Free Guy | Official Trailer | 20th Century FOX

-(GUNFIRE) (MAN SCREAMS) Whoa-ho! Mondays, am I right, Joe? -You said it, Guy.
-Yeah! Don’t have a good day,
have a great day. -Everybody, down on the ground!
-(ALARM BELL RINGING) Hey, Bud, you ever think that
there’s gotta be more? BUD: More to what? GUY: The stuff we do,
day after day. Being shot at… run over… taken hostage… Everybody down on the ground! GUY: Today’s gonna be different. Hi. Oh! Guy, this isn’t you.
You don’t do this, man. Maybe I do. (GRUNTS, YELLS) Oh, this is scary! (GUNSHOT) -He’s just resting.
-In pieces! That man is dead! He’s so sleepy. (ELECTRONIC BEEPING) GUY: Wow. Oh, my God! (YELLS) Whoo! Is this what
recreational drugs feel like? Guy, this world,
it’s a video game. And it’s full of bad guys. ♪ I’m a rule breaker ♪ ♪ I’m a rattle–
chicka-chicka-chicka– snaker ♪ WOMAN: We need you
to be the good guy. -(SCREAMS)
-Oh! I’m sorry! Oh, God! Wow, giddy-up! -Is that a Glock in your pocket?
-No. -What?
-It’s two Glocks. -(GUNS CLICK)
-Oh! (MOTOR REVVING) GUY: I’m not gonna be
the good guy. -I’m gonna be the great guy.
-(GASPS) Okay. Well, enjoy your
lifetime supply of virginity. -(LAUGHS)
-Off you go.


  1. This movie is doomed to fail – that is, it would be doomed to fail, if it weren’t for Ryan Reynolds. Can’t wait.

  2. When I see Ryan,I see Deadpool😍
    When I see Redcliffe,I see Harry Potter 😍
    When I see orange,I see Donald Trump 😀

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