GIANT GONE FISHING Game in Real Life! (Found Game Master Clues in Backyard) | Rebecca Zamolo


  1. Rebbeca why did you join the GMI i hate you now make this blue if you hate rebbeca bc dhe joined the GMI,

  2. Rebecca and Matt the GMI told you to get back because they're having a meeting and they put the fish in the certain spot so they could win so they could get a point

  3. The GM I already knows all don't like answers which one or what two wins are they going to win cuz they made up the game and they did all the hashtag and stuff

  4. I think that the GMI Agent's rigged the fishing poles and they were talking about how they rigged the game and the agent that had the flour dumped on him took the remote and his it in his suit

  5. Hi my name is Kim I saw some is still I’m gonna tell you to right now still the mulcher the blonde hair better with the black coat here and I’m in the mood for Chinese and he put it in his cold and I have the next one to make it very hard OK

  6. Agent R buried the GM's remote.
    You need the fingerprints of the other three targets to unlock the remote

  7. Matt and Rebecca I saw GMI video and they said to unlock the remote is 3 more fingerprint and also 4 target and they said you guys cannot make it but I think you guys can make it ☺

  8. Who noticed that the gmi were very suspicious like they knew were they fish with the # was

    Like if you noticed that

  9. If you did a thumbs down comment on this comment if you did a thumbs down and be honest like if you did a thumbs down otherwise Jojo Siwa will chase you at 3am

  10. The gmi took gamemaster remote control so if you win the remote control and Mr X box they will have the remote control

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