Game Mode Review: The Great Race

Powerful. Fast. Dangerous.
With an adrenaline injection! They’re back!
The legendary tank race! The rules are the same as
5 years ago. One track. Two teams. The team that captures the base
or destroys all enemy vehicles wins. The track has the spirit
of that Port map from 2014. Everything else is new,
including the tanks. You’ll be able to get unique
commanders and much more. There’s even a team
tournament to take part in. Now let’s talk about this
in detail and step by step. The Great Race will
start on September 23. Just enter the game, choose one of
the special tanks, and there you go! Put the pedal to the metal
and receive personal rewards. But there’s a way to get more
rewards without going an extra mile. Join one of the three teams. Remember that as soon as
you select your team, that’s it. You can’t leave it
or join another. Team enrolment has already started.
Register before the start of the event. Once a member, you’ll also earn team rewards
in addition to your personal ones. The Great Race has its
own special set of vehicles. There are three in all. The T-50 Sport. It gains
speed quicker than the others. The easiest to control. Low damage
per shot but the best rate of fire. The Leopard Sport. It accelerates slowly and demands more
skill to control, but it’s the fastest. One more advantage
is its automatic gun. The Chaffee Sport.
The veteran of Tank Racing 2014. Upgraded for the 2019 races,
it’s a balanced vehicle. Its main feature is the
high damage per shot. Choose your vehicle. At the start of each day,
you will have five race attempts. The number of the remaining
attempts is displayed in the Garage. When you run of out of them,
wait a little and you’ll get five more. And so on. There’s no limit to
the number of attempts per day. Not only solo players can take part
in the races. You can create a platoon. To start a race,
click the “Start!” button. Welcome to the track!
The race is held in a 3v3 format. When tanks take
corners, they drift. Use it to your advantage, but
remember that they all drift differently. The Leopard Sport
is the least stable, while the T-50 Sport has
the best handling and traction. The Chaffee Sport boasts
a balanced combination of maximum speed
and handling difficulty. The races are a fusion of
high speed and fierce battling. The tracks are separated
by an impenetrable fence. But there are sections
marked with red-striped blocks where it’s easy
to hit the opponents. And if you’re creative, you
can catch them in other places! There are three nuances you
should consider when trading fire. You can’t destroy a tank’s tracks
or damage modules in this mode. There are no breaks during the race,
so there’s no losing momentum. The skirmishes are high speed. Use Auto-aim so you can
focus on controlling your tank. All the racing tanks
have improved rear armor. You might not penetrate it, but it’s easy
to pierce their armor in other areas. Each tank is equipped
with an Overdrive system. It works nicely
and looks even better. Use it to reach the base
as quickly as possible. At the start, the system is
gradually recharging from empty. When the icon shows
it’s ready, hit the “4” button. You will get instant acceleration and
a 20% speed increase for five seconds. When used, the system recharges,
until the tank is ready to use it again. The three players
who reach the Pit Stop first will restore some
of their vehicle’s hit points. The first player by 250. The second
by 150. And the third by 100. Durability can’t be
restored beyond full HP. But even if your vehicle is not
damaged, it still makes sense to reach the Pit Stop faster and not
let the opponents restore their HP. The base is captured
by the teams simultaneously. The capture can be
and should be reset. A marker above the enemy vehicles
will help you select your target. It shows their
accumulated capture points. There are two main winning tactics.
The first is to focus on the race. Outrun your opponents, get to the
base quicker than them and capture it. One player can do it in 25 seconds.
Three players—in 12.5 seconds. The second tactic
is to focus on shooting. Deplete the enemy durability
while on the track, try to save your HP,
and win the skirmish on the base. For your actions during the race,
you’ll receive Racing Trophies. Not only for victory
but also for other achievements. For Trophies,
you’ll receive Racing Points. They are accumulated during
the whole duration of the race. You need points
to reach the prize stages. Five personal stages and five team
stages if you join the tournament. Finish the first stage, and you’ll get credits and
a special King of the Road medal. Go further, and you’ll
earn even more prizes and the unique
American Fireball 2D style. It’s inspired by the Chaffee style
from the 2014 racing event. Players who registered
in one of the three teams will also be able to get additional
rewards in their personal progression: unique crew skins and
vehicle customization elements. To earn more Racing Points
in your personal progression, invite a friend to the game! The conditions of the special offer
within the Referral Program are available on our website. Even after all the
personal stages are finished, Racing Points
will still come in handy. Each day, 50 Gold is
credited for 100 earned points. During the event, the teams
will take part in a tournament. The tournament
consists of five stages. There will be a battle for
prize places during each one. The more Racing Points
the team members earn, the higher
the team’s position will be. Depending on their ranking,
the teams will get Tournament Points. Then the accumulated
Racing Points are reset, and the next stage
starts from scratch. Tournament Points
remain on the team accounts. The team that earns most points
during five stages wins the tournament. A list of the Top 100 racers in each
team is compiled after each stage. They all will receive
a commemorative badge. A team with the Top 100 players
who earned most Racing Points will receive additional
Tournament Points in its account. After the tournament has finished,
the team members will get rewards. To receive them, you need to take part in at least
20 attempts during the racing event. During the Great Race,
random collection elements will be given for Racing Trophies.
They will always be different. There are three collections
with 20 elements in each. Each completed
collection is topped off with a unique commander
with the Brothers in Arms perk and experience enough
to train two skills or perks. Complete the collection
and get the commander! You can also purchase
the commanders for Gold. Each gathered element of collection
provides a cumulative 5% discount. All Great Race participants will
have access to special Missions. For completing them, you’ll be able to get Festival tickets
and collectible racing elements. That’s all for now. Start your engines,
and good luck on the track, racers!


  1. Why did you have to do that wg, really? Limit the amount of games you can play? Just to be able to make money? People where so hyped to play this mode and now you are disappointing them.

  2. really WG? another great event destroyed by the P2W factor… why did the commanders have to be available for gold? what's the point of playing then?

  3. Green team (Grip) for the win! Its camo style looks the coolest in my opinion… Plus, you know the old saying… "Slow and steady wins the race".

  4. This has come several years too late.
    I am not returning to WoT just to play a fun mode when the actual game is garbage

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