to do what he did in teamfight from that point forward it was just put on the gases the caster said all the way to the finish for IG picking up the first win of the best-of-five off the back of our mastercard player of the game in ning here we see some of those later game skirmishes where it just goes more and more in favor of Invictus games and I expected to be posting this matchup Franklin roxor has the deeper champion for he is shown to be the better jungler over the course of the tournament but when you give me his pocket pick of the kamil when you will get him a comfort you show how well he can play those individual matchups really fascinating there is no Zinj Alban and he does go for the Camille but it's because they were going for that later game style and even if you're highlighting the sole means for this series sometimes it's those guys that step up when you don't expect them that can actually tilt the series so Ning showed up this game it's absolutely that this is the worst case scenario for a fanatic Panik you ever see me or Jack you love getting MVP you already know that the shy is gonna solo kill people as sion of old champions you already know rookies gonna be a god this is this is panic button for fnatic when someone like me is now playing up to level alright you're calm for the panic button for fnatic we heard young buck in his interview before the game saying that he thinks blue side is incredibly relevant and important to their victories game two was the fearful one well we're heading to Game two when you're down oh one in the series IG has selected red side oh it gets decide that they wanted however not the result that they expected and so what do they adjust here staying on blue side in that champions like to perhaps give them a bit more of an edge I feel like they need more flexibility in their Seoul Olympics in the past they picked the victor they had the AP damage they could leave the ad pick for later but now we saw with the bands coming in all of a sudden doesn't work we need to see the first big Alistar when they're good and eerily as available it's very important or even just leaving open the leblanc and grabbing that is your priority pick alright flexibility in solo lanes it's all about those slow lanes on the biggest stage IG have picked up the first win of the series see how fnatic adjust when we return for Game two towards the fightin thing we're gonna go ahead jump back able to find the stunt counts gonna be taking very low hextech Automator comes out first blood rocks is taken down but the peter beyond death will come in and find fear of mobile people football gets himself away and fnatic will hold the line Hills I'm tries to get away but blip ball is already gonna be brought down and rocks and reckless stand only to fall but he's only gonna be postponing the inevitable Jackie love continues going further into the back reckless early now caps gonna be following him now as well at the cleanest for nothing welcome back to assist of the week during the semi-final series between fnatic and cloud 9 fnatic pushed all the way down to cloud 9 space Jensen spotting a window of opportunity clawed his way into the middle of the fight as cloud 9 decimated members of fnatic cap brought forth the cavalry to divide and conquer cloud 9 an explosive quadra killlll it off the rift along with fnatic smiles and caps carried his team to victory over cloud 9 [Applause]


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