Football Prop Betting

prop betting widens the NFL playing
field giving you the freedom to bet on more than just the outcome of the game
on any given Sunday there are hundreds of Prop Bets up for grabs
from running and passing yards to the number of touchdowns thrown by a QB or
this one most Prop Bets are posed as questions with yes or no as the betting
options here no is the heavy favorite meaning you’d have to lay down $3000 to win $100 but if you successfully pick the game to go
into overtime then a $100 bet Nets you a cool $700 other NFL Prop Bets are
shown in lists of potential outcomes like this Super Bowl favorite the list
shows fixed odds for each potential outcome
so if full-time sees the winning coach wearing orange Gatorade then a $100 bet
will net you $400 the bigger the game the more Prop Bets available so do your
homework pre Super Bowl and find the value in the market

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