From Football Safety to Neurosurgeon

– [Narrator] This Great
Big Story was made possible by Wells Fargo. Established 1852, re-established 2018. (jaunty music) This is Myron. – Hi. – [Narrator] Myron is an athlete. – I played a little football in college. – [Narrator] And … – I was a Rhodes Scholar. – [Narrator] And … – I played for the NFL. – [Narrator] And … – I have a Master’s degree
in Medical Anthropology. – [Narrator] And … – And, I’m a neurosurgeon. – [Narrator] Sheesh. – My first dream was to play professional football. There’s no question. I was very active as a
young man, and I knew that I was pretty good at it. When I got to the fifth
grade, that’s when I knew I wanted to pursue my second dream. I read a book called
Gifted Hands by Ben Carson, who looked like me-he was black- who came from a similar
socioeconomic background as me. We didn’t have much money
when we left the Bahamas and came to America, and
the more I read about it the more I knew that once I
was done playing football, neurosurgery was gonna be the pathway and the second chapter of my life. I was the number one-rated
high school player in the country for
football-recruited by everyone- 83 scholarship offers. I always felt that football fed academics, academics fed football. – [Narrator] Myron spent his college years playing football and shadowing doctors. He graduated in two and a half years and was expected to be a first
or second round draft pick in the NFL with a
multi-million dollar contract, but he also had a chance to study at Oxford as a Rhodes scholar. – I ended up deciding to go to Oxford and saying no to the NFL. I spent a year and a half over there. I came back to the United States, went into the draft and got
drafted in the sixth round instead of the second or first, made $70,000 instead of six million. Played for three years, got out healthy, felt good about my time there, and, frankly, made enough money
to pay for medical school. I didn’t have any lasting concussions, and my hands were okay to where I was able to do surgery in the operating room; and so I left on my own volition. Started medical school, and here I am now. – [Narrator] Since head
injuries are common on the football field,
Myron works to impress the importance of avoiding
concussions on young players. But for Myron, his days of
tackling are behind him. – Football was great for
that season of my life, but now this is it. This is the pinnacle. This is where I belong,
and I’ve told my parents several times over and over again. They ask me, “Myron, how do you feel “what you’re doin’ now? “How do you feel?” I said, “Mommy and Daddy, I feel like this “is where I belong.” – [Patient] So, did you say
you played a sport before? – [Myron] Yes, I played football. (soft ambient music)


  1. Can’t get over the $6M to $70k, at the end of the day you’d like to make the most out of your earning power.

  2. "Mummy and Daddy"… know he's a West Indian and Oxford no doubt as Sr. Registrar was a bloody given…..well done, make sure you motivate those "back home"….Funny, how American Blacks have rejected Carson because he doesn't follow the Black American narrative…….

  3. Myron Rolle was always an inspiration to me…

    But is Espn going to make this front page news? Lol of course not. There isnt enough drama attached to this story…or they would make it race baiting.

    Im black and I could care less about that stuff, but I will say that it would change some views on whats possible after school if more people were aware of his story .

  4. Too bad others don't follow in his shadows but instead they choose to be in gangs and get tattoos.You know who I'm talking about.

  5. If a old lady sees this guy in the elevator, she is going to tighten her arm on her bag, so he couldnt steal it.

    Examples like this shows us that racism is dumb.

  6. Hell yeah dude do it all!! This is really inspiring, one of my biggest fears is laying on my death bed thinking “I should have” or “I wish I’d done xyz” I’m really glad I came across this video, this was awesome. I also love how he says mummy and daddy, I had to rewind it just to hear that again.

  7. "When we left the Bahamas we didn't have much money."
    Sometimes it's not what you have but what you don't have. Usually when you see stories of extraordinary "African American" achievement in academics, the achievers are not really African American, but from either the Islands or the continent of Africa, maybe 2nd generation at most. While they get their fair share of abuse just for being black, it is nothing compared to the sort of maladaptive behaviors and attitudes forcefully instilled into actual native African Americans through the cruel and systematic repression by Whites across generations.

  8. Wow what a legend. He's not just a Neurosurgeon, he's an amazing one! He's at Mass General, that's the hospital run by Harvard Medical School. What a legend dang! Mad kudos

  9. 👏👏👏😄 I KNOW his parents are proud bcuz I'm feeling proud & don't know him. Do it Brotha!!! 👏👏👏

  10. He played 3 years and stopped to go do what he really wanted to do cus in the NFL if you play 3 seasons and then retire you get the league pension for the rest of your life. Super smart Man rite here…

  11. This is great but I hate how they stretch the story. He says he got out when he was healthy but he never played a single snap. He was with the Titans but never really "played" Iin the NFL. To play in the NFL you have to at least appear in a game.

  12. Couldn't he have went to medical school after playing out his contract in the NFL? What i'm saying is go to the draft & get the first round money then go back to school with millions

  13. I've accomplished a lot in my life and I plan to accomplish even more but man, hearing this story makes me want to accomplish 10x's more of what I already had planned lol. Great story

  14. Finally someone with a similar story! Fantastic.
    I also played football(right side linebacker here), have a degree in psycholoy, have also competed in MMA(welterweight and middleweight), armwrestling, and Iam a skydiver as well.
    Graduated from med. school a while back, and now working as a radiologist; so very involved with brain injury diagnosis and treatment, among other things. still active in sports though! But as every doc knows, medicine is the no.1 time-consumer professionally.

  15. I wondered if he really was from the Bahamas, but when he said "mummy and daddy", I knew. No matter how old we are, Bahamians ALWAYS call their parents mummy and daddy.

  16. and i was thinking to give up gym to focus more in my study then this pop up in my recommendation football player becoming a neurosurgeon 👀 such motivate man salute

  17. And im laying here in hospital, after being unable to walk because of a rare complication after a kidney transplant due to a rare mutation, now with a diagnoses of a new disease, all at the age of 25. With no job, no degree, no friends. Natural selection sucks. Good video!

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