Game of Zones – S4:E3: ‘The Oak and the Seventh Seed’

Five minutes, Melo Understood Ser Oakley Carmelo… seems you’re my last friend in Knicks colors Quite the opposite, actually The whole city cheers your name outside these Garden walls I saw what they did to you More like what I did to them It’s not right You’re a legend I’m just an old enforcer When I saw how the front office was treating you… well… I did what I’ve always done… I stand up for our best players ’Specially against the twonks who run this house these days Well I’m here to return the favor Now c’mon, we don’t have much time Whaddya mean? Whaddya doin’? We’re getting you out of here Wait…who’s “we”? (Whistle) Derrick! The key! Toss it now! Huh? Joakim? Where’s Derrick? He had to go He had family issues What? Well do you have the key? Uh huh, yeah… Well then toss it! Right, right. Okay, sure Oh crap Men! Do you hear that? It’s game time! YEAH! It’s early, for sure, but if the season ended today, we’d barely be in the eighth seed Do you want to be in the eighth seed? No! Aye! No, Thad, we don’t want that Ayyyyyye DON’T want the eighth seed I don’t want that… We are the Pacers of Indiana! We don’t settle for the eighth seed No! Would Ser Reggie Miller have settled for the eighth seed? No! Would Jermaine of Neal have settled for the eighth seed? No! Probably not! Would… M-Mark Jackson or… Rik Smits have settled for the eighth seed? Maybe? Who is Rip Smith? We are not an eighth seed team! Better than that! We will not be a seventh seed team! Well, we probably will be though What I see, is MUCH better than our record I see a… fifth or sixth seed team! Probably seventh Who will at BEST make it to the second round FIRST!
But probably no further! But probably no further! YEAH I’M OKAY WITH THAT! Right now, our defense is 25th in the league Let’s get that up to 15th! Yeah! And our offense…it’s 20th! Boo! Let’s inch that up to maybe also 15! 15! So let’s go out there and send those Pistons back to Detroit and fulfill our destiny! To have a decent regular season and a forgettable playoffs! YEAH!


  1. That Paul George speech was so damn depressing, The funniest part was how he kept on shouting πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Gotta love the guy who's trolling PG in the background, the one who kept saying yeah we'll probably be in the 7th seed. xD

  3. Derrick Rose… β€œfamily issues” (cough cough didn’t show up for 2 games without caring cough cough)

  4. Paul George giving his best Jackie Moon impression!!! We will win 4th place!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Lol Indiana was surrounded by cornfields and had a race track for the Indy 500, wait does that mean that other sports exist in here too!!

  6. β€œDid um Mark Jackson or… Rick Smits have settled for the eighth seed. Who’s Rip Smith

    Me: πŸ˜‚

  7. The background comments during the inspirational speech are amazing: 2:12 "I'm not sure – maybe", 2:32 "Probably 7th though", 2:41 "And I'm okay with that!"

  8. I found it so funny when Paul George said we are fifth seed team who will at best make it to the second round and no further

  9. I still remember the playoff where the Pacers took Leflop and his All Star Squad all the way to 7 games and nearly put them away.

  10. "Derek, the key. Toss it now"
    I bursted out laughing having an idea of what was about to happen haha

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