Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2 | Battle Pass Gameplay Trailer

Welcome to the agency.
You come highly recommended. This is your hideout. Buy the Battle Pass to recruit this team of agents. Meowscles – a feline enforcer that can take some serious licks. Midas – a mastermind with the golden touch. Maya – an elite specialist that becomes uniquely yours. and more! Throughout the season you’ll complete missions to earn
a bonus variant for your Battle Pass agents – Ghost or Shadow. Choose wisely. You’ll also embark on limited-time operations that will change the fate of the island – forever. Your future begins with buying the Battle Pass, earn your team of agents,
1,500 V-Bucks, and all new items. The future is in your hands. We know you’ll make the right decisions. Good luck.


  1. I just had to see what's so good about this game bc I always get woke up by my son screaming into his headphones all times of the night…I still don't get it

  2. How fortnite is cool but it not and apex better than fortnite and fortnite Battle pass it is bad of hell the character are bad of cats

  3. Wow. I care so much. Bring back everything that made the game good and nerf all of the op stuff. Maybe I'll consider coming back.

  4. please can you give me the Battle pack epic because I really am getting so mad mad because I don't have it and I want to get with my mod and so I really look that up day but I can give you my epic username and thank you probably give me the new battle pass? Tiger419worried

  5. How are they gonna say maya has 3.8 million looks but if you change something you can’t change it ever again 😂🤚

  6. We need to talk about the Henchmen. They make it not fun to land at the new POIs. I’m most saying get rid of them, but definitely reduce the number of them in solos at least.

  7. Thnx for adding boom bow. Don't remove it pls. And also you NEED to put the heavy sniper back in, wtf it is so good and I end up playing only creative coz it ain't in game

  8. Can you fortnite Compatible My Device To Play Fortnite My Device Is Vivo 1907 / Vivo S1 🙂
    I Always Support Fortnite But My Device Not Supported 🙂 Pls Add My Device To Compatible Device Thank You So Much Fortnite 🙂

  9. Any one else think it’s in readable stupid that we have to pick with variant we get instead of being able to have both

  10. ou forgott again about mobile players. like, you cant sidegrade items and cant explode c4 or throw meds- wth? can you just fix it?

  11. データの消し方が分からないんだけど。誰か教えてくれない?マジでデータ簡単に消せるようになって欲しい

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